sick again...

9:12 PM

I know y'all are sick of hearing about my sick family, and geez...I am too.

Today I woke up with body aches and chills...I just hate that "my body feels like a big bruise" feeling.

I relaxed and slept most of the day, so now I feel a little better! Good thing, 'cause there is no break for us moms when we're sick, is there now?

Avery has a cough...

Liv has a runny nose...

It's never ending...

Again, I say....darn that preschool and their germs! :)

I'm such a bloggie slacker...

8:07 AM

I know it. Believe me, I know it.

When it's 12:30 AM and I realize I haven't been to any ones sites for a day, geez, I know it...

Let me give you a couple numbers here.....

53 - the number of emails in my inbox that I am currently corresponding to
13 - the number of blog designs that I am currently working on
3- the number of people in my family that I have been neglecting a tad

So, I'm still here. I'm crazy busy with design stuff....I LOVE IT, so I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to strike a balance here...

Oh yeah, get Avery news...

She is SO very stubborn.
My mom talked to her on the phone last week and told her, get this... that if Avery starts eating chicken nuggets, we could maybe go to Disney World! I know what you're thinking...I'd eat like 10 bugs just to go to Disney World, let alone a stinkin' chicken nugget.

You can guess where we are with that right now....NOTHING...

Yesterday, the Barbie movie Mariposa came out. She has been wanting to see it for months! So, I thought, lets try this again.

So, lots of crazy tears later, and still Avery has yet to taste a chicken nugget. I've tried so many things and I'm just very tired of it. The child is "insane in the membrane" if ya know what I mean.

Okay, back to life! Hope you all are doing fabulous! In my bloggie reads, there are like 2 babies ready to be born, so I am anxiously awaiting the news of Lindsay and Lisa's babies! :) (not sure when Lindsay is due, but sometime soon :))

And MY winner is.....

12:05 AM

I know, it's only 5 minutes into Saturday, and I have to announce the winner already!
I'm just so excited!!!

It was a hard decision. I fell in love with one the first day of my lil' contest, and I just couldn't let go of it! :) Thank you to EVERYONE for helping me out!

I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet, as I have to re-design my design site first!

But, I will tell you who the winner is...JULEE!

She sent me her ideas via email, so it's still on the down low! HA HA!!!

I'm SUPER excited! There is NO WAY I would have come up with this on my own!


Finally...I can tell you all!

5:51 PM

Remember that family that I said that I designed a blog for that was going to be on SuperNanny? Well, she emailed me last night and told me I could FINALLY reveal her!
So, bloggies,
meet Kadi Prescott, of Seven Seeds...yup, 7 kids....all under 8....
So, get ready to meet one of my bloggie buddies on either March 5th or March 12th!


4:06 PM

Even with a case of pink eye, the girl still can make me laugh...

"Mom...ya know how in my Jonah bible story, how God told Jonah to go to Ninevah, and he didn't want to, so he went to the other side of the world to Tarshish? Well, that's like Disney's on the other side of our world."

Yes, Avery...yes it is... :)

11:19 PM

I saw this over on another bloggie, and thought I'd try it! I'm anxious to see how you all rate, as well!!! :)

Should I?

5:55 PM

I'm thinking that
"Jennisa's Bloggie Designs"
doesn't sound fun and exciting...

any ideas out there?
I'd love to hear them...ALL of them!
drop me an email at

How 'bout Crazy Mamma Designs? HA HA
(only kidding...I think)

In other design news, my long time designer that I was working with, Angela, is sort of 'retiring' from digi scrapbooking, so I've been on the prowl for new, fun designers. It's been TONS of fun contacting designers, and it makes me so happy to hear how excited they are to come on board with me! You should check out all the new FUN FUN stuff there is! CLICK HERE to see all the new design kits!!! (did I mention that my current waiting list is 41 gals long? I couldn't be happier!!!)

****UPDATE...Thanks for all the blog design names! HOW FUN! I'm going to pick a winner on Saturday, and that person will get a FREE BLOG DESIGN!!!!!!!!!! Get your ideas in!!!*******

She's got SKILLZ

11:43 PM

Yup, my lil' Avery knows how to shake them hips! Would you believe she can hula hoop for a full 30 seconds?! I was quite a funny sight, but I couldn't even last 2 seconds...seriously!

In other news, Liv has discovered the joy of ketschup! It was quite messy, as she hasn't yet figured out the dipping thing...she just likes to finger paint! :)

a lil' SHOUT OUT!!!!

10:29 PM

Theresa, my WONDERFUL friend, is such a super duper nice gal!

Not only did she just sell me her Photoshop Elements 5.0 for a deal, but, she's going to be helping me out with my bloggie designs!!!

I have been SUPER busy, and I just can't get on top of it! And, Theresa is SO very talented with digi design, and she's going to take on some of my clients!

