I would die for that...

10:27 PM

Being a couple that struggled with secondary infertility for nearly 3 years, this video really tugged at my heart. I saw this video on a blog I read, and I am so glad I took the time to sit and watch it. Makes me want to kiss the girls a little bit longer tonight...

1:22 PM

Avery: "Um, Mom..."
Me: "Yea..."
Avery: "Whacha wearing to work today?"
Me: "Oh, I dunno"
Avery: "Maybe when I'm done eating, we can go in your room and I can help you pick out something to wear..."
Me: (smiling) "That'd be nice, honey..."

I'm SCREAMING with excitement!

1:04 PM

Okay....many of you know my fears and anxieties about sending Avery to preschool in the fall. I signed her up because she needs to go to some sort of school...she IS 5 ya know! So, I enrolled her in a MWF afternoon preschool.

Well, as the months have gone on, I have been re-thinking this whole preschool thing. And, when Avery up and started reading a month ago, I really was wondering what to do. I didn't want her to be in a class with kids 1 year younger than her...just didn't seem like she would be challenged enough, ya know?

I called the preschool early this week just to ask about the Pre-K program they have. I didn't really think they had any openings, and they didn't. BUT, today, one of the teachers called me to inform me that a spot opened up for Avery! It does cost $110 a month, which is a BIG stretch for us, but I really think it's what's best for her!
Why is this better for her you ask? Well...
*this class only has 10 kids compared to the 25 her other class would have
*this class has 5 girls and 5 boys...perfect mix!
*this class does not have another Avery in it that is a boy, as her MWF class did
*this class gets to buy their own school supplies (FUN!)
*they get to bring their own snack to school (great for us allergy moms)
*they go on a lot more field trips
*they are doing a handwriting curriculum
*they go every day for 3 hours (at 8:20 am...not so great for moms!)

So, catch my drift....I am excited for this! I feel so much better with this class, and now instead of dreading preschool...I'm looking forward to it! CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THAT!

5 year photos...kind of :)

9:14 AM

Avery and I went on a little trip to get her 5 year old photos taken. She loves posing for the camera! These are the scanned images that I liked the best. The first one is the one I bought!

step by step...

8:44 AM

she's getting it!
I wouldn't say that she's "walking", but she's almost there!
Watch out world!
Here comes my spunky Livvie!

I've decided...

12:07 PM

Many of you know I used to dabble a bit with some blogger designs. I took a break for a while doing it, and now I've done 2 more in this last week. Well, I'm thinking I want to do this a little more! SO, my shameless plug......if any of you, my bloggie friends, know of anyone who wants a bloggie makeover, send them to me. I think I will only charge $10 to do it....

(I need some $ in my paypal acct to do some ebay shopping for Avery's back to school wardrobe! :) (maybe this is the reason I want to design more, huh?))

Back from the dr.'s

11:15 AM

The girls both had their "well baby check-up's" today.
Liv had her 9 month, and Avery had her 5 year.

Here are the results:

weight: 34 lbs (10%)
height: 39 3/4 in (10%)
weight: 16lb 11 oz (15%)
length: 27 1/4 in (40%)
head: 17 1/4 in (50%)

I'm curious to see how many of you have children that are half Avery's age that weigh the same as her! I tell ya, my kiddos are lean and mean! (their parents sure aren't)

5 steps...

10:01 PM

In honor of her 9 month birthday, Liv took 5 steps from mommy to daddy this evening.

9 months old

2:08 PM

Happy 9 month birthday Miss Livvie Lynn...
we love you SO much, and are blessed to be your parents!

Transformers party!

1:10 PM

Yesterday was Daddy's first full day off in a loooong time. What did he do to celebrate? He went to the movie store and rented the Transformers Playstation 2 video game! Liv wanted to be right there with him the whole time. We even gave her a controller to play with, but it didn't do it for her....she wanted to be right with Daddy...
Avery even got in on the action! She pretended with the 2nd controller, and said that her and daddy made a great Transformers team! And, again, Liv had to be right in the middle of it all!

