11:36 AM

**We're leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving vacation...a much needed vacation for one of us in particular...

**it will be the first time we will be traveling with our 3 1/2 month old puppy...

**Avery went to the dentist yesterday to have her teeth looked at. I was concerned that the big teeth coming in were just too large for her tiny little mouth. Dentist guy assured me that her mouth looks fine. We won't be returning to the place we went, though. Nurse gal and Dentist guy didn't let me anywhere back in the room that Avery was in. That is not cool with me, so next time I'll be looking elsewhere...

**Avery was also "re-tested" at school for the accelerated reading program that she is in. My little smarty pants tested at a 3.2, which means an average 3rd grader, in their 2nd month of school. Keep it up Avery! We are so proud of you!

**No word from our doctor about when Liv will get evaluated for her speech, so we're still waiting on that. She is still the sweetest busiest little girl ever, and we love her to pieces!

**Have a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving!

A day in the life....

9:08 PM

These 2 photos sum up a majority of my day.

Keeping an eye on Piper...she gets into everything!

And Liv....my dear Liv. This photo describes her so well....upside-down sunglasses, food stained shirt, and a snack....She is my unique, but sweet, little girl!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

12:03 AM

Daddy had to work late the other night, so the girls and I turned on a Christmas movie and began decorating our house for Christmas! I bought them a very cheap tree last year on clearance so that they could have their own tree to decorate. Avery LOVED being able to do this, and Liv LOVED taking off the ornaments...which didn't make Avery happy at ALL!

Piper kept busy as well....chewing on whatever she found to chew on...

The "real" tree is finally finished as well. Daddy and I have had the same decorations since we got married, so this year it was time to get something new...finally! Nana Judy gave us these really neat ice blue pine cone lights, so that was our new theme...ice blue and silver! It looks so elegant, and kind of out of place in our not so elegant home, but it is oh so pretty!

I have a feeling that many houses will be busy decorating this weekend! I hope that we will be putting our lights up soon....

4:30 PM

Avery had a dr appt today for her hands. She has a few imperfections, that I was assured are very common in kids, that had to get taken care of. She has to wear these band-aid things for 24 hours! Then, in 7 days they should be pretty well healed up!

Liv felt left out....(nice photo of her face, too, I might add)

Letters, hearing tests, and hot dogs...Oh MY!

9:45 PM

I'm not too great at this blogging thing lately! I tell ya, I used to update multiple times a day with fun photos and cute things the girls were doing, and now....well...now, I have a 6 year old, a 2 year old tornado, and a 12 week old puppy!

Hopefully you all are still with me! :)

Liv had her hearing test today in BIG TOWN. We took Avery out of school and we made a day out of it. Check out the nice note Avery wrote me in the van today...

(Dear Jennisa, I love you and like you. Love, Avery)

Liv's appointment went really well. She cooperated with the Audiologist, and there are no signs of any hearing problem.

She told us that 2 year olds are supposed to be able to say about 200 words. Liv can say probably less than 15, so yup, there's a problem!!! We will be having her begin speech therapy sometime here soon, and hopefully that will solve it!

And, on the way out of the hospital, check out what we saw?

When we left the house today Hubby was all like, "why did you have to bring the camera today?" I'm so glad I had a fun reason to throw back in his face! :) :)

Avery wrote her first letter to a boy this week. Here it is!!!

(Dear Jerett, I like you so much I want a paper that has your phone number. Love, Avery Joy)

Oh, and now Liv AND Avery enjoy the dog kennel....

While Piper prefers her big girl bed instead...


10:56 PM

Our family will be going to BIG TOWN for Liv's hearing test.

We're praying that her ears are just fine, but we'll know more tomorrow! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!

What have you been up to?

9:40 PM

Well, we've been busy here.

We bought Livvie, oh, I mean Piper...we bought Piper a dog kennel.

But, wouldn't ya know....Piper isn't the family member that likes it best...

Yup, Liv likes the kennel. Actually, she doesn't just like it, she loves it. She'd be playing in the the thing all day if we let her! This picture just explains so much about who Liv is...I tell ya, she's a unique little number!!!

She actually had me lock her in it, and was upset when I un-locked it.

Look...she even likes to take little rests in there....

