More photos, because I LOVE my new camera!

10:20 PM

VERY cold this morning! Avery all bundled up ready for school!

While Avery was at school, Livvie played with her babies
We were so happy when Avery came home!!!
Sooooo cute! Muah!
The shutter speed with this camera is SO fast, that I am FINALLY able to get photos where they both have their eyes open!!!
Some afternoon play in their room! Liv has had a runny nose for 2 weeks now, so this photo shows how she really feels....

Avery was reading stories to us...really reading. She's good, I tell ya!
Some girlie dress up fun! Liv got in on the action too!

I found out that you can focus on something close, and then everything else blurs around it. I had fun with Liv's pony tail!
Ahhh...just like her daddy....(only kidding, honey)

Can I have a couple minutes of your time?

1:13 PM

I watched a movie yesterday, that my sister in law, Holly, raved about over Christmas.

The movie, well, it wasn't THAT great (sorry Holly...)

BUT, the music, was FANTASTIC!

I added my favorite song (at the moment) from the movie called "Falling Slowly". If you listen to it, the whole thing, I'm sure you'll also think it is fantastic! The chorus, when he goes up and hits that high's just sooooo pretty! Let me know what you think

Oh, and the movie, is called Once

A new "view"

9:07 PM

I am very blessed with a busy blog design schedule (thanks to you all!). My husband was gracious enough to let me spend some of my hard earned money on a new camera! It took some persuasion (and some work on my part :)) to get it, but boy oh boy...I am so happy with my new camera...

This photo of Avery is just so makes you feel like you were sitting right next to her!

I have LOTS to learn about taking photos, as seen here....Liv is a fast mover, so one is a tad blurry, but cute, if I say so myself...

Here is Liv in her new favorite spot...on our end tables. I usually scold her, but this time I had to take a photo. Talk about mixed messages! :) Yes, I know her hair is a mess. She takes out anything I put in it, and it's at that awkward growth stage...
I love my Livvie blue eyes...she has eyes just like her daddy...

Avery and her new Webkins friend, Sarah.

(spell check wasn't working, so sorry if I have any boo-boo's)

Something new...

12:41 AM

The photos that were on my former header, were from last Easter. I thought it was about time that I updated my OWN blog page, for a change! So with the help of IStock Photo, and Photoshop Elements, I did a new lil' header for myself! I think I still need to do a bit of editing, but I was just too anxious to put it up!

I'm going to regret staying up this late when I wake up in the morning, I just know it....

A nice summer day...

11:22 PM

It was a WARM 25 degrees here today! People were out and about with only fleece pull-overs on, and I saw a boy on a bike. With the glorious (yes, exaggerating) weather, I figured the girls should FINALLY go outside and play. They haven't been out yet this winter (except for Avery at school). It's been so cold here, and we've been passing around cold after cold, so inside seemed to be the safest place for us!
Liv didn't quite know what to think of the snow. She enjoyed being in her swing...

I have to admit, I got some cute ones of Avery. It's amazing what happens with natural light!

We were only out for a little bit. Liv is still not feeling 100% yet, and this is what would happen if I wasn't holding her....

She was fine after I stuck her in her sled! Look at her poor little face! She's all red and chapped from being sick! I can't wait till these germs are GONE!!!!!

She liked being inside MUCH more...

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

2:13 PM

new cute dell laptop computer = headache
(It will FINALLY be at my house in the next 7 days)

15 months

10:43 PM

yup...Livvie is 15 months old...

We had her check up today. Can't say it was bad, can't say it was good.

My peanut weighs only 19 lb, 12 oz ...she's in the 5th%
she is 30 inches long...the 25th %

I get it...she's little...(maybe it's because she runs around the house like a crazy woman all day long and wears off the food she does eat)

I had a big long post typed out, but I don't feel like going into details about our visit. I'll just put some bullet points.

  • must have just gotten over an ear infection (no idea she had irritated ears)
  • negative culture test for strep (I had no idea she had an irritated throat)
  • she needs to take a vitamin, because she might have low iron...that's why she likes to grind her teeth and eat anything and everything
  • she needs to have time outs now because she is defiant and a crazy tornado

Anyhow, it's no big revelation that Liv is a handful. Saying she's full of energy and inquisitive, seems to be the understatement of the year...

