hand foot and mouth

8:06 PM

this thought of this little virus has always given me the shivers.  so gross...

so, when we were told that a family in our church had it, i was just hoping we didn't get it.  

i mean, Finn already had strep and I had a super bad sore throat...

Turns out, sore throat and high fever are the first signs....

then, these little buggers...

Finn had a very mild case, and it didn't seem to wear him down at all.  

We were all still planning on just going on with our Thanksgiving plans to head to Wisconsin, until.....

I get called to pick up Olivia from school with a 102 fever and sore throat, very similar to what I had been having....  the next morning, I wake up to my hands burning and tingling, and I just know what it is.....so much awful!  This is how Olivia and I felt about it :(

Let me just say that I was in no way prepared for this virus.  I read a bit about it, but was not prepared for the horrible itching that comes from it.  I basically had to have my hands in ice for days.  When I couldn't take it anymore, I went in and got some big meds and sleeping pills.  Turns out that I also got an allergic reaction of some sort from one of the creams I put on my hands...

So, here is what my hands looked like through this ordeal.... yes, i took pics...

Olivia has a few spots on her hands and feet and some around her nose and mouth. Avery has them around her mouth arms and hands....

So, basically our whole Thanksgiving was spent looking at each other, sleeping, and itching. joy.

Our church family has been so kind in bringing us Thanksgiving supper, and flowers, and again a meal tonight.  SO wonderful they all are! :)

Here is where we are tonight....more pain.  Another part I didn't prepare for.  The peeling of the skin, which is very painful.....sigh....

Hopeful this is out of our house soon, because I'm going a bit stir crazy!!!

putting up the Christmas tree

10:15 PM

we're a bit early, but oh well!  this tree takes a looooooooooong time, and a loooooooooooot of effort.  Good thing I had helpers this year!  Olivia did a lot of it on her own!


9:52 PM

Olivia brought home some wonderful public school germs and shared them with her brother.

Liv has missed 3 days of school with this one :(

Little man woke up from nap yesterday with a 103 temp, so off we went to the dr.


both are feeling much better after 2 days of meds!

goodbye Kia

10:57 PM

we bought her in either January or February of 2001, 6 months or so after we were married.  

It was our first big real purchase together.  We brought both the girls home from the hospital in her.

All these years later....still doing a great job of taking daddy to and from work.

We received another car, so it was time for her to go....

put up an ad, and within 2 days, she was sold....

it was to a dad who was buying it for his daughter to be her college car :)  They were super nice, and very appreciative!

One last pic of our kiddos with her....

and a pic of the new owner!

tears were shed by daddy and Olivia as she drove away....lots of memories there, but many new ones to be made with the new owner!

Finn's 2nd Birthday

10:50 PM

Getting ready for his 2nd birthday was bittersweet.  Thankful where we are today, but so sad how time flies by so fast....

It took quite a few pics and 2 days to get a pic that I liked :)

we tried on Sunday (how adorable is this little suit coat?)

an out-take :) 

after a hair cut....

anyhow, November 12th came.  We tried our best to make it a great day for little Finn.  He only got sad two times, which for a 2 year old is HUGE!  

In the afternoon, we chatted with Nana Dianne while he opened up a gift from her and Bapa Craig!  He knew just what to do with the wrapping paper!

After supper, on to celebrating with cake!  He was terrified of the flame!

but, enjoyed the cupcake for sure :)

It's kind of fun being 2!

gifts from us to him!  he had so much fun opening them up!

This pic is too funny!  He opened the paper a bit, saw that it was part of a dinosaur, and looked at us excited!  Then, looked back down and unwrapped a bit more, and then dropped it and was scared!  sweet boy......

He took a lot of his new little toys and got them all lined up!

He wanted a picture of him with his new toys, and this is how he stood!  so cute!

So, we officially have a 2 year old now.  We are so in love with this little guy!

easy bake oven

11:47 AM

little miss is loving her fun easy bake oven!  today on the menu, was a pretzel and cheese...

mmmm, right?  :)

horsing around and hair dye

9:45 PM

we have had this horsie for so many years...her name is Pinky.  She has been well loved, but today she had her last day in our house.  steel rods are beginning to wear out through her hoofs, so time to say goodbye....

Finn had one last ride...

For Liv's birthday, she got blue and pink hair dye (6-8 washes).  So, we stuck some blue in and, well....

its BLUE!

Nana Dianne wanted some pics, so these were the best ones I have so far! :)


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