Sweet, sweet Liv...you are too funny!

Over at Once Upon A Blog...

3:43 PM

Because of a few requests, I am now going to offer Christmas Card designs from the following Christmas kit:

Here is an example of a card I just finished!

Cost: $30
I can send you the image via email and you'll need to get it printed at a store convenient for you!

Visit me over at onceuponablog.org

Email me at jennisajoy(at)onceuponablog.org and we'll get started

Christmas Card snail mail....

1:38 PM

I haven't even begun to get our Christmas letter typed up, let alone take a picture of the girls (I did buy their matching sweaters, though).

BUT, they will be done...before Dec. 15th...that's my goal!

If you would like to be on my Christmas Card list, email me your address at jennisajoy(at)gmail.com If I know you (as well as you can know a person over the internet) then we can exchange addresses and send cards to each other! I did this last year, and look at how my tree ended up looking? SO FUN!

Day off

9:56 AM

Hubby is letting me have part of the day "off" today! I get to go to BIG TOWN to have a little "me time" that is so crucial to staying sane!!!

Think I just might have to do a little shopping! I love me some Target, so I'll be stopping there for sure!

Avery doesn't have school, so daddy's going to be home with the girls AND Piper!!!

Hope you all have a relaxing Thursday!

You know I will be!

I know it's a little early,

10:03 PM

but gee whiz....I just couldn't not put up my new Christmas template...

I'd love your feedback! :)

Avery and her BFF, Abby

2:57 PM

I picked them both up at school for a special out for lunch day!
Aren't they just the cutest things?

conference time...

9:05 PM

Daddy and I met with Mrs. S. today for Avery's 1st quarter conference.

How'd she do?

Well, Mrs. S. had wonderful things to say about her. She has high intelligence, hungry to learn, sweet, considerate, and "it's a privilege to get to teach her."

She got straight A's....well, straight M's, E's, and S+'s. She received the highest grades that she could have gotten.

We are so proud of our Avery! Keep it up!

To you, she's "MckMama"....but to me...

2:04 PM

she is "Mel"....my long time friend.

No, her name isn't "Mel", but it's a fun lil' joke between us. She and I grew up together in church. She bit my brother when they were 2, we were in puppet-eers, a Psalty Christmas program, and numerous other church productions together. She and I became really close in late high school, we went to church camps together, on a Mexico mission trip, and when my grandfather passed away in 2001, she made the trip to see us. Mel got me into blogging, and because of her, I now design these crazy blogs for my job!

Mel has had an eventful life in the last couple of years. She's birthed 4 children, and most recently went through the most monumental spiritual experience. Her 4th baby, Stellan, was found to have a horrible heart condition, and Mel was told around 24 weeks that he would probably be still-born. At this time, Mel's story exploded through this large blog community, and she had people all over the WORLD praying for her and her unborn baby.

This last week, this baby who was going to die at 24 weeks, was born a perfectly healthy full-term baby. The power of prayer by all of blog world has been heard, and sweet Stellan is now a living miracle.

It's been amazing to walk along side her through these good and bad times....she's shown more strength in her trials than I ever could.

Love you Mel,

and, for kicks and giggles, here are a couple photos of she and I, oh, and her husband back in the day, too....

(purple sweatshirt-MckMama, doily looking dress thing-Me, blonde boy in plaid-MckMama's husband)

(top left, yellow hat-MckMama's husband, front left-Me, front right (in glasses)-MckMama)

In case you've been under a rock for the last couple months, and haven't heard about her blog, HERE is the link! :) Tell her I sent you....she'll be glad you came by!

9:43 PM

Some things wrong with this picture...

101.6 fever
double ear infection
sinus infection
green gunk in eyes
green snot
red puffy eyes

...poor, poor sick sweet Livvie...

In other news, the rest of our family is all sick, too. We've had a couple different colds come through our house, and we've been kicked in the tail with it. Hopefully we're on the mend, because the snot and the coughing is getting old.

Avery went on her first "date" tonight! Her school friend Abby called and invited her to High School Musical 3! How fun! She had such a great time!

Here are a couple pictures of Piper from this week...

NOT a staged photo AT ALL. I had her little diaper on so she wouldn't piddle on my bed, and Liv gave her the sucky... SOOO cute!


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