A note to my bloggie 'clients'

9:36 PM

Those of you whom I have designed a site for, please read.....

I have just figured out the reason that some of you were having problems with switching up your font colors. If you would like me to go in and change this so you can play around with the font colors, please email me at jennisajoy@juno.com , and send me your log in information.

I learn something new every day I guess!

I LOVE Dena!

5:56 PM

Guess what came in the mail at my house today? A package from DENA! I was SUPER excited when Mr. Mailman came to my door! Look at all the cutie patootie stuff she sent me!

Thank you so very much!
You REALLY made my day!

11:29 PM

I think I'm going to pump till Liv graduates high school...

Sure, there are some down sides.
15 minutes of sitting on the floor while feeling like a cow....twice a day....
Having to worry about what I'm wearing, and if it's something that wouldn't show leaks.

But, there sure is a BIG, GIGANTIC positive... I've lost weight!

They say pumping is like burning 500 calories a day...that's a lot...really, that's a ton...

Since having Liv, I have lost all the "baby" weight from both girls. I now weigh what I did when I got pregnant with Avery. (Not bragging. If you saw me in person, you'd see I still have lots of junk in da trunk!) This is by pumping....only...

I wouldn't get on a treadmill if you paid me, and I don't eat very healthy at all....really, I don't.

Seriously....don't you think most woman would rather sit down for 15 minutes twice a day while burning calories, than actually sweating them off some other way?

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I love that darn pump....

a good day....

11:04 PM

I told PG tonight, "I wish every day was like today"...

It really was a good day!

While Avery was at school and Livvie was home with me, I don't think she cried for 3 hours straight. That's a record....really.....it is.....

The girls and I took an afternoon snooze together.....what's better than that?

Liv was adorable tonight with her play phone. She holds it up to her ear, paces, and I swear she's so close to saying "hewwo?"

Avery had her school pictures taken today. We chose the pink tunic, and she looked adorable! Tomorrow is pajama party day, so she is very excited about that!

PG made steaks on the grill tonight...yum!

And, to top it all off, the new season of Grey's Anatomy started tonight, and I got to watch it with my hubby.....

All in all, a good day! Hope you all had the same!


4:52 PM

I went along this morning on Avery's first school field trip! We went to a little 'ma and 'pa farm/garden type thing. There's not a lot to write, as we didn't 'do' a whole lot. Lots of walking through muddy fields though, which is always fun...

Here is Avery with her partner for the day, Katera (cool name, huh?)

Here is Avery's teacher and classmates picking out a class pumpkin!

Avery didn't like getting very dirty, so she tried to walk in the 'cleaner' areas!

All the kiddos got to pick out a gourd to take home! Here is Avery with what she thought was called a "gordman"! (There is a store in BIG TOWN called Gordman's)

Avery's Pre-K class!
Me and my precious under the weeping willow tree! Oh, and yes...I am sporting a new darker hair color...
Snack time!
Pringles...always a crowd favorite!
So, that's that! It wasn't much of a fun filled field trip, but hey....at least I got to know the kiddos in her class a bit more! All in all, a fun time!

10 things that make me smile

4:33 PM

Thanks for the tag, Dena!

1. Naps...sleeping....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
2. Taking trips to BIG TOWN ALONE and not having a certain time I have to be back. It's my little taste of freedom!
3. Guad restaurant. I love me some steak fajitas!
4. Snuggling with my Avery and Livvie. They both make me smile many times throughout the day! Even though it's been a rough road here lately, I am so blessed to be called their mommy!
5. Digital Scrap booking...I haven't done it FOREVER, but I do like to do it very much. I just don't seem to be able to sit down and get anything accomplished anymore!
6. When my husband washes the bottles and n*pples, or helps clean.
7. My hubby! Funny story from today... at 1:00, he sits down for lunch, and makes a "huh" face, while he's looking at his arm. It appears as if one of my nursing pads made it's home in his shirt...for most of the day...I laughed A LOT! Can you imagine, PG at church, talking seriously about theology with someone, and saying, 'excuse me, and pulling out a nursing pad? Cracks me up! Good thing he came home to find it!
8. When I actually DON'T have a headache, which is rare...
9. My bloggie buddies. I really enjoy the new ladies I've met in bloggie land, and I love reading about their lives!
10. Mail...I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting mail! I also like email, but something about it being in my mailbox makes me happy!
11. I had to add a #11, because I just couldn't leave this one out...I love TV! And, like Dena said, it's premiere week and I am very excited to see some new shows! Hey...what's a girl to do when she's been playing ALL DAY LONG, and her hubby doesn't get home till late?

