5 Family Garage Sale!

12:54 PM

I was in a "mood" the other day. I started going through our stuff, room by room.  I ended up with 14 totes overflowing with STUFF!  I put a post on facebook, and some other church friends chimed in and mentioned doing a garage sale together, and so....we just went and did it!

Here is Liv and Finn and I packed in the van with all our stuff...:)

made up some fun ads for around town!  Our sale was on a very busy street in town, so we were anticipating a good turn out!

SOOOOOO much stuff!  I ended up taking at least 2 more van loads over of more stuff I found.  So ridiculous how much stuff I had laying around here!

It ended up being a huge success for all of us!  There were lots of cars parked and people standing out front before we opened.  At one point, there had to have been a line of at least 10 people going out to the street!  It was nuts, but so thankful our stuff is GONE!!!

The girls helped a ton!  Liv had a pop and water and rice krispie booth, so she made some money!  Avery enjoyed being at the check out table, helping with money and bagging up items.

It was such a fun time with great friends! :)


11:00 PM

We have SO been enjoying not having school!!!

We've spent a lot of time outside...

Sweet Winnie :)

First day at the pool!!!

When we hoped back in the car, it said it was this hot...it did go down a couple, but man...hot days!

Finn and I went on a Walmart date the other day!  I ended up getting him these cute shades!

We've been talking more about the potty chair, and sitting on it, so we've been seeing a lot of this.  How adorable is a little boy bum?

He did go potty once on this day, and he also did once today, so... we've had success twice!

Avery spends most of her nights at play practice, so i have these 2 to deal with!  Good thing they're kinda cute!

We spent a lot of time doing this this past week....it was super hot out!

One day we went to the pool, and came home and napped for 4 hours (OOPS)!  Finn and I stayed up till 11:30, and this is him eating a banana WAY after he should have been in bed!

Liv's favorite time of the summer...HORSE CAMP!  This is her and her favorite horse Solo!

She got to go to horse camp for a total of 6 days, for 1.5 hours each time.  This year there were no parents, and she did great!  We had to load her up on Claritin and Flonase, and she survived!

Sad thing...her pal Solo ended up having a sore foot, so the last 2 sessions she was with Rookie...he was much more fast and wild than calm Solo.

On the last day we asked if we could go and visit Solo before we left, and they let us!  She even got to feed him some yummy alfalfa!  Apparently, it's like candy to horses!

And, Avery...sometimes she asks me to straighten her hair.  It's amazing how much longer it is when it's not all curly!!!


12:05 AM

What have we been doing since school ended?  Lots of bubbles....

Avery has started rehearsals for Shrek!  She's playing Teen Fiona!!! :)

I picked this scooter up for little man.  He LOVES it :)  Surprisingly, he knows how to work it rather well!

Liv and her neighbor friend Lily decided to wash our cars!   

We went to the pool and got our pool passes....this was Finn on the ride home!  I think he had a fun time :)


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