Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Avery turns 15!!!!

Mr Finn has STILL been feeling a bit under the weather, on and's not very often when he asks to sleep instead of play a game.....

But, it's AVERY'S BIRTHDAY, so we had to buck up for a fun day!!!! :)  Daddy came home from work after lunch, and I informed them all that we had a scavenger hunt to go on!!!  WHOO HOO!!!

She had clues, and we stopped off at numerous locations around town,

dentist office....

friends house....

another friends house....

and back home!  presents were next!!!!!

there were no PHYSICAL gifts to give her, but we showed her pictures of what her gifts WERE! :)

Liv and Finn gave her the new Land of Stories book, which will arrive tomorrow!!!!!

And, her gift from mom and dad was tickets to go and see.... FINDING NEVERLAND!!!! :)

she doesn't get to go until November, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wanted to go to Applebees for supper, so off we went!

We are a bunch of crazies, I tell ya....

Back home, and had to take a picture of Winnie letting Finn cuddle her!  Maybe they are becoming friends?  who knows! :)

Thankful for 15 years with this awesome Avery of ours! :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend stop in Minnesota

We got to our friends house late afternoon on Friday, and the fun began RIGHT AWAY!!!!!  Check out these guys.....SCARY!!!!

we grilled out, played, and the guys went to a movie together!

Saturday we went to the Como Zoo!  What a fun and FREE time!!!  We had quite the crew!

Finn walking with Chrissy! :)

and I had this little cutie on my arm!  He had a fever, and I basically  had lost my voice, so we were quite the pair!!!

boys just never grow up.....

Our family in front of the Giraffes!!! (with Nolan)

After the HOT HOT HOT zoo, we went and sat down at their favorite Mexican restaurant!  It was pretty yummy!!!!

Back to their house and some of us napped :)  After, we woke up to the beginnings of a water fight, so we joined in!!!

Whew!  After showers and supper, the men let us go on a date together!  Chrissy and I went to Target, since it was after 9:30 and most things were closed!  FUN!!!!!

The next day was Sunday....We went to church, and then left.  We got about 15 minutes from their house, when Finn got sick....everywhere.  So much so, that after a stop at a gas station for a mini-shower, it was determined that we couldn't continue without a new car seat.  UGH!  We bagged up the icky one, and off to, where???  TARGET!  We hung out there, had lunch and made sure the ickies were gone, and bought a new car seat.....

On the road again, and Mr Finn did this most of the way home.....

Had to stop and get our yearly pic in Olivia! :)

He woke up, and just was not himself for the last 30 minutes of our drive.  Luckily, we got home without any more sickness!  WHEW!

We were re-united with Winnie, and moved back into our house, and started laundry!  It was good to be HOME!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Our trip to Wisconsin!

We left around 10am on July 4th for our trip to Nana Dianne and Bapa Craigs house!  The trip went really well, with minimal stops, and good attitudes!

We couldn't end the first night without getting out on the lake!!!

Finn seemed to enjoy being out on the water this year!

It was like Liv never left...the girl LOVES being out on the water!!!

He had so much fun trying to steer the paddle boat!  He thought he was big stuff!!!

We had plenty of time to sit around and hang out, too....enter in face swap filters! :)

This one was kinda scary :) :) 

I guess Avery and I DO look alike????

Nana Dianne with Bapa's face!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!

The next morning, Liv and Finn spent some time outside with Nana!

  Liv was given these fun "heeley" shoes, and ended up being a pro in no time!

we went out to see some horses in the afternoon!

Josh and silly!!!!

That night, we went to one of our favorite Mexican places in their town!!! :)  just LOVE IT!!!

After supper, we went off to the park!

It was KINDA hot out!!! :)

the next day, we ventured into Eau Claire and went to a really fun water park!  We all had such a fun time!  The girls went on lots of slides, and I managed to convince Finn to go on the scariest slide with me....he didn't freak out, but he didn't like it!  He ended up learning how to do the lily pads, and did them over and over and over and over......

back home, and after some pizza, we took time for the annual family pictures on the swing! :)

Since it was our last night, some of us headed back out on the lake!  

Have never been this close to Loons before!

Back inside, and we just all hung out while watching these little buggers be crazy with each other!!!

Liv enjoyed playing with kids who obeyed her!

Nana taught them to plug their nose and talk....

and there was lots and LOTS of dancing!!!

Friday was here, and we met at the place we LOVE to eat breakfast at!  Oatmeal pancakes...YUMMY!

The grand-girls in our family!!!!

such a fun time in Wisconsin!  We left, and were on our way to our friends house in the cities area next!


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