almost a month?

10:19 PM

I guess life has been a tad boring over here!  Let's see if I can recap our last couple weeks! :)

I found this gem at the habitat store.  It was free because the wiring was fried....I had an idea...

with mason jars!!! :)  But, how to make this happen???

Enter my dad, who wired it and hung it, myself who painted it, and hubby who frosted the mason jars!  We love it!!!

Our friend Ethan came over to play a few weeks ago...we had to take a pic of him in Finn's dino costume!

Finn has been enjoying the trampoline!

And here is a pic we sent to daddy when his Madden game came in the mail!

It's been a little warm here, and Finn doesn't tend to sweat very well, so we had to capture a pic of his hot hot face :(

I went to the cities with my friend to pick up this trampoline for the kiddos!  It was a looooong but super fun day, and we got a great deal, so I'm happy all around!

Cool dude!!! :)

I picked up this thing at Goodwill, and thought it would make the perfect fridge for Finn's kitchen that I made!  Turns out I was right!  It's just perfect! :)

and, i've been busy figuring out what my kiddos are going to be for trick or treat!  here's where we ended up for this year :)


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