Thursday Thirteen

9:10 AM

13 things I'm looking forward to on our Wisconsin trip!

1. Rummaging with my mom

2. Seeing my friend Jennifer and meeting her 2 sons Kieran and Cullen

3. Not having to do dishes for 5 days

4. Spending time with my mom and dad

5. Seeing my friend Kim and her son Landen

6. Eating out all the time (they spoil us)

7. Visiting my grandma

8. Pizza...either from Happy Joes, or Rocky Rococo's

9. Being able to nap while my mom watches the girls

10. Shopping in a store other than Walmart for a change

11. Having Jennifer take pictures of Avery and Liv

12. Watching my parents interact with their only grandchildren

13. Coming back home to a kitchen that is almost done (?) :)

A happy wife IS a happy life!

5:47 PM

My dear hubby just purhased me my new 'baby' external hard drive! I will love it and call it my own. Can't wait till it comes, then I'll be "digi-licious" as my pal Dena would say! There's no way I'll run out of disk has oodles and oodles of GB! Thanks hubby! I love you "muy 'macho"! (I did before too, it's just this REALLY helps!)

Back at it, I think...

11:38 AM

I think I figured it all out. Our laptop just needed a good ol' restart, so that's what we did! I'm still on a digi scrapbooking break, as I have asked my husband (over and over again) to get me an external hard drive to store all my stuff on. I think he'll do it for me...after all, a happy wife is a happy wife, right honey?

In other news...Livvie had a MAJOR fall last night. I walked into the kitchen to warm up a bottle for her, and there was a very large THUD, followed by a scream/cry! In the time it took me to walk to the kitchen, she had crawled over to a tv tray and tried to pull herself up on it. It collapsed and fell over, and so did she. LUCKILY, by the looks of things, the table collapsed forward, and she ended up falling backwards. Another one of those 'it could have been much worse' moments!

We are also beginning to re-finish our kitchen cupboards. My husband began the process last night, and it will be a week or two (or three :)) till it's done.

And, the most exciting news, the girls and I are leaving in 1 week to go visit my mom and dad in Wisconsin again! My hubby is driving us half way, and then my mom will pick us up! We will be doing some rummaging, and I will get to see my friends Kim and Jennifer too! Jennifer is going to be taking some pictures of my girls...very excited about that. I haven't seen her since my grandpa's funeral 6 years ago...
There's my update! Whew...


8:32 PM issues that is! I have "junked" up (as PG puts it) our laptop with all my digital scrapbooking kits and photos from the last year, and now our computer is having MAJOR issues. I tried to take it all off and put it on flash drives, but still no luck. It took me 15 minutes JUST to log in, get on the internet, come to my blog site and start typing...frustrating! So, I'm trying to talk hubby into a new computer. If I'm MIA, you'll know why. URGH!

7:32 PM

I love my girls...

Mommy Talk for Monday May 28th

1:00 AM

to join us, head on over to A Little Mommy Talk!

What was your favorite maternity
"could not do without" items?

1. baseball to lay on at night (for back pain the last few weeks)

2. back massager from Nana Judy...I had lots of back pain :(

3. PILLOWS...many nights I was sleeping upright. I usually had 6 pillows surrounding me!
4. American Star maternity jeans from Motherhood Maternity

5. naps...does this count as an item? Anyhow...I HAD to have a nap daily...

6. My pregnancy journal and books

Truth is, I COULD have done without these items,
but it sure made pregnancy better with them!

cute, cute sweater!

5:29 PM

Avery at 3 1/2 months old

Olivia at 7 months old

P.S. I started an online gallery of my digi layouts. If you want to see it, it's under "Bloggie Friends ~ My Digi Layouts"

Makes sense, right?

12:29 PM

"Mom...everyday you drink milk. And, why do you take the milk out of your body for the baby?"

"Ask and ye shall receive"

12:22 PM

We had a family at church today that had 9 children....N-I-N-E CHILDREN! Our church currently has 4 "kids" 2 children, and a 12 and 15 year old. So, needless to say...We are on cloud nine, and PRAY that they felt welcomed and that they will return again!

Thank you Jesus!

Just In...

2:09 PM

a new funny from Avery...

"Mom...ya know what? Everything has a . (dot) com these days"

Saturday Photo Hunters

9:50 AM

This weeks theme: Colorful

I did this one from scratch with the Adorable Mommy set...I'm learning!

My FAVE digi designer...

11:07 AM

I love love love the WONDERFUl designer at My Digital Scrapbook Blog! She is SO talented! Here is her "quick page" freebie from today, and what I did with it.....

These quick pages are super good for those of us who are just learning...I just love them!

12:28 PM

Happy 7 month birthday Olivia!

