Happy Blog-a-versary

7:24 AM

1 year today, I gave into the peer pressure from my friend, whom I'll call "Mel". I loved how she had this cool journal to put all her photos and jot down daily happenings at her house. So, I also joined bloggie world, and here I am....1 year later...

Thanks to "Mel", I have a fun blogging business, I have re-connected with old friends, I have made new friends across the country, and I have just really enjoyed journaling about our lives.

So, here's my humble thank you to "Mel"...here's 2 photos of her and I when we were a tad younger...

"Mel" is in the purple sw. shirt, and I am in the red pilgrim dress.... :)
And, here we are in matching flower shirts...I am on the left, "Mel" is on the right!
So, HAPPY BLOG-A-VERSARY to me!!!!! Thanks for getting me addicted, "Mel"

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