in our backyard...

6:21 PM

This lil' guy brought shrieks, squeals, and screams from Livie. He was so close, and so cute!

I learned a new photo technique with the picture of the girls....lots of you know it already, but it was new to me. Making the background black and white, and the subject in color...I'm going to have fun with that!

Swimming and some GREAT news!

3:42 PM

I took Avery over to the wading pool today. There were no other kiddos there that were HER age, because they were all in the BIG pool, splashing away. Lil' miss Avery is content to wade around in the wading pool, and not getting a single part of her bathing suit wet. Ohh, Avery...when are you going to just jump in and LOVE swimming???

AND, for the GREAT news.....I got a letter in the mail today from the School District, and Avery was assigned to one of the teachers that I wanted! WHOO HOO! Also, her class has only 20 children (10 boys 10 girls), and one of the little girls is from her Pre-K class! I'm SOO happy!!!

Liv's teeth update...

9:18 PM

because I know everyone who checks in on my blog is just dying to see updated weekly photos of all these teeth coming through. :)

I have to tell ya....I'm surprised how long they take to work there way out. OUCH!

this first photo, I blurred out the yellow chunks of food in her mouth...

Here are her top teeth....

And here are her bottom teeth...

I have to say, that considering the pain she must be going through for the past 3-4 weeks, she's been particularly good. She has her episodes, but we haven't had to give her large doses of Tylenol at all. Good girl, my Livvie

a couple new toys...

5:27 PM

While visiting Nana and Bapa, we stopped in and bought Avery a new bike! My little girl outgrew her first bike, so we moved her on up to a new one! She just HAD to have the Ariel bike. Good thing we got it for $20 off!

And, if you want another deal...
Avery had wanted this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since her last birthday. There was NO way I was going to pay $40 for it, but.....while we were at KMart getting her bike, we found it on the clearance rack for 50% off! I love a bargain!

You've got a mouth full of words, my dear

1:12 PM

My Sweet Avery....
I am so very proud of you. You are such a smartie pants. Here are some words that you were able to read this last week....

More pictures from our weekend...

6:51 AM

Here is Livvie standing by the fountain where Uncle DJ proposed to Aunt Rachelle...

My girlies giving Bambi some love

Avery would never go through this as a kiddo...Liv had no fear of Mr. Gingerbread Man

Livvie getting ready to enter the Land of Oz

This photo is showing us looking at newborn baby goats that were just born 30 minutes prior.

Thanks for the fun weekend Nana Judy and Bapa Ron!

"you spin me right round,baby right round"

5:42 PM

The girls had a blast visiting Nana and Bapa this weekend.
I think their favorite spot the carousel!!!

Daddy had lots of fun with the camera...he thinks these shots are so neat...

Of course, Bapa couldn't resist, and let them ride!
Here is what Liv thought of her first Carousel ride!

A lil' gift

10:37 PM

I received a wonderful gift in the mail on Friday from my new "friend", Vicki Courtney....

Here are 3 of her books that she has out....

and, a few words she had to say to me....

good thing she doesn't "really" know me, otherwise I think she'd have some more things to say as well! :)

8:07 AM

As I was going through Avery's school folder, I noticed how much better she can write her name now! WHOO HOO for school!!!

8:06 AM

Here is what Avery made at school her last week....a hand-print sun painted shirt!

9:04 AM

Avery wanted to write a "speech" on Friday. Here is what she had to say...
"God made good stuff. And God is really good."

yes, Avery...he did, and he is...

12:36 AM

I was so desperate to take a shower, that I asked Avery to babysit Liv for me for 5 minutes. She did inform me, however, that it would cost me "lots of dollars". we'll see about that....

This is what I saw when I was done with my shower.....

things that make you go hmmmm.....

7:19 AM

Avery: "Mama....I'm pretending that I'm married. Guess what my husbands job is?"

Me: "What honey?"
(thinking, ooh....maybe a doctor, a pastor, heck a singer?)

Avery: "He has a job where he is creative with pipe cleaners."

yup...that's what she lie....

