Thursday, January 31, 2008

More photos, because I LOVE my new camera!

VERY cold this morning! Avery all bundled up ready for school!

While Avery was at school, Livvie played with her babies
We were so happy when Avery came home!!!
Sooooo cute! Muah!
The shutter speed with this camera is SO fast, that I am FINALLY able to get photos where they both have their eyes open!!!
Some afternoon play in their room! Liv has had a runny nose for 2 weeks now, so this photo shows how she really feels....

Avery was reading stories to us...really reading. She's good, I tell ya!
Some girlie dress up fun! Liv got in on the action too!

I found out that you can focus on something close, and then everything else blurs around it. I had fun with Liv's pony tail!
Ahhh...just like her daddy....(only kidding, honey)


Sarah said...

may I ask what kind of camera you got? I'm salivating over the Nikon D40x. Ah...some day.

Dena said...

You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE your new camera - the pictures are awesome! that one of avery bundled makes me laugh hard!

Nana Dianne said...

Love that "sisterly love"

MCK Mama said...

Oh my, Livvie's hair has gotten SOOO long! I cannot WAIT to do ponytails in Maisie's hair!

Jami said...

What kind of camera do you have???


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