Weekend away

8:21 PM

We got all packed up for a trip up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house....

but first....grilling....ahhhh :)  looks yummy, huh?

While visiting family, we all went to Storybook Land!  It was Finn's first time that he was able to enjoy it!

There is a new roller coaster that the big kiddos went on!  They had lots of fun!

traditional picture on the horses...Finn wasn't too pleased.

Nana and Bapa with all their 9 grandchildren!

Finn and Liv went on the carousel.  By the end, Finn was in my lap :)

Before we left, we got to ride on a real train! 

And, some of Avery's crazy pics she took on our weekend away :)

Missoula Children's Theater - Rapunzel!

9:48 PM

The Missoula Children's Theater company came to our town recently and put on "Rapunzel"!  90 kids auditioned, and I believe 60 made the cut.  Lucky for us, both Olivia and Avery made it!  Olivia was cast as a Pixie, and Avery as a Wood Elf.  They tried out on Monday, had daily practices, and by Saturday, they were able to put on quite the show for us!  The girls had tons of fun, and Olivia says that "she has been bit by the acting bug" :)


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