one of the worst days...EVAH

7:49 PM

You know it's gonna be a bad day when it's 6:30 and both of your kids somehow in the night ended up in your bed, and they are slowly waking up way.too.early.

THEN, when they wake up, the start to bother each other, and then start playing with the dog (which is a no-no until I can take her outside).

So, I was crabby from the time I awoke. I knew it was going to be a not so great day.

Add in the fact that you kids haven't really been able to leave the house in 2 weeks, plus that they are sick, and that you have to do medicine all day. They have cabin fever, and are more often than not - worst enemies. Oh, and 2 year old has the nastiest diaper rash going on because of the wonderful stream of 'rea that's coming out of her.

So, I was able to have 1 good day of potty training Liv, and then the diarrhea came full force, and now we are back 10 steps. It's like the great day we had is all forgotten, and now she is confused why mommy is not having her go to the potty all the time. grrrr...

The girls have been bouncing on furniture, fighting, whining, crying, bothering each other It was one of my worst mommy days EVAH and at 4 pm I wanted the day to be over. I barely survived this day. It was rough...real rough.

I feel like all I did today was demand, yell, correct, break up, sigh, breath deep, scold, change diaper, feed, medicine

I am hoping tomorrow is a better day....

a good day

10:03 PM

despite being sick, we managed to have a good day.

Liv figured out last week how to make pee pee on the potty.

When she woke up today, we sat on the potty and she went! Not only that, she went and had NO potty accidents in her diaper! She did, however, have a messy diaper, so we'll have to work on that. Being on antibiotics makes it hard to train her that way.

I didn't think I'd be potty training for quite a while, but I guess Liv's ready! She LOVES sitting on the potty, and she LOVES the chocolate treat she gets afterwards too!

If that wasn't a little bit of sunshine on our icky day, AVERY LOST HER 2nd TOOTH!!! We've been working on it for a while, and tonight I wiggled it a bit too "rough" and it came out! Lots of drama and screaming, but it's out, and she's now proud of herself!

results are in, and they are no good

3:39 PM

I took the girls in for a 10:10 dr appt this morning.

Within 20 minutes, they were both diagnosed....

Here are some of the meds....trying to keep them all separate...

1. double ear infection (the dr said her ears were "bulging"...can't be good)
2. RSV....very congested breathing, and wheezy

1. antibiotics twice a day
2. oral steroids twice a day
3. nebulizer treatment every 4 hours

RSV...close to pneumonia, but we caught it.

1. antibiotics twice a day
2. oral steroids twice a day
3. nebulizer treatments every 4 hours
4. Home from school till at least Thursday

I can't put in words how sick I am of the germs Avery is getting from school. The dr. said because of her food allergies/lack of nutrition she has a very low immune system and will most likely pick up every illness she comes in contact with. Hopefully with all the times she has been sick this winter, her immunity will be super strong...

going in....

8:46 AM

i'm taking the girls into the doctor today to see what is going on once and for all. a little cold has turned into a coughing sort of thing.

Avery hasn't been in school since last Tuesday. so stinkin' ridiculous....

going to see a different doctor. hoping that the girls will get tested for everything under the sun, and she'll give us some sort of medicine that will keep them well until summer.

mom and dad can't take much more of this.....


11:31 AM

this is how we all are feeling right now...


8:29 PM

we've been sick at our house....again.

i'm sure you're as sick of hearing that as I am of saying that.

i'm ready to pull my hair out at how we can't seem to catch a break with getting sick.

sometimes i even wonder if i should just take Avery out of school for the winter months...(smile) so she wouldn't bring home every-single-germ that is in that classroom.

This time, it's colds, so there is no antibiotics to make us feel better. Just rest, snuggles, and liquid.

i can't wait till winter is over.


i decided to look back through my archives and see how many times my family has been sick. it's quite ridiculous if you ask me...

Oct 20 - COLDS, all of us
Nov 1 - COLDS, all of us,
Nov 14 - Liv - double ear infection and sinus infection
Dec 5 - Avery - strep and UTI
Jan 13 - Avery- strep
Jan 19 - Me - strep and UTI
Jan 22 - Liv - treated with antibiotics
Feb 7 - Liv - high fever, more antibiotics
Feb 17 - COLDS, all of us

(**daddy usually got sick each of these times too, but I didn't keep track....oops)

happy valentines day

9:58 AM

Here are Avery's valentines for her classmates....

