September happenings!

4:32 PM

September has almost come and gone, and time just is getting away from me. Here's the latest on our families happenings...

Olivia got stung by a wasp or something of the like at school the 2nd week of school :(  Her finger swelled up a bit, and was tender, but at least we now know she's not allergic to them!

Another fun thing that little miss Olivia did...She decided, while in school, that she should put some glue stick on her face, put some paper on the glue, and then rip it off.  She had this fun rug burn looking thing for a while, and it's just now going away...that little Liv....

She is totally loving school.  So much so, that she has been wanting to do "school" at home.  She looked at her school menu, and then wrote down the words she saw ;)

Olivia Avery Calories Sodium Protein Carbohydrate Total Fat

One of the little girls in Olivia's class, Payge, had her mom at the school for lunch and recess.  She texted me these pictures.  This little boy is Dominic, and apparently Olivia says he is her "boy BFF". 

When I went to pick her up last week, her teacher said "Ask her about Dominic."  And, before we got to the van, she said..."Mommy, you know how in Kindergarten Avery had a...a...crush?  Well, I kind of have that too, but I call it my boy BFF."  My mom and I were at the school this last Thursday, and the boy came up to me and said "Your girl follows me everywhere!"  Yes, Olivia is going to cause me gray hairs!

This is what happens to your dog when you stop brushing it weekly.  Winnie got so terribly matted up, that they had to shave her.  She still looks super cute, but looks like a totally different dog!

Poor Avery had another stye.  Not sure why she keeps getting these, but man, I feel bad for her.  So painful!  It's gone now, and just hope no more come!

Avery is also going to be doing violin.  She got her violin from school today, and she is so excited!  She is going to be in a String program as well, through our college in town.  She will have an individual lesson and a group lesson once a week, in addition to her lesson at school.  Here's hoping she loves it!

In other news, Olivia has missed 2 days of school this month from sickness.  The first was a nasty cold, and the second was some sort of fever thing.  She shared them both with me, and let me just say that either adults get sickness worse, or we're just bigger babies....

Our family just had pictures last night with Kristen, so be looking for some new pics!  Super excited about these ones!

Labor Day Weekend

9:06 PM

We got ourselves a dog sitter, and went on our way up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house for the weekend!

We swam, ate, sat around, and had some fun too!

Sunday evening we went to the amusement park for some great fun!

First activity was the race cars! ;)
Avery drove with Daddy and Olivia rode with me!

Noah and Blake were tall enough to ride as well!

After that, we went on bumper boats, and got soaked!
I think the adults had more fun than the kids!

The park had a new jumping thing that we had to try out too!

Fun times! We even got to be there and see the new house that Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly bought! So fun!


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