Liv was practicing her standing, and I think we made it up to 7 seconds! We're getting there, and she is learning how to balance really well!

Nice face, Avery :)

looooooooooooooong night

8:21 AM

My sweet baby Liv (who turns 9 months today) is sick. Yes, she's sick. This is the first time in her short little life that she's had a cold, and I just hate it! THIS IS WHY I DON'T DO DAYCARE OR NURSERY!

Liv got this wonderful cold from a little girl that was in the nursery with her during the wedding this Saturday. The ONE time I do it, and look what happens.....urgh....

So, last night was spent tossing and turning...for both of us. Poor baby had to learn to breathe out of her mouth and not have her sucky. My sheets are covered in snot, and I think I slept maybe 2 hours total. She was making noises all night long. It was like she was trying to get out of her skin...ya know how that feels? My poor baby...

I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal. My reaction to this little cold will probably cause some laughs from my bloggie readers. BUT, my baby is sick....I hate it....period!


6:37 PM

Our dear friends Dustin and Ashley, who I spoke of in THIS post, got engaged last night! They stopped by our house tonight and I had to snap a picture of the happy couple! We love them so very much and are very excited for them! CONGRATS!

Here comes the ... flower girl!

4:11 PM

They're married! About 130 of us watched the happy couple, Brandon and Erin Pederson, get married this afternoon! And, of course....the photos of the cutie-patootie flower girl that I'm so in love with...

She LOVED posing for the camera....ask anyone! She thinks she's so "Hollywood"!
Ohh la la!

I think I'm biased, but I sure think she's a cutie!
My 2 girlies! I had someone watch Liv upstairs in the nursery so I could be with Avery for the wedding. That is another first for me. Liv did great, and Jesse did an awesome job at watching her! Thanks Jesse!
Here comes Avery...see her?
She was looking at me saying "there's none left...I threw too many flowers on the first throw!"
She did a great job! I was such a proud mommy!

The beautiful bride, Erin!
Our church is such an old beautiful building! A perfect place for a wedding!
Posing with the ladies!
Whatcha lookin' at?
And here is Liv...there's a story to this little girl. The girl woke up at 8 this morning, and usually needs to take her first nap by around 10 am. She didn't sleep, so I was trying to keep her occupied while getting myself ready, and doing an 'up-do' on Avery's hair with the hairspray and bobby pins and the whole nine yards. THEN, we get to church, and I hand her over to Jesse, telling her that she'll sleep for sure...SHE DOESN'T SLEEP! This little stinker didn't fall asleep for me till 2:00 pm....Leave it to Liv to keep me on my toes!
Whew....4 weddings for us this summer. I guess it comes with having a church congregation mostly of 20-something college students! We're done for a while now...until December when Gavin's brother gets married! Oh, and another one of my DEAR friends just got engaged today....I am THRILLED to say the least...

9:11 AM

We are at our last wedding of the summer this weekend. Avery is the flower girl and she is VERY excited about that! We had the rehearsal last night, so here are some pictures for your Saturday enjoyment...

The picture above is Liv's arm. There was a 16 month old girl at the rehearsal that decided to bite her...yeah, I'm not kidding. Was I upset? ummm YEAH...But, being the Pastor's wife I had to act as if I was fine, even though I wanted to cry. It didn't break the skin, and Liv didn't flinch at all...

Avery had fun walking around with the camera...

Erin, the Bride

Avery and the Bride to be, Erin...

you'd never believe...

11:51 AM

Avery is, RIGHT NOW, out to eat at McDonald's with our church friends Jesse (15) and her mom Andrea. They asked if they could take her out for a birthday lunch.

This is the FIRST time I have let someone, besides family, take Avery out. I'm doing surprisingly well, but I'm looking at the clock waiting for them to return her home to me...