Ohhh....one more! When my mom and dad come and visit...I LOVE that too!

I tag...hmmm......Leslie, Christy, and Ashley

Flower girl Livvie

9:42 PM

Liv (and Avery) will be flower girls this December in Uncle DJ and Rachelle's wedding! I've been searching Ebay for a deal, and boy did I find one! A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW dress, for.......$13! SERIOUSLY? It is so very cute! I'm glad it was soooo cheap, because I know Livvie will destroy it somehow or another!

School Pictures

5:14 PM

Avery has school pictures on Thursday. I'm trying (with her help!) to pick out what she's going to wear! My vote is for #1, but I told her I'd let y'all vote as well

#1 - Pink paisley tunic

#2 - Lime and Blue stripe dress

#3 - Blue Floral dress

#5 - Pink dress

So, what do you vote for?

We're such "religious"people...

10:43 PM

**this post is NOT indented to be judgemental or preachy to any of my bloggie friends, okay?
I know our personal views are unique and not the 'norm'**

I have a confession to make. Our family is unlike a lot of other families. PG and I decided years ago, that we wanted to be IN and not OF this world in a couple of holidays for our children.

First of all, we don't celebrate Halloween. I know...we're such bummers, aren't we? What's up with us? What weirdos, right? Well, Halloween has strong roots in evil. It is a holiday that glorifies the dark things of this world, rather than bring glory to Jesus Christ. Simple as that...it doesn't glorify God, so why do it?

Second, we don't participate in Santa Claus stuff. For one, we don't celebrate him because I just don't want to lie to my kids. Why would I want to tell them stories about Santa and that he brings them presents, and it not be true? Again, I know...where's the fun? We're taking all the fun stuff out of our kids lives, right? We still buy presents and decorate and all that. But, we teach our children that we give gifts on Christmas, because we're celebrating the greatest gift that God gave to us...Jesus...

I must be crazy, but silly me thinks there is so much more joy found in celebrating the birth of Christ, God's ultimate display of love to us, than to talk about some silly old man with elves.

So, I finally confessed how WEIRD and CHRISTIAN I actually am! Shame on me, right?

Hope you bloggie friends of mine still like me.....I still like all of you!

4:54 PM

Whoever out there gave Livvie a stern warning and threatened an eviction notice, THANK YOU! She has been a good little girl today...I've actually been able to be around her, and we're going on 2 hours with no tears...can I get an AMEN?!

1:22 PM

So, yeah...not the day I had in mind for sure...

I'm going to vent, so if you don't want to hear it, go somewhere else...seriously...

I'm tired. I'm spent. And, I can't stand the constant screams from Livvie because I have either left the room, or put her down, of just because she is crabby - which seems to be all day everyday, 24-7...

I'm sick of hearing Avery sing all day long. I'm tired of looking at my living room filled with toys EVERYWHERE, and I have 2 kids...neither of who pick up.

I'm sick of the fact that tomorrow is a Pot Blessing at our church, and I have to go shopping and make something up, when usually I don't cook at all...which, that's another thing I hate...why don't I like to cook? My husband would love it if I would make these meals for our family, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why I despise cooking...

I'm tired of having a husband who works evenings. Granted, he is home sometimes during the day (for which I am grateful), but I can't stand being home...alone...with my 2 children who I have cared for all-day-long...

Then, this husband of mine, tells me that he's going to be gone till after 8:30, 3 nights most weeks now for church stuff. SERIOUSLY? I think I'm going to vomit...

Not to mention that being married to a pastor, is like being married to your church, and hearing about church stuff, all day long. He can't leave his job at work, and it spills into our life all-the-time...

I love God, I love church, I love my husband...but why can't we just sit and talk about something stupid instead of church stuff?

I'm sick and tired of looking at my sink, and seeing the dirty dishes piled up. I could get to them, if I didn't have a child who cried when I left the living room every time. "Why don't you do them while she's taking a nap then" Why yes, sounds great. If I was a good mom and wife, I probably would. But no, when she decides to take her 30 minute naps, I usually either sleep with her, eat, go on the computer, or watch TV.

Then there is the laundry, and the hair that keeps falling out of my head that needs to be swept up in my bathroom, and the bottles that need to be washed, oh yeah...I have to pump too! sigh...

I'm so tired of walking into my bathroom after taking a refreshing shower, to fins it stunk up, because my 5 year old decided to take a poo and not flush...for hours...

So, basically, I am just tired. I don't need people to call me, God knows I don't need visitors, or people who want something from me (which seems to be often these days). I just want to be Jennisa...you know, the fun loving, spur of the moment, perky gal that my husband loves so much, and that I love to be.

