The last few days...

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So glad you all don't hate me with my lack of posting and commenting! I don't need to say, again, that I have been a busy lady!
Anyhow, here are a few photos from the last couple of days at our house!

Avery celebrated her 5 1/2 year old birthday on Saturday! little girl is closer to 6 (and kindergarten) than 5. She got to bring "Ben the Bear" home this weekend from school. He is their class' take home pet. He got to do all sorts of fun things with us! Here is Livvie and I before we left for a wedding on Saturday. Yup, still have my same glasses. There is a long story here, but the gist of it, is that I have been a pain in the rear. After returning 2 pair, I have finally decided on the right pair. I should have them in a day or two...
And, Miss Livvie with her first 'real meal' of spaghetti. She loved it, and we had it for leftovers again for lunch today! It's crazy that food can end up on her eyelashes, and on the back of her neck, but it did!
Tomorrow we are headed to BIG TOWN for the day! Daddy has a meeting, and our neighbors are having a scheduled C-Section in the morning! We are excited to see a brand new baby, and celebrate with them! Of course, we'll have to do some shopping, and eating too!
Oh, and did you see American Idol tonight! I loved the girl that had the blond curly hair that sold her horse to get to the auditions! I LOVE that she's a cage fighter! How funny is that!? I think she will go far!!! Did you all have any favorites (and don't say the guy that got his chest, sick...)

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