Saturday, May 5, 2007

This weeks theme: childhood

My Aunt Becky and I. She took me on a date and bought me a new outfit!

My brother Josh and I posing for pictures. I think we were in Rochester, MN here

Here we are again, probably at the same lake in Rochester, just a couple years later

Me and Josh sitting on our front steps


Kim said...

My My, you are up bright and early! Cute pics, although I've seen most of them on your myspace, which we hardly even use anymore!

Anonymous said...

oh Jennisa ... what a surprise to see my [much younger] face on your blog! I remember that day very well... thanks for the smile today! Becky

Sara said...

Fun to see you so little and pretty adorable....resemblances of Avery. Fun idea
Stay safe in the storn. Thanks for working today.

Jennifer said...

What fun to see these old photos! I hadn't remembered Josh was so blonde And you with short hair. So cute!!


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