9:17 PM

We had our first doctor appointment today in BIG TOWN. We are officially 9 weeks, and we were lucky enough to hear the heartbeat...kind of. The baby's heartbeat was like 140-150, but it was so soft, we weren't able to hear it. The doppler machine picked it up though! Either way, it's reassuring to know that baby is still growing and doing well!

9:16 PM

The last two days I have been feeling pretty darn good! I hope the queasy tummy has left for now! I have my first doctor appointment this Thursday, so I'm anxious to meet my new doctor. I'm pretty sure it's a man, so that will be different from the first time around with Avery. I'll be 9 weeks on Thursday, and the days keep going by slowly! Seems like I've been pregnant for a long time now, but really, I've only known for 6 weeks! Only 31 more weeks to go! UGH!

9:15 PM

Feeling a little bit better these days. It's crazy how your body changes...even this early on. I don't like to eat anything that is hot right now. I've been having subs from Subway for the last couple days, and man, that's been great! Poor PG has to deal with all this. Before I was pregnant, we could have spagetti and pizza every night of the week and be fine with it. Now, the thought of something warm, YUCK! I'm sure he hopes that passes soon, as do I!I can also tell that this is the second time around, because I seem to be growing faster, even at just around 8 weeks. I remember not showing with Avery till around 18-20 weeks! Pretty crazy how things can stretch faster!Avery is begging me to play Queen and Princess with her, so I better go now...

9:15 PM

Well, still feeling sick, no suprise there. I can't imagine what women who actually vomit over and over again deal with. This is nothing compared to that! A lot of really fun and cute maternity items have been coming into where I work, so I've been having a blast stocking up my closet! My pants are a bit tight, so I'm enjoying the maternity pants that let me "breathe". I think women who aren't pregnant should be allowed to wear them too! COMFY!

9:14 PM

The queasy tummy hasn't went away yet, but is getting a little bit better. Besides that, I feel great! When you find out so early that you're pregnant, days seem to go by very slow. Avery is keeping us busy though! She is very excited to have a brother or sister. The names she picks out change everyday. I wonder who will tell her that we can't name her baby Tarzan!

9:14 PM

Well, today wasn't such a fun day. I am thinking this is a boy, because I have not been feeling good this last week. I have been queasy, but today, boy, I don't know what was wrong, but I felt awful! I was never sick with Avery, so I don't know what to read into this! I just know that it's no fun at all, but yes, it is worth it in the end!


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