End of Summer

9:47 PM

Last weekend the family went up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house for the weekend!  On one of our outings, mr Finn and I went to Target!  He sat and set these dinosaurs up for over 10 minutes.  Little kid loves to set things up in order!

There was A LOT of swimming that went on!  I believe the girls swam 2-3 times each day!  Finn enjoyed himself with cousin Chloe as well!

Back at home....Winnie and Finn were playing early one morning, and apparently Winnie won.  Also, he loves to sit like this in the car seat, and i think its uber cute!

Liv noticed that Finn is getting BROWN hair :(  If you look close, you can see lots of brown guys coming in....not sure how i feel about that.....

He also got stung by a wasp this week, too.  Poor kiddo was so traumatized!  Glad he's not allergic to them at least!

Liv starts school on Tuesday, and we had open house last week.  She is so excited about having a locker!  We got the same teacher that Avery had, so we're very very very happy about that!

Pool closed today, school starts Tuesday....summer is winding down for sure...

and, that's a wrap!

1:20 PM

Finn was excited to deliver flowers to Avery after her performance on Saturday :)


so sweet :)

This is Bunny, the director for the last 3 big shows Avery has been in.  She has been so great, and has given Avery so many opportunities!!! 


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