Avery's allergy results....

1:17 AM

We received a letter from Avery's allergy doctor today to inform us of the results of Avery's recent blood test.

We are SO pleased with the results of her IgE levels! (the goal is to be as close to 0 as possible)

2 years ago 1 year ago Recent Test
Eggs 6.88 5.37 4.93
Milk .93 .88 1.07
Peanut >100 53.39 23.2

So excited that her Peanut allergy has went down drastically from when we first started the immunotherapy drops! Here's hoping that they keep going down!

DIY Old Door turned Headboard

9:04 PM

I saw an idea last year of an old door that someone turned into a headboard. Most headboards cost a pretty penny, so this idea would work great for us!

I went to a store that sold old doors, and picked one up for $30. We had a man at our church add sides and a top to it out of an old church pew and an old piano. It ended up looking very similar to this (I didn't take a picture of it before I worked on it, but found this online).
Two coats of black paint, and here we are!!! (This is actually our headboard in this picture).
We installed it today, and it looks like a million bucks! All this, for $30! Can you believe it?

Olivia's last day of Preschool

11:14 PM

Olivia got to go to the Children's Museum for her last day of school!
Ms. Chelsea and Ms. Lacie

We also went to a local greenhouse last week, and found a cat who had just has kittens. Liv was in Heaven!

my crazy girl...

Avery's last day of 2nd grade

7:55 PM

Avery and her teacher Mrs. T...
Her friend Sydney "CeCe"...
Avery and Kylie...
her pal Piper...
and Liv wanted to get in on the action too...

When we got home, the girls did a countdown to summer!!!
can you tell they're excited for school to be done?
And, my sweet girl was awarded the "Good Citizenship" Award at school today! Her class was able to choose a boy and a girl, and she was chosen! She said she got to go up in front of part of the school to accept her award, and a nifty pin too.

She was also sent home with her end of the year test scores for Math and Reading. This year, in Math, she has grown 1.5 grade levels, and in reading, she has gained 2.4 grade levels! :) So very proud of our smarty pants! :)


7:52 PM

Avery made a pizza box map in school last week!

For Teacher Appreciation, we whipped up a few of these babies for the girls' teachers...

And, one of the end of the year gifts for the teachers...


9:39 PM

I went on a field trip with Avery's 2nd grade class on Monday, and took some pictures with my phone....just really slow at blogging these days I guess!

Olivia's preschool had a picnic last night, and so the girls and I headed over to celebrate a successful year of school! Avery's friend Kylie was there, and the girls just had to take pictures with her!!!


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