Sunday, June 3, 2018

rest of May

Our May seemed to be non stop getting ready for garage sales.  whew!  SO SO SO much work!!!!!

our trash pile!  ha ha!

we have a friend that loves when you get a perfect pump, and I've had 2 of exactly $50 in the last month!!!

 we had 2 sales at the same time this year.  My mom came up and ran the decor sale at my home, and then we had our massive church one again this year!

Thankful it's all over!!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

May happenings!

May is always such a crazy busy month for us, with all of the end of the school year events!

Avery had a Jazz concert....

Avery had choir award evening, and she received the freshman award for "your future is bright"!

She was also one of just a few freshman to letter in choir

She had a "superior" rating for her solo at contest

and her fun All State group!!

I also helped Liv's class on a field trip to the museum!!!

Liv had her last band and choir concert for 5th grade!  She even had a SOLO!!!!! :)

Besides Winnie, our favorite dogs in our town are Lassie and Betsy.  So, when we get to go and let them out, we take pictures! :)

and our sweet friends had their baby....Paisley Joy!  Such a beautiful little girl!

Monday, April 16, 2018

April snow

I was in Walmart (imagine that), and their was CRAZY hail heard outside.....
I have never seen such a thing!  It looked like snow!

and, then the next day, because we didn't have enough snow this year yet, it snowed a ton more!

One more snow day for the kiddos I guess! :) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March in the Midwest

Finn, Liv, and Daddy went to the Greatest Showman on it's last day in the theater!  

Finn's FIRST MOVIE!!!!!


In February, Finn began going to school in the afternoons.  Somedays, we're a couple minutes early, so we do some fun silliness in the car! :)  How CUTE is my son???? :)

These 2 have made our whole house go's constant.  Friends and enemies, all day long.  

Somehow, this little dude has ended up sleeping next to me in bed every night....

Liv had one a new girl from school over to our house, and it was such a delight!  Praying that this friendship grows into "THE" friend :) :) 

 Avery had the Solo/Ensemble contest in March.  Her Jazz Group got a "perfect" score...

and, her personal solo, she got "Superior", 28/30!!!  Her pianist was telling me that the first time Avery sang for her, she cried....she hopes she can play for her next year as well!  She had many compliments on her solo, and I'm thankful I have it recorded!!! :)

The last few weeks, we have been sick.... Finn was the only diagnosed one with Influenza and Strept, but the rest of us were sick as well.  It was at least a week for us all, and we're not done, yet....

Hopefully once the snow melts, there will be NO MORE SICKNESS!!!


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