Visit from some friends

9:10 PM

Our friends, Jerry and Megan, who were married here this summer, came back into town tonight from Texas! Now, that's a reason to go out and have some fun! And fun, we had!!!

The girls munched on this and that, and the rest of us caught up! We hadn't seen Jerry and Megan since July, I was soooo nice to see them again! Dustin, Ashley, and Steph also met us out!

Give Dustin the camera, and this is what he does.....

I love my Megan and Jerry!

Ashley and a tired Livvie...hey at least Ashley looks adorable!
Megan with my girls...
Jerry, trying to figure out how to hold a baby, and Livvie just starring off in the distance looking terrified...
Our family with Jerry and Megan! We miss you guys already!!!


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