Avery sings!

1:06 PM

Avery has had a very busy fall!

She made All State Choir, and was able to travel to that, and spend 3 nights in a hotel!

She was in the school Little Mermaid musical!

Nana and Bapa came to cheer her on!

Up next, Jazz choir!  She made the top group!  She has been very busy with that!

Christmas concerts were also on the schedule

she's having a fun time for sure! :)

Finn's Fall!

1:20 PM

Finn has been having a lot of fun this fall!

Some "car dates" with Mommy!

and his teacher has sent me some pictures of fun field trips!!!

Finn turns FIVE!

1:00 PM

I can hardly believe that this little guy is 5. 

He had a great birthday, and received a lot of "football stuff", as that's what he's really into these days!

When we asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted this year, he said Steve Perry and Football, so he got just that!

We love this little guy!  Happy 5th birthday, Finn!


12:32 AM

Daddy and I were fortunate enough to go out west for him to perform the wedding of our good friends, Sydney and Ben!  Nana Dianne made the trek over to our house to watch the kids and dog, and basically be a taxi and slave driver for days on end....

wide open spaces for sure.....

lots of fun shopping, and eating, and sleeping, and, well, just a lot of fun!

Night 1 we met up with our good friends Brian and Gwen, and they took us to Deadwood to have some amazing food!  We walked around a bit and got a feel for what Deadwood is all about (casinos and beer)

The next day was wedding prep!  We stopped in to say hi to Gwen at work....she's so cute

On wedding day, Daddy and I were only 12 minutes from Wyoming, and I have never been to Wyoming, so we went for lunch.

And it was closed....the restaurant that is.

So back into town we went, and ate at our favorite Mexican!

and stopped by this local ice cream place, which was cute, and expensive!

Wedding time!  The wedding was outdoors, and it turned out to be just a beautiful day for it!

Nana and the kids were doing a whole lot of this crazy stuff back at home!

This is our sweet little friend Paisley.  She is betrothed to Finn, and he calls her his girlfriend and tells her they are going to get married.  Daddy and I are 5 years apart, so it's ok by me.  And seriously...this girl is ridiculously cute.... (ponytail?!?!)

Finn's teacher sent me this picture that he drew at school!  
That's not a belly button....

Our Avery isn't in pics here, but she's been SUPER busy!

She was asked for a CALL BACK for the lead (Ariel) in the high school play along with 3 other girls!  The 2 Senior girls got the role, but what an honor!  She's been keeping busy with rehearsal for that, and also, she made ALL STATE CHOIR!  So great!  

Liv has been having fun at middle school.  Her sweet pal Adrien comes home with us 2 times a week, and we just love her.  I decided instead of saying NO WAY to a middle school dance for Liv, that I would go with her and chaperone to see what it's all about.  It was beyond PG, and was just like a big playdate, with tons of mountain dew, and silly boys like this one....

Finn's been busy at school, and has gotten to go on 2 field trips!  Last week was the fire station, and his teacher sent me these gems!

Last Saturday was parade day for us!  We just began our 15th year here, and it's only our 2nd parade we've been to...oops!  Lots of candy was received, and Liv got 12 Krispy Kremes...

This greeted us one afternoon, and it was not welcomed, and left immediately after....

Wednesdays, Finn doesn't have school, so after we dropped Avery off this day, we went on a "date" to Jimmy Johns.  Which, basically means that we got drive thru, and parked at a park, and ate together.  Such a handsome date I had!

This continues to be something we eat weekly.....it is just soooooooooo good!

Sometimes these 2 get along..... :)

Finn went to the pumpkin patch today with his class, and again, his teacher sent me some pics!!!

Olivia also made a select choir group at her school!  I believe 4 or 5 6th grade girls made it, and she was one of them!  They sang the national anthem at a Hockey game, and so it was fun to go watch them do that!

I think I'm caught up a bit now!  See you all back in a month or so! ;)


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