My girls Feb. 14, 2009

My girls Feb. 14, 2008

My girls Feb. 14, 2007

And, today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to the best parents this un-deserving girl could ask for!

my loves...

6:15 PM

jury is still out on if they really truly are "100% loveable".... {smile}

...and my other love as well.....

our weekend...

9:55 PM

We had a fun time up visiting Nana Judy and Bapa Ron. Here are some photos from our trip!

Sweet, adorable Grandma Hilda!

Sick Liv...yup, sick again....


Uncle DJ and Noah

How cute is Noah?

He is just too cute!

Posing with Nana Judy before church

Bapa Ron and Nana Judy and the girls!

Watching an afternoon movie with Nana and Piper

Pooped after a long, fun day.....all 3 of them!

weekend away...

10:11 AM

we've been up visiting Nana Judy and Bapa Ron since Friday.

we weren't ready to come back yesterday...

getting packed up here, and gonna be home late this afternoon!

have some fun pictures to share....

trying something new....

8:39 PM

Liv is stubborn. She gets that from her mom and her dad.

That doesn't work in our favor in the speech department.

She doesn't want to talk. She is content saying her gibberish. She doesn't try.

I was researching online on some message boards about kids with speech problems.

I came upon these videos, made by Speech Therapists.

We tried them out this afternoon. They are great for getting babies to make sounds with their mouths. Kids that want to learn, that is... The lady on the DVD would look at us, and say something like "ba ba ba ba ba", and I'd look at Liv and try to encourage her to try. She just curled up in my lap, and said "yey-yev" which is her new "word" for everything....

I'm hoping that with repetition, she'll learn to enjoy watching these,
and someday maybe even try to talk!

just had to...

2:32 PM

while searching through for a client last week, I saw those 2 little girls up there on my new header. I thought they were TOO adorable, and so now, I have turned them into Avery and Liv...Hope you think they're cute as well!

toddler beds and teeth cleaning

4:16 PM

It's been an eventful couple days here at our house! After the post I did last night, I decided to bring up the toddler bed from the basement for Liv. I would have been up all night wondering when Liv was going to crawl out of her crib. Switching to a toddler bed is NOT in my plans, but I guess Liv is ready!

Here is Daddy tucking her into bed.

It didn't work AT ALL....

Liv kept opening and closing her bedroom door. She finally fell asleep on the wood floor in daddy's office. Not a fun night...lots more of those to come I'm sure...


Today was a big day for Avery. She got to go to the dentist!

She was VERY nervous... Look how tiny she looks in that big ol' chair!

She had a hard time keeping her mouth open for the hygienist.

Mr. Dentist looked at her teeth and said that she needed to have 3 'sealants' done on some back teeth, but NO cavities! He did say that she should see an orthodontist because she has an "under bite"...more on that to come I suppose....

Getting ready for the bright light!

Having the sealants done...

We were so proud of miss Avery! I knew going to the dentist was going to be a very scary thing for her to do, and she did it! YEAH AVERY!

8:38 PM

I don't swear often...actually, I could say honestly that I am a person who doesn't swear.

So, when I say this.....

Oh sh*t....Liv just learned how to climb out of her crib tonight....

I REALLY mean, oh sh*t....

life just got a whole lot more complicated.....

the week in rewind...

6:46 PM

Monday: Liv's 1st speech lesson
lice discovered in Avery's classroom
Tuesday: Kept Avery home from school because I am freaked out about lice
Wednesday: Long day...I was a mean mommy, my girls were jumping off the walls, and 8 pm could not of come any faster
Thursday: Daddy and Avery went out for a date to Applebees and lovely
Friday: Liv spiked a temp in the morning but didn't get sick...hmmm....
Mom and Dad had a lovely evening out with friends
Lovely friends came over to house to chat till 1 am
Saturday: Avery and Mommy went to BIG town to do some fun shopping and pick up Liv's photos.
Sunday: church, naps, laundry, family....

Please offer up a few prayers that my girls will be on their BEST behavior Monday-Wednesday. Lots going on, and Mommy needs to not have crabby whiny girls!!!


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