10:31 PM

2 days away...how crazy is that? Our household (Mommy) is busy busy busy getting all things organized and packed for baby day! It is so nice having a repeat c-section, because then we are able to plan everything out, which is nice with Avery. We are lucky enough that my mother is coming to stay at the hotel across the street to take care of her while we are in the hospital, so that is very comforting. I still have yet to spend a night away from Avery since she was born, so this will be emotional for me I think...not to mention everything else that will be going on! At least she'll be in town! I'm really nervous that we are going to be surprised and that this will be a boy instead of a girl...it's a thought that stays in my head all day! I'm not at all worried about the surgery, or the recovery, so that's good I guess...Just can't wait to hold you in our arms baby Olivia!

10:30 PM

We had our last appt. today with our Doctor. The baby was looking great again, and it's crazy that it's coming up so soon! We've been preparing Avery about what it's going to be like for her to visit mommy in the hospital, and what happens to mommy on that day. Today she asked Daddy, "Are you gonna be scared on October 24th when they take a chunk out of mommy's tummy?" So nice that she's concerned with how her daddy will be handling it all! We're getting all things ready around here for baby Olivia....WE CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!

10:30 PM

Today marks the one week mark till Olivia is in our arms. We are so excited, and we are busy preparing our bags to take and getting Avery all excited about the new member of our family! It's so weird to think that in one week, we'll be holding our little baby...what a miracle life is!

10:30 PM

We had our 37 week appt. today, and baby is doing great. Her heartrate was in the 130's, and I am measuring right on! It's hard to believe that it's only 12 days until we meet Olivia. I am packing, and re-packing my bags almost daily, there are to do lists left and right, and the weird thing, I find it hard to want to sleep! Ah, the pregnant woman...I'll never understand how it all works! We did get some bad news today, which is that the trip to the Hospital here in town will not be covered by the program that we're in at BIG TOWN Hospital. We're stressed about that, but glad that Olivia and I are doing well......

A tiny scare...

10:29 PM

We had quite the scare this morning! I tried to go to sleep last night, but woke up with a terrible sideache and back pain...not to mention flu like symptoms...so much so that there was no way I could handle it. I didn't know if I was in labor or if the baby was okay...very scary. We ended up going to our Hospital, where they monitored the baby and me and she was fine, and gave me some tylenol with codine. PG and I decided to try to manage the pain at home, since Avery was with us and the whole insurance stuff. We came home, and after an hour or so of the worst back pain ever, I called my BIG TOWN doctors, and they told me to go back to the hospital here in town ASAP. They weren't sure if it was kidney, baby, infections, or placenta issues, so off we went again at 4 am with Avery with us, and that's when it all got a little crazy...I was contracting every 2 minutes, in horrible pain, and so they gave me some medicine to stop the contractions. The placenta and baby looked great on ultrasound, so no worries there. The cause of it all....a kidney infection. That was what made the back pain horrible, and the infection was causing the uterus to react and contract...putting me in pre-term labor. So, lots of medicine, and tears, and no sleep later, I was able to come back home this morning, free of pain...PRAISE GOD! My poor husband and daughter had to go through all this with me with no sleep. PG had like 30-45 minutes of sleep, and he had to preach this morning...If there is an award, he deserves one!Please pray for the contractions not to come back, and the kidney infection to also be treated with the meds. We are very excited to meet Olivia, but we'd like to keep it on the 24th if at all possible!

10:29 PM

Today was a big day for Avery...we went to a BIG SISTER class at BIG TOWN Hospital! She got all dressed up, and brought her little baby, a blanket, and a photo of when she was a baby! She learned how to diaper, feed, and swaddle a baby! Plus, we went on a tour of where we will be having the baby, and the recovery floor. She even got to see a brand new baby! She is very excited, and now very prepared for you, Olivia!

10:28 PM

Today is 36 weeks! We had our dr. appt this morning, and all is still well. I've gained 20 lbs, so hopefully that will come off easy...I think I gained around 30-35 with Avery, so I'm happy with just the 20 lbs. I'm still having backaches, and the contractions have picked up in intensity, but besides that, no big problems. 19 more days, and we can't wait!


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