One visitor...

11:34 PM

We turned our light off tonight, and just sneezed and shared germs all night. Halloween came and went without much commotion here at our house. I thought we wouldn't have any visitors, but I guess I was wrong. At 8:15 a middle aged mentally handicapped older man wearing a blue Zoro costume rang the doorbell...hope he's okay with the Curious George fruit snack I gave him...

This story is NOTHING compared to Jennifer's trick or flash story...go check it out!

a-CHOO, sniff, cough....

7:11 PM

Avery's sickness has spread. Oh my, has is spread. I suppose this happens in every house when one has yucky germs. Ya wanna know how it went? Avery gave it to me, then Daddy got it, and today Liv got it. She's got a constant stream of snot coming out of her nose, and with her being on the move all-the-time (yes, even when sick) it's hard to keep on top of it.

I was able to take a nap (with a 5 year old opening the window, shining light on me, and trying to tickle me) today, and PG also was able to come home and take a rest. Why is it that when we adults get sick, all we want to do is sleep, and our kids just keep on going. Liv JUST took her first nap of the day, and it's about 7 pm! Avery's been going all day long too (and day 1 of hot dogs in squares has not been good AT ALL).

Ya know when your body is so sore and achy that the hair on your eyebrows hurts? Yeah, that's me right now...

Darn that preschool and their germs...... :)

Food Therapy, Session 1

7:11 PM

Avery started having private speech/food therapy at our home tonight. Our insurance will not cover anything having to do with her food-allergy-asthma-speech issues, so we are having someone come into our home instead. Our therapist is named Lucy, and so far, so good...

Tonight Lucy wanted to come over and watch Avery eat. Avery pulled out all the tricks she does at meal time, so Lucy sure got to see my little non-eater.

So, our assignment for our next session: Cut up Avery's food in different shapes and sizes. I think I can live with that...

We'll just see how this goes now...


4:36 PM

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? Being a Pastor's wife, I know what it takes for a church to function. It's a lot of crazy hours, long nights, and spur of the moment calls that have to be dealt with. (Not to mention taking out the garbage and sweeping up dead ladybugs) I will be the first to admit, I have not adapted well to the demands of "pastor's-wife-hood". I have high expectations of my husband, and his involvement with our girls. Even though I know that the work he's doing for the church is very important, I still demand that he puts our family's priorities on the top of his list as well. This causes PLENTY arguments between us...

I could go on and on about the life behind the "Pastor's family", but I'll just leave it at this. If you have a church that you attend regularly, please drop your Pastor a note, an email, a card, or something, just to tell them that you appreciate them.

Our church did that very thing for my husband today. And, even though he doesn't do his job for recognition at all, I think he feels, THANK YOU to our church for surprising him with this!

I was hoping my camera would capture the beautiful flowers, and it sure did!


12:26 AM

My children rarely get sick. I try VERY hard to maintain this. However, with the germs of school, Avery manged to get sick.

perfect timing....

Sunday was going to be another "marathon day" as I call them, where I was busy doing tasks from 9 until 1 at the church. Crazy how things change when one of my babies is sick...

I guess PG will have to eat extra tator-tot casserole at the pot luck for me, and I'll have to settle for re-heated pizza.....

Back from the dr's office!

1:45 PM

Livvie just had her 1 year well baby check up! 4 shots, and a blood draw...ouch!

Here are her stats, along with Avery's when she was 1 also...soooo similar!
Livvie............................. Avery
18 lb 13 oz...................... 18 lb 13 oz
29 inches ..........................29 1/4 inches
head: 18 inches................... (don't know Avery's)
So, my gals are sure on the small side. Liv is in the 15 % for her weight, the 50% for her height, but her head is in the 70%! I wonder when they're gonna get chubby like mommy and daddy! :)

Avery's School Pictures

10:21 PM

I guess I can't complain...She's smiling, and c'mon....I always think she's cute!
Avery's class picture! Look how small she is! I think she's probably even one of the oldest kiddos! She would have been eaten alive if she was in Kindergarten this year!

My 2 girls.....

1:35 AM

We went over to 'the gardens' today and took some more pictures in honor of the birthday girl!

10:28 PM

In case you don't want to watch the whole slide show, which I think you should :), here are the photos of Liv I have taken on the 24th of each month. How she has grown....

"For this child I prayed..." (1 Sam 1:27)
The Lord has blessed our family with you Liv.
You and your sister are our delight...

Livvie's Birthday Weekend!

10:21 PM

We all had such a fabulous time! It was great to see our families, and celebrate our little Livvie's first birthday! Here's another picture story for you...

Aunt Kathryn making Liv's cake!
Liv, all decked out in her birthday gear, while we're singing to her!
So, um, yeah....the cake wasn't a hit with her. She didn't know what to do, and didn't want anything to do with it...
BUT, I kept trying. After all, once she tasted it, she'd realize she loved it, right? success with the cake!
On to opening Liv's presents! Avery was such a great help opening her gifts for her!
She got lots of goodies, and LOVED this singing chair thing!
Peek a boo Livvie!

Avery fell asleep after the FUN weekend with Mommy's family!

But, Livvie just kept on going..... and going.......
Sunday, was birthday party #2. Gavin's parents and his brother DJ and fiance Rachelle came and celebrated with us! We ate at Applebee's for lunch (YUMMY!!!)

Here's Livvie with her new fun learning book from DJ and Rachelle!Isn't this such a cute picture? ahhhhhhhhhh
We decided to try the cake thing again.... This time it went a little better. She still didn't want to touch it, but I put some of her little puffs on her high chair mixed in with the cake.

All of our company has left now, and we're back to having just the 4 of us here. We had such a fabulous time, and THANK YOU to all our wonderful family for making Livvie's birthday celebration so awesome!

Our Family pictures...

10:50 PM

My whole family hadn't been together in like 1 1/2 years, so it was about time to get some family photos! It took us 2 days, and over 200 photos, but I think we got some decent ones!

~We've had part 1 of Livvie's birthday party, and part 2 is on Sunday. I'll share all the photos then!

Hope you're all having a fantabulous weekend!!!!

Jennifer's havin' her BABY!!!

7:06 PM

Make sure to stop on over to see what's up... HERE
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!
Maisie Derain McKinney
entered the world today, Friday the 19th of October, 2007
at 6:38 pm.
Maisie weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.
Go over and wish them your congrats

The WHOLE family is here now!!!!!

10:49 AM

All my family is here! HOORAY! Here's some more photo goodness!
Avery wanted me to put her hair up "like how you have it after your shower, mommy"
Livvie can't stay away from the dog's water and food bowls
Aunt Kathryn brought Nana Dianne some fun Indian Punjabi outfits!
There's Aunt Kathryn!
(She's 1/2 Indian...her mother and father met over in India when he was a missionary. Her father is American, her mother is Indian. They live over in India and run a AIDS/Leprosy hospital)

Another outfit from India! Avery had Nana pose and do all sorts of crazy things! She does like to take pictures, that Avery!

More fun today! We're going to take a family picture, make a birthday cake for Livvie, go out to eat, and just enjoy each other! FUN TIMES!!!

9:06 AM

Last night, my brother Josh and sister-in-law Kathryn came for a visit! We haven't seen them since last November, so it's been GREAT to be with them again!

Today my parents will be here, and then "Livvie's Birthday Weekend of FUN" begins!

Gavin's family will be coming on Sunday!

Be lookin' out for pictures, as I'm sure I'll be taking...oh...about 100!


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