Our Family Christmas

5:40 PM

Our family went up to Hubby's parents house for Christmas!!!

Right when we got there, Liv found Bapa Ron and they started playing Polly Pockets!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Christmas with everyone! Nana Judy made a wonderful meal, and we all had fun eating way too much...

Little Noah is ever so mobile, so it was fun to watch him get around!

Hubby's family sure knows how to shop!

This is Lucy, Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly's dog. She's a North Pole Italian Greyhound.

Sweet Noah...

Aunt Holly...Liv has a slight obsession with her, and loves her oh so much...

Noah got a rocking horse from Nana and Bapa!

Because of a break in the snow/bad weather, we came home Thursday afternoon. We timed it pretty good, because the snow started shortly there after...

The girls opened up presents from Mom and Dad! Avery got a fun Wonder Woman outfit! :)

I had this game growing up and thought it was a lot of fun...so far it's a big hit!

Avery LOVES to read, so she got her fair share of books to keep her busy!

A Dorothy outfit, a new doll, and a Pilgrim outfit for an American Doll!

This doll, Lily, is a perfect doll for Liv. She's a generic American Girl doll, so that fits the budget well, and also Liv (because she still likes to color on things).

Liv zonked out on the couch right away, so Avery wrote Santa a letter from both of them.

We had to set out some cookies and carrots (courtesy of Nana Judy) and some milk for the big guy!

And, we had to say our goodbyes to Buddy. When Santa came, he took Buddy back with him until December 1st of next year...We'll miss him, but hopefully now Avery will be able to sleep better! :)

Christmas morning we awoke to full stockings, and more presents!

Santa left his mark at our house!

Avery got a collector Barbie doll! Just what she wanted!

(that's daddy back here on the left side snuggled up in mommy's snuggie that she got!!!)

And Liv got the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cafe...just like she (and Avery) asked for!

The girls have been playing all day together, with little to no arguments! A Christmas Miracle!

As for Daddy and I, we are enjoying being home, and watching the snow come down.

And, as far as what's on the list for next year? A snow blower....seriously, we are hurting after all this shoveling....

and, it's still coming....

If you sent us a Christmas Card, we are enjoying looking at it everyday!

Oh, and check out what was waiting at our door when we returned home yesterday?


Merry Christmas to you all!


4:26 PM

We were able to drive home today before the supposed "storm of the century" hits.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!~

{i saw this on a blog today, and i couldn't have said it better myself}


God's perfect gift to a humanity doomed to bondage. Sin. Evil. Themselves. He came...not just to stay a baby. That was only the start. He came to be a Savior. For a creation He loved dearly and who desperately needed saving. Not just for 'a creation' but for me. I was doomed to bondage. Sin. Evil. Myself. I desperately needed saving.

And He did it. He came. Gave up heaven and shrunk Himself to fit inside human skin. To die a horrific death so I could be free from bondage. Sin. Evil. Myself. To have friendship with God. So I could be a clean, pure daughter in right-standing before her Daddy. Forever.

That is the miracle we should be celebrating. What kind of God does this??? Not on a whim but as a result of an intricately, meticulously designed plan, one invented even before light appeared on the horizon of the universe and the first bite of the apple was taken.

Because He saw me. He saw you. And to Him, we were worth it.

"Long lay the world, in sin and error pining
Til He appeared, and the soul felt its worth..."

"A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn..."

Oh, what an amazing day we are celebrating. What an amazing God. He came. "Immanuel." God with us. God with us still.

Merry Christmas

11:32 PM

we are up at Hubby's parents house! Our original plan was to leave on Christmas Eve to drive home, but it looks as if this big weather storm is changing our plans....

However you spend it, and whomever you are with, Merry Christmas....

christmas cards

2:22 PM

Olivia's card to her speech teacher, Rachel...

Avery's card for all her friends at school...

Avery's card for all her teachers...

yes, she is indeed, a pastor's child...

1:20 PM

The children put on a little Christmas concert for us today...

It started out well....

They all were singing, and smiling....

Liv started to get antsy, but was still standing with the others!

Um, then, she decided to sit...

and lay down.

and kick her feet...

and talk to the speaker...

and some more laying around...

yea, that pretty much sums up what went on at our church today...
she fits the pastors child mold well, doesn't she? :)

Meet Buddy!

12:19 AM

This is our new friend Buddy.

He came to live at our house last week.

He came with a book that tells us all about him.
During the day, Buddy watches Avery and Olivia from a spot that he chooses in our house.

At night, he flies to the North Pole and gives the big guy a report on how the girls have behaved.

Then, he flies back just in time to find a new spot to sit before the girls wake up in the morning.

Mommy thinks he's cute...

Liv loves to wake up in the morning and search for him...

Avery is slightly terrified and is having some sleeping issues...

And Daddy, well, let's just say that daddy wanted to name him Chucky...

I guess when you look at him, he does have a spooky cute look...

Santa sent a video to Avery!!!

10:27 PM


I could not believe it when I checked my email tonight, and there was an email from the North Pole! Santa had a special message he wanted to tell Avery.

She's sleeping right now, but in the morning, I can't wait to play her the special video! Santa even says her name!!! She's going to be soooooo excited!!!

here are some screenshots I took while I watched it tonight....eeek...can't wait to show her!

if you want to make sure Santa sends you a video, here is where we went to get ours!

my project file...

11:26 PM

I have been on a DIY project kick lately. Blog world is wonderful at such a time as this...take a peek at what I have been looking to do...{keep in mind, none of these are my photos...not yet anyway!}

#1. Advent Calendar

I love the idea of having a doll that can be dressed up in a piece of clothing each day for 24 days. This one runs around $90 (crazy), but a great idea none-the-less!

Another idea is to have a giant doll and have 24 pockets on her. I LOVE this idea, and we have this huge life size groovy girl doll that I could make a Christmas dress for, and we'd be set!

#2. Anything with ornaments

this wreath is made with with a wire hanger and ornaments. You can make one for ANY time of the year! LOVE IT

This would be perfect for Christmas!

Ornament trees are next on my list! just look what can be done with a little hot glue and some elbow grease?

or even a topiary....

3. paper wreath

this one is made with a styrofoam wreath, and strips of gathered paper!

4. Pom poms

these would be just perfect for birthday parties! Take 8 pieces of tissue paper, and do some folding and tie them up, and this is what happens!

5. fabric pumpkins

this will be on my list for next year....cute little pumpkins made out of fun fabric! Soo easy!!!

What is on YOUR DIY list???


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