Thursday, January 24, 2008

15 months

yup...Livvie is 15 months old...

We had her check up today. Can't say it was bad, can't say it was good.

My peanut weighs only 19 lb, 12 oz ...she's in the 5th%
she is 30 inches long...the 25th %

I get it...she's little...(maybe it's because she runs around the house like a crazy woman all day long and wears off the food she does eat)

I had a big long post typed out, but I don't feel like going into details about our visit. I'll just put some bullet points.
  • must have just gotten over an ear infection (no idea she had irritated ears)
  • negative culture test for strep (I had no idea she had an irritated throat)
  • she needs to take a vitamin, because she might have low iron...that's why she likes to grind her teeth and eat anything and everything
  • she needs to have time outs now because she is defiant and a crazy tornado

Anyhow, it's no big revelation that Liv is a handful. Saying she's full of energy and inquisitive, seems to be the understatement of the year...

PG's parents say over and over "She's just like he was". Great, I have YOU to thank my dear husband....

Maybe I should be the pastor, and YOU can stay home all day-every day with your "Mini-me"

I love you the moon and back. Even if you cause me to get gray hair before the age of 30, I still love you...


Kim said...

Oh dear, I know exactly how it is. Well not the weight and things like that b/c we all know what a sumo-wrestler Landen was. But it's funny b/c I too call him my lil tornado b/c that is exactly what he is. He is all boy and thinks he is in-destructable! For real.

Leslie said...

Livvie, full of energy. That is good. Alyssia is sort of the same way. Going to the store with her is an adventure and crazy. She does not stay in the cart and runs everywhere. I try not to take her right now. They are fun though and cute.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't take take after you,cause you were an angel growing up!!!!(throwing up every other bottle,strep throat,pink eye,colds,countless EAR INFECTIONS, broken nose from cimbing on the couch, dislocated shoulder...SHALL I GO ON AND ON)
Maybe she takes after my JENNISA JOYELLE!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grampa Craigie

Kara said...

I love little handfuls! I have two of them! I too think sometimes that my husband should stay home and deal with them...especially when they turn into angels when he arrives home!

Anonymous said...

errr... ummm... hhhmm... well... I grind my teeth Jennisa. Sure hope it didn't skip-a-niece-generation.

hey I JUST realized... I am your
"Aunt B"

(yikes! are you even old enough to remember Mayberry?)

PG said...

Thanks grandpa Craiggie for coming to my defense... I get shortchanged on this blog... i.e, "good things?, that's because of mommy!" - "bad things?, must be daddy!"... that's a theme I seem to hear often... but somehow I think it's more complicated than that!

LeslieW. said...

My girls are just like Kane too. My mom reminds me of that everytime she's around or on the phone and they are running around like crazy. She says I used to just sit and she could get all kinds of things done. Lucky me! I feel your pain.


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