11:17 PM

can i just say again that I LOVE MY JOB? And, the BEST part about it, is the clients that I have. I just LOVE to "meet" new ladies and get to know them over the computer.

A client of mine is just the sweetest thing. I just got done with her blog about a week ago, and she insisted on making some fun aprons for the girls! Just today she sent me some pictures of them! CHECK THEM OUT!

Nicole is working so hard on the aprons for Avery and Livie! And look at her sweet AnniePearl helping Mama!

Here is Avery's apron....how fun!

And here is Livie's! They are just so fun, and I can't wait for the girls to see them!

Thanks Nicole! If you all want another fun blog to read, go check her out here:

so random...

8:36 PM

I've been bad at taking an posting photos the last few weeks. Here are 3 that have been on my camera that are worthy of note...

Nana Judy and Bapa Ron came down to visit us a couple weeks ago. We had a fun day, as always, and it was too short of a visit (as always). Here are the girls with Nana doing some computer! Avery always seems to blink...

I have purchased the girls snowsuits for next year already. I think I got them each about 70% off the retail price. I love that they match, but are still different. I LOVE ebay...

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig sent Avery a gift for doing so well at trying new foods...She has been asking for a bonnet for so long, and she finally got one! Now she's a real "Pioneer"! (again...eyes closed...)

blog help...

3:53 PM

When you go to upload a photo, have you ever seen these numbers and wondered what they meant?

For a while, when I go to upload my photos onto my blog, I have been getting a warning that says that I am "currently using 81% of my 1024 mb".

I panicked, and thought I was going to have to start a whole new blog because, after all, if I don't have any more memory, how would I upload photos of my girls?

That was what I thought, until I saw that "?" next to the warning. A couple days ago I clicked on it to see where it would take me!

Well, it took me here:
How can I get more storage for my images?

which then took me here...

Upgrading Storage: How it works

From that last site, you are able to purchase additional storage, which means you can blog until...well, forever, and not worry about your storage!!!

So, for $20, I got 10 GB (compared to the 1GB that you get free from blogger).

  • 10GB - $20/yr
  • 40GB - $75/yr
  • 150GB - $250/yr
  • 400GB - $500/yr
So, now when I go to upload a photo, here is what I see.....

"You are currently using 7% of my 11264 mb"

Guess I'll be blogging until...well, forever now....

Let me know if this was helpful! :)

a census...UPDATED

8:57 AM

does it take forever for my blog page to load on your computer???

I think it's fixed now....is it better y'all???

7:51 PM

I am so thankful that I have girls. It is really quite a joy to be able to do their hair, and pick out their cute clothes, and decorate their room.

I tend to like way too many things, and often like to change things up. I am in love with these 2 bedding sets, and they are nothing like what girls have now.

I think they each need to have their own room so then when I want to switch their bedding up every year, I don't have to buy 2 of everything!

remember when I said.....

2:45 PM

that i wish they made kennels for 2 year olds?

I guess they do, and we are NOW the proud owners of a kennel for Livie

I think we have finally one-uped this girl...

just another normal day around our house

10:23 PM

Yup, Liv has not been wanting to wear any pull-ups at all. She wants to just be a little naked girl. We thought it was quite funny that she went and put on Avery's tall boots and continued to strut her stuff around the living room....

if I make it through parenting this one, it will be a miracle...

Avery's NEW FOOD list!

7:20 PM

BBQ Sauce
Ketchup Bread
Pears with pear sauce
Tator Tots

plain bread
grape jelly on bread
McD's chicken Nuggets
english muffin with soy butter

soy nut butter
chicken fries


for supper tonight....

9:14 PM

Avery ate, get this, ONE WHOLE CHICKEN NUGGET from McD's!

Mommy and Daddy are SOOO proud of you sweet Avery! KEEP IT UP!


4:10 PM

Avery, yes, my Avery


For those new readers who haven't read my struggles with her, here are all the posts I've written on the chicken nugget battle...

Daddy is taking her to Walmart tonight to pick out a toy, and we get to start saving for our DISNEY TRIP NOW!!!!!!!

on the menu today...

10:16 PM

Avery tried:



grape jelly toast

She likes toast, and not sure about the grape jelly!

we'll keep truckin' along!


10:44 PM

Avery on her "out to eat" with her friend Jerrett from school...

It was almost 50 degrees here today! Had to whip out the spring coats (matching, of course!)

My sweet girl looks so very adorable in her piggies!

she's been carrying this basket/bag with a stuffed puppy in it everywhere we go...

this morning...

7:58 AM

Avery tried soy nut butter on toast. The verdict....didn't like it. We'll try again later


She did ask me to pack with her a small "ketchup sandwich" for lunch....



8:26 PM

Still potty training. She's had 1 successful poopy in the potty, but the rest have been in her pull-up.

She goes every time that she sits on the toilet. Sometimes, she'll go 3 times within 15 minutes. I'm sure this will stretch out.

When she goes potty, she'll look at me and say "yeah girl"...she calls herself "girl".

Something has changed in this puppy, and all of a sudden she doesn't pee or poo in the house anymore. She used to always just squat on our laminate floors and go, but now something has changed. She'll come to me and bark, or just stare at me when she has to go out. I am SO glad we are finally in this stage. It's been 5 months of accidents, so I'm glad it's over (at least I hope)

Tonight I tried to get Avery to try a new food. She is usually very DEFIANT about this. Defiant doesn't even seem to be the strongest of words I could use. Anyhow, today she said to me that she's tired of eating the same thing in her lunch that I send her. I thought maybe it was "the time" to try again.

After lots of prompting and some tears, we got enough courage to try a little something.

What did we try? Well, she tried...bread. She had a tiny bite, and then asked me to put some ketchup on it. She tried it again, and said it was okay. THIS IS HUGE FOR AVERY!

Second, we tried Applesauce. She likes apples, so I assumed she'd like applesauce. She was nervous to try it, but she did, and does not like it.

She and I decided that we are going to try 2 new tastes a day. I hope she will cooperate, because this little girl of mine has to eat new things SOON....

back at it, i hope...

9:08 PM

We're finally back at normal life. About time!
The girls are done with their medicines (except for the nebulizer)
and the coughs are on their way out the door!
I am hoping this week will be SUPER!

Girls...You are going to be REALLY good this week, right???

Here is Liv spending some time trying to make "bubbles" in the potty chair!
Isn't the outfit great? Whatever works, I guess...

Avery lost her 2nd tooth last week, and I forgot to post the note she received from the Tooth Fairy! If you look close, by the fairy is Avery's little tooth!

In other news, Avery is "Student of the Week" at school this week!
I love to go all out for these types of things...
We made up a couple of tag boards with photos of my sweet girl!

Mrs. S. also sent home a book for Avery to make, and here it is!

did you read that last one?
{I want to learn..... multiplication}
What Kindergartner that YOU know wants to learn that?
I'm surprised it didn't say something like I want to learn to tie my shoe! :)


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