I just can't say THANK YOU enough, Theresa! Can't WAIT to see what you create!

an Avery funny

1:11 PM

On Valentine's Day we all got up late, and I ended up having to take Avery to school. I had planned to just wear my "pajama pants" also known as sweatpants to drop her off.

As I was putting my coat and shoes on, Avery looked at me and said, " can't take me like THAT!"

I said, "Why not? It's Valentine's Day colors!"
She said, "But they're not PANTS!"
"Oh", I said..."Would you be embarrassed if I wore these red pants to school?"
She said, "Um...yes!"

It has begun.....
My child is embarrassed by me. Little does she know that the red 'pajama' pants are noting compared to what she WILL be embarrassed about that I do!!!!

My First Favorite Foto Friday

7:30 AM

I love to make new bloggie friends! I have been having a blast designing at lightning speed for many mommies! One of the mommies, Sarah, from Kiss the Frog 4 Me, invited me to participate in a lil' meme she has going on! I thought, what the hay? Why not!

So, here is my first week, of Favorite Foto Friday. The theme is: Sleeping Angels

Avery, taken November of 2006Liv, taken October 2006

OOPS...I forgot...

11:47 PM

I probably should have done a post about MY valentine, huh?

Happy 10th Valentine's Day hubby!

Here's hoping for 10 more (if you're lucky) :)
...only kidding...



6:07 PM

my bible has been found! It was downstairs stuffed in a white bag...I just happened to glance that way as I was down there, and there it was...I could see it through the bag!

Now I can rest....
and buy a fun new cover for it.... :)

It's finally happened....

1:22 PM

officially, I am crazy.

I'll admit it, finally...

Today I am acting like I've taken one too many crazy pills, and the thing is....I haven't taken a thing. I'm just naturally this way.

Wanna know what made this episode come on? Hmmmm...

Well, a year ago at Christmas, I bought myself a cute lil' bible. I wanted a cute one to tote around in my purse/diaper bag, instead of the ginormous one that I previously had.

I put this said bible away in my bed-side table. After all, I would never part with it. It was my bible my home church gifted me with after I was baptized and it was the bible I had during bible college. There were many notes in that bible, and it's just something that you can't replace, ya know?

That brings me to today....actually, yesterday and today...

I can't find the cotton-pickin' bible! The thing is huge, so I don't know how I lost it. I've looked everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I even mean in places that couldn't even fit a bible. Here are a few, just a few, of the places I've looked...

  • on top of my kitchen cabinets
  • in EVERY single one of my 20+ totes of misc clothing in the basement
  • in our safe (seriously, why would it be in there?)
  • under our bathroom sink, and in the bathroom linen closet
  • under my bed
  • in the garage
  • in the cars
  • in my bathroom, everywhere
I even made my husband search with me. He looked all over church yesterday, and came up empty handed.

BUT, that wasn't good enough for this crazy woman who wasn't going to stop till she found it!

He brought Avery home from school today, and I MADE him stay home with the girls so I could go over to church and look EVERYWHERE! He looked at me like I was some lady off her rocker, and I have to agree with him....

Here are some of the places I looked at church
  • in the baptistry
  • in the linen drawers
  • inside the flip top of the piano (yes, I did)
  • underneath chairs/couches
  • in bathrooms
If you haven't guessed, I didn't find it. I feel defeated. I can't find the bible that I'm looking for. Not only that, but in tearing apart my house, I STILL haven't found the brown brush that I also lost a couple months ago...

So, God....if you happen to frequent my blog, please, PUH-LEASE show me where this bible is! After all, it's not like I'm looking for some gossip magazine, or some hot romance novel. It's the WORD OF GOD I'm searching for! And, if anyone else out there finds an ol' bible that has my name on it, you know where the crazy girl that will claim it is....

Not the best start to our day....

2:23 PM

Today was Avery's yearly appointment with Mr Allergy Man.

Last year we were able to add soy and wheat back into Avery's diet! It was a MARVELOUS day! We went grocery shopping, and Avery discovered the world of pringles, animal crackers, cereals, etc.

I didn't know what I was hoping for, but not for her allergies to INCREASE...yes, you read that right.

In the last year, not only has her allergies to MILK, EGGS, and PEANUTS stayed, it's gotten stronger! That's my girl!!!!

Here is her back with the 3 reaction sites. The doctor said that a number "10" means that there is an allergy. Well, all of Avery's numbers were in the high 40-low 50's.

So, today is not the fun "let's go grocery shopping" day like last year was.

Ho hum....another year with allergies...

darn you food allergies...

I bought this lil' number a couple months ago, and we have it on our fridge as a "motivation" of sorts for Miss Avery to try new foods. So far, it's still on the fridge, as we haven't tried anything new.....still.....

