Monday, October 24, 2016

Finn's Words

Mr Finn is nearing 3, so i thought it would be good to document the words that he can say as of now!

ball     - ba
bible      -  bi-bah
bapa      -apa
Winnie      -nin-nee
cracker        -ka-ker
blue        -bue
green        -een
red        -bay
Avery       - ma-me
Olivia        -ba-ble-ah
Arlo        -ba-bo
boy       - bo
purple        -pu-pa
dinosaur       -da-no
nemo        -ma-mo
potty        -tee-tee
poop        -poo poo
yuck        -uck
black        -ack
mean        -me
nice        -nigh
church        -tuch
batman        -bap ba
stop        -bop
yo gabba gabba        -bo bata
dark        -ack
school        -goo

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mid October

If potty training wasn't enough, Liv decided to show Finn how to climb in and out of his crib.

Yes, he was still in his crib.  He had NO idea he could get in or out of the thing, so why on earth take him out?

Surprisingly, it's not going terribly.  Thankful for that!

Today the college in town had their annual petting zoo.  Daddy has off for 2 weeks, so we ALL got to go!!! 

Liv never passes up a chance to ride a horse!

Finn wasn't that excited about them, but did let himself get semi close to them!

Our 3 punkins'  :)  ha!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Homecoming, Mr GQ, and naked potty training

Homecoming was last weekend, and miss Liv decked out in her black and red for the game!  She is sporting a wrist brace, as she hurt her wrist in's getting better...

How handsome is my dashing boy? him.

Took the dive back into potty training.  We ripped off the diaper, and so far we're doing super good.  One accident Friday, one on Saturday, and 2 today.  He marches over to the potty chair when he needs to go, and we don't have to ask or remind him at all.  

The hard thing has been having him naked from the waist down with 2 girls in the house.  It's rather, we decided the shirt tied around his back over his pee-pee is a good compromise.

this kid cracks me up :)

Avery IS still alive, but she spends all of her time downstairs, or so it seems.  She is living in a land of songs and broadway shows at all times of the day... ;)

Monday, September 19, 2016

almost a month?

I guess life has been a tad boring over here!  Let's see if I can recap our last couple weeks! :)

I found this gem at the habitat store.  It was free because the wiring was fried....I had an idea...

with mason jars!!! :)  But, how to make this happen???

Enter my dad, who wired it and hung it, myself who painted it, and hubby who frosted the mason jars!  We love it!!!

Our friend Ethan came over to play a few weeks ago...we had to take a pic of him in Finn's dino costume!

Finn has been enjoying the trampoline!

And here is a pic we sent to daddy when his Madden game came in the mail!

It's been a little warm here, and Finn doesn't tend to sweat very well, so we had to capture a pic of his hot hot face :(

I went to the cities with my friend to pick up this trampoline for the kiddos!  It was a looooong but super fun day, and we got a great deal, so I'm happy all around!

Cool dude!!! :)

I picked up this thing at Goodwill, and thought it would make the perfect fridge for Finn's kitchen that I made!  Turns out I was right!  It's just perfect! :)

and, i've been busy figuring out what my kiddos are going to be for trick or treat!  here's where we ended up for this year :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia's first day of 4th Grade

sooooooo thankful to have Mrs A again!!! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

End of Summer

Last weekend the family went up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house for the weekend!  On one of our outings, mr Finn and I went to Target!  He sat and set these dinosaurs up for over 10 minutes.  Little kid loves to set things up in order!

There was A LOT of swimming that went on!  I believe the girls swam 2-3 times each day!  Finn enjoyed himself with cousin Chloe as well!

Back at home....Winnie and Finn were playing early one morning, and apparently Winnie won.  Also, he loves to sit like this in the car seat, and i think its uber cute!

Liv noticed that Finn is getting BROWN hair :(  If you look close, you can see lots of brown guys coming in....not sure how i feel about that.....

He also got stung by a wasp this week, too.  Poor kiddo was so traumatized!  Glad he's not allergic to them at least!

Liv starts school on Tuesday, and we had open house last week.  She is so excited about having a locker!  We got the same teacher that Avery had, so we're very very very happy about that!

Pool closed today, school starts Tuesday....summer is winding down for sure...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

and, that's a wrap!

Finn was excited to deliver flowers to Avery after her performance on Saturday :)


so sweet :)

This is Bunny, the director for the last 3 big shows Avery has been in.  She has been so great, and has given Avery so many opportunities!!! 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Shrek, weekend TWO

Another weekend!  Avery wanted to take a pic with the fake Gingy!

 The 3 Fionas!

my favorite Fiona

Our sweet friend from Audrey went to the show on Friday night, so Avery and Anya gave her some spare flowers from Fiona's bouquet!  She loved them!

Bapa, Nana, Liv, Finn and I went to the show on Saturday night!  Finn sat through the whole thing, even though he was freaked out after seeing Donkey and Shrek!  

Today, was the last day.  I'm going to miss the summer taking these two to practice!

Our great pals came to the show today, and Avery found some more flowers to give out!  

Today's show was probably the worst of the 6.  A large prop fell on Avery's head in the first scene, and it kind of rattled her up a bit.  Luckily, she was back to herself when she had to be back on stage!  whew! :)

Still waiting to get a ton of more pics from the show! :)

Last week of July

It's always fun to go to the doctor and sit in the office with a toddler, right?  At least I kept him out of the sink this time!

We've been doing a lot of this, but have also taken a bit of a break with all the time we've been busy at Shrek!  Once I recover, then I think we'll dive back in!

I shaved Finn's hair, and, well, this is how it's OK, just don't look too close!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came up on Thursday to see Avery's show over the weekend.  Finn and "Ap-pa" were together non-stop!  Bapa took him to the park over and over, and they were outside non-stop! :)

Bapa taught him thumbs up :)

And here is Bapa Craig trying to figure out how to take a selfie with Finn....ha!


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