Horse Camp Day 3, Eye dr appt, Horse Camp Day 4

7:29 PM

Olivia chose Gust to ride this time...he took a little potty break mid-ride

She got to give him a yummy treat!

Today, Finn and I went to a dr appt for his lazy eyelid.  He was a trooper, even through the exam and eye dilation!  His vision is great, and no action is needed at this time.  Most likely he will require a cosmetic surgery when he is around 4 yrs old, and we will be going for check ups every 6 months to make sure there are no changes in his vision!

While his eyes were dilated...

Tonight was the last night of horse camp!  Liv wanted Solo at first, so we got him all brushed....

but then she changed her mind and wanted Cole, the one with "personality" :)

Sh got to trot tonight, and loved it!  The whole family came and watched!!!


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