8:29 PM

we've been sick at our house....again.

i'm sure you're as sick of hearing that as I am of saying that.

i'm ready to pull my hair out at how we can't seem to catch a break with getting sick.

sometimes i even wonder if i should just take Avery out of school for the winter months...(smile) so she wouldn't bring home every-single-germ that is in that classroom.

This time, it's colds, so there is no antibiotics to make us feel better. Just rest, snuggles, and liquid.

i can't wait till winter is over.


i decided to look back through my archives and see how many times my family has been sick. it's quite ridiculous if you ask me...

Oct 20 - COLDS, all of us
Nov 1 - COLDS, all of us,
Nov 14 - Liv - double ear infection and sinus infection
Dec 5 - Avery - strep and UTI
Jan 13 - Avery- strep
Jan 19 - Me - strep and UTI
Jan 22 - Liv - treated with antibiotics
Feb 7 - Liv - high fever, more antibiotics
Feb 17 - COLDS, all of us

(**daddy usually got sick each of these times too, but I didn't keep track....oops)

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