Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finn's 1st Birthday Party

This little guy has my heart.....

i mean, seriously....look at him? :)

We spent bits and pieces of this last week getting ready for Finn's party :)  I was able to do little things here and there when Finn napped.

I got a lot of ideas off of pinterest too!  It's amazing what you can do with crepe paper, a sewing machine, and a glue gun!

Nana Dianne came and she was the baker!  I found a wonderful cake recipe and got a buttercream frosting recipe from a friend, and lets just was delish!!!

Had to make a fun poster all about our little guy!

Nana Dianne and the star of the show before his guests came!

We had a very relaxed "open house" and it worked out so well!  Lots of our church family came, and we loved opening up our home for them.

Finn seemed to be pretty interested in the cake!  Hard for this momma to sit back and let him get dirty,  but I did!  He had a fun time, and ate a little of it!

just love this little boy....oh so much!

Olivia with our friend Brigitte!

Some of the boys from church!

The guests liked the cake, too :)  score!

So fun to celebrate this little guys life with those we love!

After naptime, we had present opening!  He did pretty well, and really loved all of his new things!

soooo blessed!

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