He shows His love in mysterious ways....

2:19 PM

Today, I am fully aware that Jesus is in my house...

WHY, you ask?

Well, I just know it....I KNOW it!

He must have seen that my kids were really loud and singing the chipmunk songs so often that I was going to scream.

And then, He saw that my cupboards were bare of chocolate...which is something I NEED!

So, how did He show me He loved me today?

He sent 2 boys raising money for a trip to Washington DC who were selling chocolate bars for $1.00 each to my my front door! I didn't have to go the gas station to fulfill my chocolate fit...

Thanks for looking in on us today, Jesus! And, thanks for the chocolate (*wink*)

Goodbyes are hard....

9:55 AM

Here is our family with our dear friends, Rod and Opal. Opal is 93, and Rod is in his high 80's. We've known them for 3 1/2 years, and we said goodbye to them Monday night. They are moving to Arizona on Saturday.

How do you say goodbye to someone, with whom you know you will not see again? These 2 will most likely live the rest of their lives in Arizona, and we will never see them again.

So, it was kind of somber, and strange, to say goodbye to them. I think we all "knew" that it was the final goodbye....

So sad, but also, so great for them as well....they are going to be face to face with their creator before we see them again....

I think I can smile about that...

My big news.....

7:24 AM

I'm sure you all have been waiting and checking my blog multiple times a day for the reveal of my "big news", haven't you? (insert smile here...)

Well, here we go.....

About a month ago, I got an email to do a blog design for a woman that was an author. She needed her blog done quickly, and actually, I just finished it up last night.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have gotten to know this author and her assistant, Shawna, very well through email. They are both wonderful, and I have been so happy to work for them.

So, who is this author, you ask?

Well, her name is Vicki Courtney. She is a well known Christian author and speaker. HERE is her site. I have to admit, I didn't know much about her when she wrote me. But since then, I have learned quite a bit! HERE is a link to all of her books that she has out right now. And, HERE is the blog that I designed for her.

And, if that wasn't flattering enough, she asked if she could give my LifeWay, for their web-campaigns! Seriously? I was flabbergasted! What an honor!

And, there's more. She has also asked for me to help them in designing their weekly email newsletter that has over 5,000 women subscribed.

Whew....this blog design business sure has been wonderful for me. I have been so blessed! :)

Meet Miley....

8:00 PM

our new next-door "neighbor" She's just toooooo precious! She's a 4 month old Cocker Spaniel. I had a Cocker growing up, so I have a feeling that this little one and I are going to be great friends!

long and lean....

11:47 AM

those were her Dr.'s words on Monday as we went for Liv's 18 month check up (a month late)
I have gotten used to the idea that my kids are just going to be on the small side.

Here are Liv's stats from today!
Weight: 21 lbs, 9 oz - 10%
Height: 31 1/2 in - 50%
Head: 18 1/4 in - 50%

Another funny thing worth noting.....

the doctor asked if Liv was saying 8-20 words by now. I looked at her and smiled. "Um, no", I said, "but she does know Chinese, and I'm sure not many 18 month olds know that!".

Liv says 3 words right now....English words that is. She says "Mama", "Dada", and "bye bye". She's a tad slow on the speaking side, but like I said, she can speak Chinese like you ain't never heard before.....

Did you know? My sweet Avery graduated tonight?

10:32 PM

that's right! She did it! Mom and Dad are so very proud of her!

Here is Avery on the first day of school, and then tonight! Aren't they both beauties?

Her cute little class was all dressed up in cap and precious!

See her....she's there, in the know, the smallest one....

They sang some songs, and did some other fun stuff (if you want to watch the videos, they are in the post below)

Avery getting her diploma!

She's so proud of herself....

Yup...I let her put some blush on, and paint her finger nails AND toenails!

Why do I think this picture will be shown at her high school graduation someday....sigh....

I am absolutely, positively, head over heels in love with this girl. I'm SO glad she's mine!

Outside by the preschool sign (I took out the school's name! )

Congratulations Avery!!!!


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