My children ARE God's greatest gifts to me. I love them to the moon and back...But, that doesn't mean that sometimes these gifts seem like too much to handle, and that I would like to "re-gift" them....if just for a day.

Where is my mother, and why doesn't she live down the street? I need relief, and she's the only one (besides my hubby) who I trust fully, and completely with my children...

A day off?

9:12 AM

I think I'm going to love today...I don't have to go into work, I don't have to shower early to go pick up Avery from school...I'm just being a lazy slouch...and I LOVE IT! I'm hoping to take some cat naps today with miss crabby Livvie, and maybe even get in some cuddle time with Avery too!

Hope you all have a restful Saturday!

Oh, and pray for my friend Jennifer. She has a kidney infection, while being 35 weeks pregnant, and just needs to be lifted up and surrounded in prayer. (Jennifer, if you want to read about my kidney infection, go here)

video goodness...

6:58 PM

Avery IS learning a lot at school! At open house night, her teacher told us that she would be able to tell us what God made on the 7 days of creation before the month was up.

I guess she was right!

A nice, fall day!

12:39 PM

The girls and I spent some time outside this afternoon! It's going to be getting colder here soon, so we thought we better get outside while we still can!
Yes, that's our lawn. My hubby needs to mow, I think! :)
picture perfect Avery!
I was trying anything I could do to get Livvie to look at the camera!
FYI: That's not the way I wear my bangs...I finally got Avery to agree to take a picture with me, and I wasn't gonna stop to fix my hair! :)
Soooo precious!
We rounded out our afternoon with a little stroller ride! Whew! Now, the girls and I are going to watch Barbie as the Island Princess! What fun it is to be a girl! :)

A couple good reads...

10:16 AM

Since there isn't a whole lot to blog about in my little life these days, I thought I'd show you 2 new blogs that I have gotten addicted to! Who doesn't like a new bloggie to read, right?

AMAZING TRIPS - This mom is the funniest gal! She cracks me up! How she deals with 3 two year olds, and a newborn, is beyond me. There is always good laughs here! Right now she is going through the whole potty training thing...lots of laughs!

LIFE THROUGH OUR EYES - This cute couple just welcomed quads into their lives, and just got to bring their last little guy home! It's such fun to hop on over to see what's going on with them!

Hope you enjoy!

a short Sunday visit!

8:18 PM

Nana Judy and Bapa Ron came down from A-TOWN on Sunday for church, lunch, the Vikings game, and of course to see their grand-babies!

Nana brought some fun goodies for the girls. Here is Avery with her new "Learn to Cross-stitch" kit!

And, look what they all taught Livvie!

**On a side note, I uploaded one of my favorite songs to the top of my play list. I have a page in Avery's scrapbook entitled "The first time ever I saw your face"...When I listen to this song, it makes me pause and be thankful for the precious little girls that I have the privilege to love with my whole heart...

That's my girl!

9:29 PM

It reads: "For a great 1st week of school!"
Avery is still LOVING school. She goes to bed earlier, obeys more, and is just down right a good kiddo right now. She is doing such a great job in school, and we are so happy that she loves to go. I can only imagine how hard it would be to drop off a screaming/crying child! I am doing really well with it also. The key is Daddy dropping her off. I think walking away from her would be a hard reality for me, so he gets to take that job. Livvie and I get to pick her up with fun hugs, so it's not at all depressing!
Tonight, Avery and I went to Walmart. She loves to go down the plastic flower aisle. She picked out a baby blue hydrangea flower to give to Mrs. P tomorrow...how sweet! What teacher wouldn't love a fake long stemmed flower that you don't know what to do with? :)
OH, I almost forgot.....my Livvie has her 2nd cold! Of course, I look to see where it came from! It's either from having her around 2 other kiddos for 30 minutes on Sunday morning, OR it's from the wind blowing on her the last couple of days as we went to get Avery. Whatever it is, I STILL hate it! Lots of snot around our house!

Just a little outside fun!

10:18 PM

It was a nice, sunny and cool day in the Midwest! We spent some time out in the jungle, oh, I mean backyard, today...
I put some socks on Liv's feet, and she just cruised around the backyard! She loves outside!
There's my Pre-Kindergarten-er! Guess what? She got to be the line leader AND Calendar time helper today! She was very excited to tell me all about it!
Avery was trying to show Livvie how to play jump rope, but Liv thought it looked like a fun chew toy instead!

10:13 PM

And I'm supposed to sleep, where exactly? Seriously...you each have your OWN bed!

5:26 PM

Most of the time, motherhood is wonderful. BUT, during those times that it's not so wonderful, I really wish my parents lived closer than 5 1/2 hours away so they could come and enjoy them for a night...