PG's parents say over and over "She's just like he was". Great, I have YOU to thank my dear husband....

Maybe I should be the pastor, and YOU can stay home all day-every day with your "Mini-me"

I love you the moon and back. Even if you cause me to get gray hair before the age of 30, I still love you...

12:54 PM

Today is one of those of THOSE days...

It's so cold out, that it literally stings. The wind outside makes me shiver, and again...
Husband, why do we live where it is so dreadfully cold? URGH!

In other news, I am daily impressed with my little Avery. I can't tell you how proud I am of her reading abilities. Daddy and I have not pushed it in any way, and it is amazing how she has just picked it up. And, she doesn't just read easy words anymore...she can read long words that end in "ing", and "th" words...I'm just so impressed with her. I hope she knows how proud we are!

And, then Liv...what to say about my adorable, love able, little tornado! She is just now getting over her ump-teenth cold that was given to us all (again) by Avery. Liv has also learned in the last day, how to jump! She laughs and is just so proud of herself. Another accomplishment, not as note-worthy, she has learned how to get up and sit on our end tables, and also on her sisters dresser...

So, there I am...caught up, I think!

6:08 PM

A Princess Party, for my lil' Princess

Now, I'm not good (by any means) at hosting a party for adults. I never know what to serve (since I don't cook), I don't know how to pick a theme, and I just am unsure of myself...

However, throw in some 5 year old girls, princess everything, and let me tell you....I know what I'm talking about!!!!

The house was decorated with ump-teen princess things that Avery has acquired over the years. Princesses and Princess books on our end tables, a horse and carriage centerpiece (with goodie bags, of course), princess dresses lined up for putting on, and a life size Princess welcoming the girlies into our house!

The little girlies arrived, and carefully picked which Princess they were going to be. Such a hard choice, I'm sure... Avery changed a few times, as did the other girls....

Avery, as Rapunzel

Jenna, in her own dress, wanted to be a "twirling girl"

And, Taylor ended up being Jasmine...

After some dress up, we headed out to "learn to dance like a Princess". Um, yes...that's Livvie, and um yes...she's in a ballerina costume too!!

Avery has since changed to Snow White, too....


Livvie was right in the middle of the action

They sure did a great job dancing!!!

Next, we had a tea party! We enjoyed Sprite, twizzler bites, and skittles...and some girlie chat, too!

Next, we moved onto a little craft. What would a Princess be without a Tiara???

By the end of the party, Avery had given birth to this little prince, named Derek. And yes, changed her outfit, once again!Me and the Princesses!!!!!I can only imagine what her "Sweet 16" will be like....if they even do that anymore....

Happy Blog-a-versary

7:24 AM

1 year today, I gave into the peer pressure from my friend, whom I'll call "Mel". I loved how she had this cool journal to put all her photos and jot down daily happenings at her house. So, I also joined bloggie world, and here I am....1 year later...

Thanks to "Mel", I have a fun blogging business, I have re-connected with old friends, I have made new friends across the country, and I have just really enjoyed journaling about our lives.

So, here's my humble thank you to "Mel"'s 2 photos of her and I when we were a tad younger...

"Mel" is in the purple sw. shirt, and I am in the red pilgrim dress.... :)
And, here we are in matching flower shirts...I am on the left, "Mel" is on the right!
So, HAPPY BLOG-A-VERSARY to me!!!!! Thanks for getting me addicted, "Mel"

chore chart...

11:26 PM

I decided that Avery needs to be helping out around here. After all, I'm always picking up after her, I'm putting away her dishes, I'm doing this and that....
So, we started a chore chart, which we probably should have done years ago. Avery and I talked about the things she could do to help out around the house. Check out our list (did I spell vacumn right? that one always gets me....)

And, now look closely at the item that SHE decided needed to be on the 'chore' list..."COLOR IN PICTURES"...yup, that's my girl. And, wouldn't you know, since this photo was taken, she has already checked off 7 spots for this 'chore' that she's done.....
Hey, at least one of my kids is working around the house....

Happy Birthday Aunt Rachelle!

11:45 PM

I've got 13 minutes left of your birthday...I didn't forget!
Hope you had a FABULOUS day!!!
We LOVE you!!!!


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