9:43 PM

Some things wrong with this picture...

101.6 fever
double ear infection
sinus infection
green gunk in eyes
green snot
red puffy eyes

...poor, poor sick sweet Livvie...

In other news, the rest of our family is all sick, too. We've had a couple different colds come through our house, and we've been kicked in the tail with it. Hopefully we're on the mend, because the snot and the coughing is getting old.

Avery went on her first "date" tonight! Her school friend Abby called and invited her to High School Musical 3! How fun! She had such a great time!

Here are a couple pictures of Piper from this week...

NOT a staged photo AT ALL. I had her little diaper on so she wouldn't piddle on my bed, and Liv gave her the sucky... SOOO cute!

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