10 weeks later...

10:54 PM

let's just say this...i'm NOT a patient person. i'd like to say that i'm working on it, but let's be honest...not gonna happen...

we moved into our house 10 weeks ago today. at that point, we were told to expect the landscaping, sprinklers, and sod to go in before the end of May.

now, fair enough...the weather around here has been cruddy. rainy and unpredictable. so, it's not all the sod-landscapers fault. but really...10 weeks?

anyhow, the sod came today, and i was so deliriously happy. couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

so, these photos probably are just blah blah blah to most of you, but to us, and to those who know how impatiently i've been waiting for this sod, you will appreciate it.

the girls (sitting on Grandpa Glenn's bench) watching the men working...

it was so super neat to watch. unbelievable that we had to wait 1o weeks for 2 hours worth of work! it goes so fast!

ahhhh.....looks kind of choppy right now, but in a few weeks, check back, and i'm sure it will look just fabulous!

another storm...

9:31 PM

so, i went to walmart tonight, and as i was pulling up, i saw this huge cloud (photo from our friend, Scott)

never seen something like that before. was like from Independence Day or something.

fast forward about 10 minutes, after I got all the frozen stuff in my cart.

Walmart lady runs in my aisle..."We're under a code black...tornado warning. Go to the back of the store now!"

So, off I go to the back of the store, along with about 100 other people. not fun...

did i mention that i forgot my cell phone? i had to call home 3 different times, and thankfully there are kind people that lent me their phones!

15 minutes later, we were cleared, and i zipped home. if my girls were with me, i would have never driven through what i drove through, but oh well...i wanted to be home.

shortly after i got home, it started hailing and all that fun stuff.

when the rain stopped, the neighborhood went outside and looked at the flooding.

it has all drained now, thankfully. i hope this does not happen each time there is a storm like this...

bye bye birdies

11:13 PM

the birdies got much larger over the weekend!

one of them munchin' on a worm (or something)...

all cuddled up together

this is the last picture I have of them, below...

after I took this picture, the flash frightened one of the babies, and it flew out of the nest. momma and daddy birds were around and started tweeting like mad. I went in the house for a while. when i came out, all 3 babies had flown out, and they were all over the yard. mom and dad birds were still tweeting a ton, but they were together.

so, ready or not (i sure hope they were ready) the birds have left. It's been kind of sad to open up the deck door and not have momma and daddy fly over to chirp at me... :(

Avery's Birthday!!!

10:45 PM

Avery received a gift in the mail the other day from Nana Judy and Bapa Ron!

Thank you so much Nana and Bapa!

Saturday morning, Liv and I woke up bright and early to start getting ready! Liv helped with making cupcakes!

Thanks for the help, Liv! They turned out great!

All the girls came over for the American Girl party at 2. One of our first activities was an apple dance that was done back in the 1850's!

the girls had such a blast!

we moved on to decorating chalkboards!

didn't they turn out cute?

Happy birthday to you....

Happy birthday dear Avery...

Livie LOVED the cupcakes!

Here is Liv with her doll, Lilyanna.

All the birthday guests with their dolls!

present time!

doll clothes!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig gave her some iCarly shirts and pajamas! She LOVES iCarly!

I had to include this next one...look at Avery's adorable friend on the left side. She's so excited for her! :)

all the loot the girlies got to take home!!!

Today, for Avery's actual birthday, we took a trip to big town! Avery wanted to get some stickers at a craft store, and Liv wanted to hit up Chuck E Cheese! The girls had a blast!

whoa there Liv...

posing with Chuck E Cheese!

Liv was very hesitant...

but, she sure did dance and sing with him!

later on the "real" Chuck E came out for another party. Liv wasn't having it...

look how Chuck E is so sad, as Liv is running away! ha ha ha!

but, after some convincing, she took a photo with him IF she could stand by Avery.

Then, all of a sudden, she wanted to give him a big ol' hug!

and then turned around and backed off quick!

when we got home, there was a present in the mail from Aunt Holly and Uncle Jon!

the Elizabeth mini American Girl doll!

and a CD with fun American Girl songs! She LOVES them both! Thanks Holly and Jon!

and, Liv wanted to show you the sunglasses she got today!

Avery had a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to see what this next year will bring with my sweet girl!


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