Well, onto the next thing. My Livvie loves to dance with female barbie dolls...

She also has a fascination with the plunger, and likes to take it out of the bathroom whenever I'm not looking...

Oh, to keep me on my toes, don't ya?

Avery began addressing her Valentine's Day cards today....

She loves her some Hannah Montana!!!

And, I did manage to get PG the RIGHT cologne finally. If anyone wants to buy the Diesel for Women, let me know! I might just have to put it up on Ebay!!!

Leave it to me.......

8:06 AM

Of course, I screwed up... I do this ALL THE TIME, so it should really come as no surprise.

Instead of this

The oh so yummy smelling MANLY scent....

He got this......

The oh-so-pretty smelling perfume!

OOPS...I am sorry (but smiling too)

If anyone wants to buy this from me, I'm selling it for $40! What a steal! Let me know! :)

10:17 PM

I had a wonderful, relaxing day...a-l-o-n-e...

I barely talked to anyone for 7 hours...Well, except for my mommy....

And, I did rock out to the P.S. I Love You Soundtrack...

I got to eat Taco Bell for lunch!!!! It's a very rare treat around here!

My trip was almost cancelled due to a fun lil' snow storm out here. BUT, I really REALLY wanted to go, and so I did.

Even if I did have to brush the snow off my car every time I went into a new store...

all 10 times...

and if I had to take my shoes off on the way home...

because my feet were wet and frozen....

For those of you who don't know what it's like to drive in a mini snow storm, here is a peek into what I went through on my way home... Imagine driving at night (which is awful anyhow), with hundreds of fireflies coming right at your window. That is what it looked like for most of my drive home tonight...

Oh well, I had a fabulous time, even if I was walking around in below freezing temperatures!

I managed to find the girls matching Easter dresses at Old Navy. They are by no means "Easter" dresses, but I really like them. All the stores have these gaudy frilly dresses that I couldn't imagine putting my girlies in. So, we stuck with something sweater dresses, and I'll pair them with some fantastic tights, I'm sure! After all, with the weather we're having, they're going to NEED sweater dresses for Easter THIS year!!!!

Kim, I looked at Gap and Gymboree, and yes....their dresses are adorable! But, I'm a sucker for a sale, and these dresses I got were under $10 on clearance! That's what I'M talking about!!!!!!

So, I got home late...later than I had planned. I was away from my family ALL DAY LONG, and you know what....I couldn't wait to get home and scoop up my girlies and give them hugs and kisses! Oh, and of course....I had to pick up a few OTHER things for them that they NEEDED, of course!!!!

And, Gavin received his valentine's gift today too....yum yum......smell SOOO good, he do!

Now, I only have one more thing on my wish list....a fun green purse/bible cover!!!

My Valentine's Day gift....

7:10 PM

PG and I haven't really been that into Valentine's Day.

This year, we are actually exchanging gifts...CrAzY!

Wanna know what my gift is? I get to receive it tomorrow...yup, a full 3 days before the big V-Day!

I get to go to BIG town (after my morning shift of work) and be alone...till I choose to come home! I'm going to eat something yummy, try to find easter duds for me and the girls, and just enjoy the alone time.

ALL I want for V-Day....thanks hubby! I'm looking forward to it MORE than you know! PLEASE...don't ask me to be home at a certain time, okay? I just want to enjoy myself all day long!

6:17 PM

It's soooooooo cold here that it stings.

It's the kind of freezing that after being outside for 30 seconds, your coat and jeans gets crispy and it is SOOOOO cold when your freezing jeans touch your legs!!!!'s soooooo cold!!!

Did I mention that we're now a 1 car family? Yup, the cold has taken it's toll on our white car, and even our little green KIA is having a hard time.

Did I mention, that it's FREEZING????


Goin' private... UPDATED!!!!!

8:37 PM

My hubby and I chatted about this tonight. And, here's what we decided....

Thanks to all of you for the emails! How fun to see who is ACTUALLY reading my blog! I just love it!

So, I'm going to take my husbands name out of every post, and every comment. From here on out, he'll be known as "PG". I figure without his name, no one will be able to google us and find out where we live. I don't have the state I live in mentioned, or any towns near us either. So, I really hope this is secure least for now....

SO, moral of the story....NO MORE EMAILS NEEDED...
Hope you're still satisfied, momma!!!

Easter dress search update...

7:34 PM

If I can't find any dresses for my girls, at least I know that there are 2 auctions on Ebay calling my name. After all, I think I wore something like this about 20 years ago on Easter, right?

Come on, you can know you want to!!!! Aren't they just awful???

The first one looks like it just jumped off the Mayflower, and the second one reminds me of curtains in a need-to-be-remodeled-hotel! :)


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