It's been a busy month for you my dear. Here is a list of your accomplishments for this month:
~began eating "real" baby food
~learned how to clap
~took your first "big girl bath"with Avery
~learned how to crawl
~learned how to "pull up" on things
~can mimic clapping to mommy and daddy
~you have 2 teeth that are starting to work their way through

Time seems to be moving too fast Livvie...As much as I can't wait for you to be able to walk around and say "mama", I still wish you could stay small and be my baby...forever. Is it possible to be getting the 'baby bug' again this soon? :)

10:42 AM

13 pictures taken of Liv for her birth announcement photos...
**edited to add the announcement**

Where has the time gone...sweet baby Liv is 7 months old today...


11:38 AM

Gavin's brother DJ got engaged yesterday! We are so excited to welcome Rachelle into the family! She is a Kindergarten teacher, and he proposed at FUN Land in A-TOWN with the help of her class...what a guy! They will be getting married on December 1st, and we are so happy for them!

CONGRATS you two!

Wordless Wednesday

7:56 AM

It's my brother Josh's 30th birthday today...
My Mom used to like to dress him up like a girl!
Good thing I came along and she had a girl of her own!

Can't stop her now!

9:51 AM

Shortly after learning to crawl, Liv learned that she just had to do more. I have always thought she was a baby that was never content with where she was in her little life. She seems to always want to be doing the next thing...

Well, she decided last week that crawling is fun...just not the "latest trend" anymore. Now, the new thing in our house is pulling up on anything and everything and looking at us as if she were saying "Look at proud of me!"

Play date with Ruby!

9:42 AM

Our church friends that moved out to Rapid City were in town over the weekend and came over to play yesterday! They have a daughter named Ruby that is a couple months younger than Avery. Ruby and Avery had a blast playing for nearly 3 hours. We only heard from them when they would come out to the living room with a new dress up outfit on! Here are some photos from our play date!

It's hard to believe that Avery is 3 months older than Ruby...
it shows you all how petite my little princess is!

This is what Avery's room looked like after their 3 hour adventure!
Guess who cleaned it up?

6:40 PM

My latest attempt at digi design

Another tag by Sue!

9:10 AM

Sue just loves to tag me...and I have to admit...I like being tagged! This is a restaurant Meme. So, here goes!

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the city/state and country you're in.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Todd (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)
Jiggs Casey (Berkeley, CA, USA! USA! USA!)
Kat (Ontario, Canada)
Cheezy (London, England)
Paula (Orange County, California, U.S.)
Jeff (Colorado, USA)
gekko(Arizona, USA)
Norma (Columbus, OH)
Janeen (Cleveland, Ohio USA)
Sue (Southern New Jersey, USA)

2. List your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

Olive Garden
I love to have their soup and salad. There is nothing like their salad and bread sticks!

This has got to be my FAVORITE! I get the Fajita Ranchera Burrito ~ Grilled steak, red onions and bell peppers, served with Ranchera sauce (no beans) YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Their chips and queso are amazing too!

Mr. Goodcents
There are not many of these around, but they are much better than Subway and Lindy's put together! DELICIOUS subs and pasta! The lady with the eye patch that waits on you makes it a special treat :)

This is one of the 2 restaurants in our town that I like to go to. What do I get you ask? Well, the Fried Chicken Salad (no honey mustard dressing though)

This is the other restaurant in our town. I love to get the steak fajitas! Good eating!

Now tag 5 people...

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you read this...consider yourself tagged!

Mommy Talk!

8:25 PM

if you want to be included, head on over to A Little Mommy Talk...

Baby Names on your list...
What name did you chose, and why?

While pregnant with Avery


Gracie Lynn

We chose the name AVERY JOY. We both agreed and loved this name, and to this day, it is my favorite name...ever...Her middle name is Joy because that is my middle name...

While pregnant with Olivia

Wyatt (hubby liked)
Levi (I liked)


We chose the name OLIVIA LYNN because, again, we both agreed on it. We were toying around with some names, but after the ultrasound as we were getting into the elevator we looked at each other and just said, "Olivia Lynn". Her middle name is Lynn, because PG's middle name is Lynn...
It is weird, in a sense, that the child with mommies middle name looks like mommy, and the child with daddy's middle name looks like daddy... :)

Megan's Bridal Shower

5:18 PM

Here is Avery and I at Megan's bridal shower. We are so glad that we were invited! Megan is so skinny-minnie...I look like a giant next to her :(
Megan had to put on her mother's wedding dress, and also Jerry's mothers dress...Surprisingly, I thought they both were pretty! I'm sure Megan will look stunning on her wedding day in HER dress!
Here is Megan opening up presents! She said Jerry would be happy with the knifes!
Here is Avery sitting with 2 of Megan's cousins that will be her flower girls. Avery had fun being a "girlie girl" with Mommy!


Photo Hunters

7:37 AM

This weeks theme: Cooked/ing

This is our sweet baby Liv after she was done cooking for 9 long months! :)

Please read if you have time...

8:17 PM

If you will, please go over to Living My Dream. SUE has a post entitled "Managing Kayla's Food Allergy" and it is a great read! Her daughter Kayla has food allergies, as Avery has, and I really thought it was a great post. I hope it will be eye opening for those of you who don't have children with food allergies...


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