A whopper of a tag!

10:20 AM

Sue's at it again! She got me this time with 2 Meme's and a fun award!

First, the Moaning Meme...

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.-

1. the pain that comes from nursing those first weeks...seriously...that's what I call pain!
2. food allergies and picky eaters...um...I guess that means that I'd like to say good bye to Avery's "issues"
3. zits. I mean, they are ugly, serve no point, and NO ONE likes to look at them, right?
4. infertility. Those who've been through it know how heart wrenching it is.

3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently.-

1. yell and scold their children in public. I see this all the time, and it is horrible
2. Joel Osteen, and other "pastors" like him who preach a "nicey-nicey gospel"
3. people who do something nice for you, and then a few days later come back with something they want from you in return...ugh...

2 things you find yourself moaning about

1. I want a nap
2. Do I have any chocolate in the house?

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself
1. I've got a lot of things that tick me off? :)

Second, the Me & My Hubby Meme

Write 8 things about me and my hubby.

1. I pursued him for4 months till he gave into my ways. :)
2. We're best friends. Not everyone could live with him (or me) but we love each other, in spite of those things that tick other people off!
3. We were married in Rochester, MN on May 13th 2000 and went to Disney World for our honeymoon
4. We are horrible at saving money, and like to spend our money on fast food or going out to eat
5. We both love to sleep. We hate it when the other one has a head ache, because that usually means that they have the excuse to get a nap in (PG seems to get headaches more often...get my drift?)
6. We sleep in different rooms because of his HORRIBLE snoring...I hear this is becoming more common with "his and hers" master suites... We're not proud of this, but remember my #5 above...
7. When I married him I didn't know he was going to be a Pastor...I thought he was going to be a Greek Professor. Little did I know what I was getting myself into :) hee hee hee...
8. He's a work-a-holic, and I'm a hardly-work-at-all-ic

And, last, but not least, my very own award!

THANKS SUE! This was fun!!!

Welcome to bloggie world Jamie!

10:02 PM

"another one bites the dust".... My friend from High School just started a blog! YIPPIE! Now, come on bloggie buddies....make sure you give her a big warm welcome! She's a sweetie, and has 2 adorable little girls, Jayln and Justice! visit her HERE


Welcome Eliza Grace!

6:51 PM

My friend Theresa (her site is under my bloggie friends) welcomed her beautiful daughter Eliza Grace into the world today! She must have amazing pain tolerence, because she did it with no meds...WOW! Great job Theresa!

Eliza was born this afternoon at 12:28, and she weighed 7 lbs and 14.5 oz, and measured 20.5 inches.

I will hopefully get to go and meet her tomorrow!

Congrats Theresa, Minh Lee, and Big Sister Audrey!!!

9:39 AM

How come all my entries are all about Avery these days? I mean, I know I DO have another child! Liv is doing some note-worthy things...she has stood alone for 15 seconds, attempted to take 1 step, and her first tooth is finally making an appearance underneath the skin (a fun week ahead, I know)

But, today....Avery learned something that just astonished me. I mean, she is only 5 years 1 week old. It took her a total of 10 minutes to learn it. All mothers think their children are smart, and I am no exception!

so funny...and true!

9:46 AM

I found this statement in bloggie world, and I agree with it so much I added it to my profile!

"I am a follower of the Wingin' It Parenting Philosophy (WIP). It's main principle is creating the illusion of having it all together while looking good. I'm raising 2 happy, secure, somewhat attached children, hopefully with minimum psychological damage from my parenting choices."

she's on a roll...

8:26 PM

on the way home from Walmart tonight while talking to my mother on the phone...

Avery: "Um Mom...you have a safety violation."
Me: "Uh oh...what did I do?"
Avery: "Um...talking on the phone while you're driving is dangerous. You should never do that."
Me: (trying not to laugh) "Okay...I'll try not to do that again!"


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