Christmas Day

10:01 PM

Christmas Day was an early one for us.  Mommy woke up next to Finn, who had wet the bed.  This was at 7 am.  I kind of laughed, and was determined to not let it get me in a mood :)

We got the cinnamon rolls baking, and everyone else slowly woke up!  After breakfast, the kiddos dug into the remaining presents!

Avery and Daddy are going to go to Audra McDonald in concert soon!  This was a big gift for her!

They also were pretty excited to continue on their Infinity playing with 2.0!

typical..... :)

Daddy and Avery had a game of JENGA going on....Daddy assures me that he won :)

Daddy, Finn and I were invited to "A Christmas Show with A & O".  It was a great little concert put on by our favorite girls!

As soon as Finn figured out that he could climb off of the couch, he wanted in on the piano action!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Later, we watched Home Alone, made cookies, and a yummy chicken and biscuit supper!

A wonderful Christmas for us!  

Christmas Adam and Christmas Eve

11:03 PM

We have been enjoying being so very much.  Lots of relaxing, pj's, playing, and just doing a whole lot of nothing....

Finn has discovered his love for wrapping paper.  He thinks it's the best thing to carry this around!

These 2 have been getting along pretty well so far...let's hope that continues :)

We opened up a gift each from Daddy's parents last night!  Finn loves his new book with animals and sounds!!!

Unfortunately, mommy shared her cold with Finn, so today he hasn't been feeling the greatest.  But, he sure cleans up nice! :)  All ready for Christmas Eve Service!

Our 3 mini's

After church, we went to our friends house and had some fun food and fellowship!  The girls let us know it was time to go home around 9:30, so they could open up a few gifts :)

The kids are all cozied up in their Christmas jammies, and ready for another fun day of Christmas!

3:15 PM

Avery was blessed to be in a drama class in our town for December!  They did their performance last Thursday evening, and she was one of the narrorators!  That's our friend Riley in the aqua sweater :)

Olivia has had a loose tooth for months now, and it FINALLY came out yesterday (the 22nd).  She is 8, and it's about time she starts loosing teeth!!

Avery has also been loosing teeth as well.  She has lost maybe 4 in the last month or so....crazy!  She pulled out 2 teeth in one minute last week....she was actually working on one of them, and then accidentally pulled out the one next to it....

Displaying 1218141129.jpg

Buddy and Fashion Finn

9:46 PM

Our Christmas Elf, Buddy, did another zip line in our house, per a request from Olivia!  Such a silly elf!

another installment of Fashion with Finn

he has been doing this little squint smile for me when I have the camera lately :)  such a goober!

Holiday happenings

9:03 PM

This little dude is quite the messy eater these days.  

Winnie LOVES having Finn around.   She is always by his chair when he's eating :)

I guess i've started this picture taking thing of Finn when he's dressed up :)

Avery had a choir concert last week!  She is the farthest on the left, front row :)

Finn dressed up his first Sunday of Christmas!

I made a veggie pizza and thought it was super pretty.  Tasted pretty good, too :)

Tonight, Avery had her orchestra concert.  I had such a bad seat and couldn't get a good pic of her, so these will do :)

and I had a friend send me this one :)

more of the ONE year old

9:47 PM

Sweet boy had some more gifts to open up on his actual birthday :)

And, he also got a special delivery from Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, and Aunt Holly, Uncle Jon and Cousin Chloe! :)  He has been loving all of his new treasures!

Still having fun dressing him up on Sundays!  I think I may just try to get a pic each time he looks delish! :)


10:14 PM

not sure why one feels different, but it just does.

we've survived....a whole year.

a year ago i wasn't sure if i was even going to like this new baby of ours....i mean, i really hoped i would, but wasn't sure.

my heart has been a puddle of mush for him since i first laid eyes on him.


this boy, my boy....he is precious.

i am so thankful that he was given to us.

yes, i haven't slept a full night in a whole year, but i have been able to have him call out for me each night for a year....

i hope he knows how special he is, and how much we adore him.

so incredibly thankful, and grateful, and gol.....i am so in love....

Finn's 1st Birthday Party

10:49 PM

This little guy has my heart.....

i mean, seriously....look at him? :)

We spent bits and pieces of this last week getting ready for Finn's party :)  I was able to do little things here and there when Finn napped.

I got a lot of ideas off of pinterest too!  It's amazing what you can do with crepe paper, a sewing machine, and a glue gun!

Nana Dianne came and she was the baker!  I found a wonderful cake recipe and got a buttercream frosting recipe from a friend, and lets just was delish!!!

Had to make a fun poster all about our little guy!

Nana Dianne and the star of the show before his guests came!

We had a very relaxed "open house" and it worked out so well!  Lots of our church family came, and we loved opening up our home for them.

Finn seemed to be pretty interested in the cake!  Hard for this momma to sit back and let him get dirty,  but I did!  He had a fun time, and ate a little of it!

just love this little boy....oh so much!

Olivia with our friend Brigitte!

Some of the boys from church!

The guests liked the cake, too :)  score!

So fun to celebrate this little guys life with those we love!

After naptime, we had present opening!  He did pretty well, and really loved all of his new things!

soooo blessed!


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