more projects!

8:45 PM

I'm on a mission to lighten up my house.  

What was once our black hutch....

Is now a cute buffet for my kitchen!

what once was black end tables.....

are now dirty washed end tables!!!

and, there is SOOOO much more going on! :)

Old ugly hutch makeover

8:33 PM

Check out this beaut....  ha....
I actually passed on it a few times.  I's SO SO SO ugly!
BUT, I really wanted a hutch, and I wanted to spend next to nothing!
So, I wheeled and dealed, researched on pinterest how to beautify such a beast, and off I went to go pick up this huge hideous piece!

After I took off all of her ugly plastic pieces, she didn't look too bad after all!  This MAY work!

The bottom doors were extremely ugly.  So, with the help of my new friends at Lowes, I made new doors for her! 

Lots of painting and patiently waiting with this project!

I was going for a blue gray look....

it needed to be a bit more "dirty" for my taste, so I put on some glaze! 

There was a lady on facebook giving away chipped dishes, and I liked the colors, so I thought, what the heck?

Put a little permanant marker on them, and position them right in the hutch, and you'll never know the difference!

See what I mean?  
I did think that the white was a bit TOO white in this pic.  So, I added some more "dirty" (glaze) :)

The finishing pieces were just added this weekend.  Chicken Wire, and the knobs I ordered from Ebay.  The walls are being painted in this pic, but you can see how nice it turned out!  I am very pleased, and not sure about the color of the plates now, but we'll see!

So...moral of the story....give ugly a chance :)

February already?

10:06 PM

Days seem to last forever, yet they are going by fast at the same time!  :)  I forget about this little ol' blog of mine!

I took the kiddos to Culvers for a special meal at least a few weeks ago!

Finn does this whenever we ask him to smile...such a goof!

And neither of these girls wanted to look normal....good grief!

January brought a lot of sickness to our family.  Liv had a cold and some odd temp/weakness virus that lasted 5 or so days...Avery kind of had a cold, I had a cold, and Finn had a croupy cough, and his nose is STILL running.  Little man didn't enjoy the nebulizer at all, but gave in once he realized it made him feel better....


Even though he feels puny, he still manages to be cute!

And Liv wanted to take a pic like him as well! (pay no attention to the walls behind her...we're in the middle of a fun painting project...actually, in the beginning of it) :)

Our friends let us borrow their little Asher for two different days while they were busy moving into a new place!  It was interesting to see Finn with a little one, in his house, with his toys, and his momma.  Selfishness is something that begins early!

and isn't this beautiful?  stay WILL be :)


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