MOM AND DAD...MOVE CLOSER! (yeah right...I only wish that was possible)

Insecurities already?

5:50 PM

Little Avery, within 10 minutes of each other, said the following 2 statements to PG and I...

"Mom. Look at my fingernails. Some of the pink is coming off! I have to fix it! What if Mrs. P sees it? She'll think it's ugly!"

Daddy opened her door to find her playing in her room. He said, "Avery, why'd you shut the door?" She replied, "Because I don't want to be embarrassed by you hearing me play."

I guess this comes with the territory, but I'm seeing situations like these happen over and over. It's so important for us, as parents, to teach her that her beauty comes from within. If this is what it's like with a 5 year old, I can only imagine what the teenage years will bring! :)

She's a Maniac!

9:38 AM

So, I am finally able to admit that I am having a hard time keeping up with Miss Livvie. She is quite different from Avery, that's for sure. With Avery at this age, we could have had a knife sitting out on the table and she wouldn't touch it. There was no cabinet door locks, because she just didn't get into anything. Now I realize why PG and I were so quick to try to have another child when Avery was 11 months old. She was an easy baby!

Then, there's Livvie. She's a terror! She gets into everything, eats anything she finds on the ground, and just pushes the limits.

Yesterday I was on the phone, and turned my back on her for a second, and she was fishing out toilet paper from the toilet (yes, Avery forgot to flush) and plopping it on the ground...nice...

A week ago, she decided to learn to stand on this rocking horse thing we have, and stand on this little tykes bike. She has NO fear...NO FEAR!

2 days ago, she had a tantrum because I was trying to teach her to NOT go into our kitchen drawers. Wow...beware of the crabby Livvie...wowsers she didn't like me one bit!

This morning, by 9:30, she had already learned how to climb up on Avery's bed and WILL NOT sit down, no matter how many times I say "NO".

Throw into this mix, a teething 10 month old who is discovering her voice, and you know what I'm dealing with daily

I am in love with my Livvie, as I am with Avery, but with Avery I was never this worn out. Livvie drains my energy. Seriously...how can she be this active all day long?

"Second verse, same as the first"...

10:06 PM

Avery's 2nd day of school went just as wonderfully as day 1. Today, Daddy took her and picked her up, which made it easier on me. She even brought home her first "art" project...

Doesn't it just look fabulous against our mustard-baby poop-yellow colored fridge?

I think it's such a great idea for hanging her papers and stuff! I was quite impressed that she could write her name so darn small on that clothespin... :)

In other news...question for you all. So, I haven't printed out any pictures that I have taken since Liv was like 2 weeks old or so. I went back in and looked at all of them, and I have like 450 that I want to print. Hubby doesn't think that in the new technology age, that having pictures in an album is something that's necessary. I kind of just thought all of us do this. So, my question to you all, is do you print out pictures and keep them in albums, or just on CD's?

We did it!

5:08 PM

It was an early morning here at our house. I went in to wake up Avery, and she was already a tad awake. Here is the Pre-Kindergarten-er, in all her glory! (she is so tired and excited that she can't even spit her words out...soooo funny)

I have to admit, it was a mad dash to get everything done before we walked out the door. She did manage to have some breakfast, but I did forget her vitamins and to brush her teeth. oops

Here's my precious Avery...

Daddy's girls...keep in mind that I didn't have time to shower, so I'm a little grungy!

Pulling out of the driveway...

Does she look excited to you? Um, yeah!

Here she is in front of her cubby where she keeps her school supplies and her backpack. I really didn't want to let her go here. After daddy took this, the tears started flowing...
This is what I saw as I kissed her goodbye...she walked off to read a book.
It was very emotional for me. I knew that I would be, but it was a tad harder than I thought. I don't know if it's just because of the fact that she's not usually out of my sight unless I'm working, or if it's because of the allergies, or what. All I know, was that I kept looking the clock, waiting for 11:10 to come when we could go and get her.
We picked her up, and she was outside with her class swinging. She ran up to me, and I couldn't get enough of her. I was just squeezing her up. (The teacher probably thinks I'm a nut)
After school, we went out to lunch at Z'kota (thanks Nana and Bapa). She told us all about school, her friends, and what she did. She said "School was so fun. Remember Mom, I get to go everyday." She even said to us, "Um, tomorrow...can we get there a little early? I don't want to miss anything." How sweet... (um NO...you can't go early! I need you with me until the last second! :))
Thank you God that I have another little girl to keep me occupied during those 3 hours each day, or I don't know what I'd do with myself. I'm sure it will get easier everyday. Her excitement about it just makes us so darn happy.


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