10:39 AM

We were home for Thanksgiving this year !  

The kids were excited to put out all their ornaments and decorate THEIR tree!!!

2 of them were excited about it, and one teenager not so much...

Although, I did ask her to help with the lights on the tree upstairs, and she obliged!

Days are flying by as I am crafting and making signs at all hours!

Finn loved the cheesecake after Thanksgiving meal :)

Our family Thanksgiving selfie!!  I made turkey for the first time, and everything was edible!!! :)

On the way to cute is HE???

And, the main reason we stayed home for Thanksgiving was to help our friends move their restaurant.  This night, a big crew of us took 6 large freezers and fridges across main street and down to the new was so so so much fun!!!

Enjoying snuggles with this little guy while he still wants to!


12:04 AM

Most of our September, October & November was consumed with running miss Avery to and from practice for Cinderella!

So, as sad as it was for it to be done, we were kind of happy! :)  Enjoy pics from the performances!

Finn's 4th Birthday Party

12:08 AM

Mr Finn had been waiting ALL WEEK for his party! :)  It was very exciting when the day was finally here!  Here is the birthday boy, all ready for his first party!!!

A little decor

The kiddos each got to pick which of the PJ Masks was their favorite before the party, and they got to wear the mask and cape when they came!!!

And, favor bags, which ended up being VERY helpful in the end!!!

 The cake :)

Finn waiting patiently for his friends to start arriving!!!! 

There were 11 little ones from church at our house, all between 2 and 4.  SO, it was quite the party!!!  Thankful that Daddy, Avery, Livie, and another momma were there to help out!!!

Aren't they too cute???

After we turned into superheros, we went downstairs to practice our strength!

We threw balls at villains!!!

Next, we captured and tied up Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja!!!

 And, we watched them try and break out!

Next, back upstairs for cake and ice cream!  Finn crawled under the table when it was birthday cake and singing time!  And, he didn't let me light the candles, either!  ha!!!

His friends sure enjoyed the yummy treats!!!

Then it was onto presents!  This was tricky, because for many, this was their first friend party, and they were new to giving a gift away.  So, I'm thankful that I did the favor bags, so I could let them know that they get to go home with a present, too!!!

Mr Finn was shy at first opening gifts in front of his friends, but he ended up having fun doing it!!!  Poor kiddo just hates being the center of attention!!!

We had about 15 minutes left, so we turned on PJ Masks, and they kind of sat there mesmerized :)

My sweet friend Emilie stayed for the whole party! :)  What a help she was!!!

Here's the PJ Masks crew!!!!  Love our sweet little church friends that Finn gets to grow up with!!!

P.S. pick up time was hilarious in our small entry way :)


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