Monday, February 9, 2009

our weekend...

We had a fun time up visiting Nana Judy and Bapa Ron. Here are some photos from our trip!

Sweet, adorable Grandma Hilda!

Sick Liv...yup, sick again....


Uncle DJ and Noah

How cute is Noah?

He is just too cute!

Posing with Nana Judy before church

Bapa Ron and Nana Judy and the girls!

Watching an afternoon movie with Nana and Piper

Pooped after a long, fun day.....all 3 of them!


Sara said...

so cute. Baby Noah is surely a cutie! Hope Livvie feels better have about had enough of being sick eh?
We haven't even had a cold or otherwise yet....weird, but we are not asking for one for sure!
Have a great week!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all. We are well here for the moment but I can only cross my fingers that it lasts. I don't think we have made it a whole week without someone getting some new bug. I hope Liv feels better soon.

LeslieW. said...

Look at them dressed alike!!! I am SO proud! :)


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