Saturday, September 8, 2007

She's a Maniac!

So, I am finally able to admit that I am having a hard time keeping up with Miss Livvie. She is quite different from Avery, that's for sure. With Avery at this age, we could have had a knife sitting out on the table and she wouldn't touch it. There was no cabinet door locks, because she just didn't get into anything. Now I realize why PG and I were so quick to try to have another child when Avery was 11 months old. She was an easy baby!

Then, there's Livvie. She's a terror! She gets into everything, eats anything she finds on the ground, and just pushes the limits.

Yesterday I was on the phone, and turned my back on her for a second, and she was fishing out toilet paper from the toilet (yes, Avery forgot to flush) and plopping it on the ground...nice...

A week ago, she decided to learn to stand on this rocking horse thing we have, and stand on this little tykes bike. She has NO fear...NO FEAR!

2 days ago, she had a tantrum because I was trying to teach her to NOT go into our kitchen drawers. Wow...beware of the crabby Livvie...wowsers she didn't like me one bit!

This morning, by 9:30, she had already learned how to climb up on Avery's bed and WILL NOT sit down, no matter how many times I say "NO".

Throw into this mix, a teething 10 month old who is discovering her voice, and you know what I'm dealing with daily

I am in love with my Livvie, as I am with Avery, but with Avery I was never this worn out. Livvie drains my energy. can she be this active all day long?


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

OMG Jennisa, I could have written this post myself. I know EXACTLY what you are going through!!! I didn't realize it at the time, but Jalyn was a very easy, laid back baby. Then Justice comes along, and is the complete opposite of what Jalyn was (not necessarily for the better :) We will joke, and say that if Justice was our first child, she would probably be our ONLY child. But on a fun note, she does give us a TON to laugh about.

Sue said...

Oh they love to test their Mommies. Alysa & Kayla are that different in some ways too. Kayla is very active, but Alysa is a NON-STOP MONKEY! Hence, her borken arm. :) Kayla is SO portable, Alysa hates being out and about, unless she can run nonstop!

I say, put up cabinet locks and gates galor - it will save you some huge headaches.


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. This is JUST what it's like in our house, too. It only took one or two "no's" to teach Kieran anything as a baby. Cullen, I don't know how many, because nothing is working yet! He has already had mini tantrums when he can't have his way as well! What!? I think a lot of it is the frustration of being the second child. And they see their older sibling and learn the good--and bad--from them sooner. And they don't get as much one on one attention from us. Cullen can actually REMOVE the plastic outlet covers from outlets! And he thinks hitting us in the face is funny and climbs the stairs over and over and over and over and over even when I tell him to stay down and take him down. Kieran actually listened at this age! Um, not Cullen. Of course, he's the sweetest thing and we love him to death, but he keeps me on my toes ALL DAY LONG. So, I feel your pain:)

Anonymous said...

oh Jennisa - I don't know if 18-20 year old parenting techniques still work, but here's my advice (for what it is worth...)

I tried to make my house a "NO-less" and safe environment. What this meant was putting things up, using cabinet locks, shutting doors,etc. Caitlin, being the big sister, had the responsibility of keeping her bedroom door shut to keep the unsafe toys (in Livvie's case, Avery's bed) out of Lilly's reach I think she liked that actually - having stuff she didn't have to share - and I didn't have to tell Lilly "no" to what she couldn't see. In the kitchen, I had certain cupboards that were safe/open (pots and pans). And I always kept one bottom drawer for safe toys for Lilly. So when she did explore, she had fun finding new toys every day. Bathroom door was kept shut and toys that were dangerous for her, out of sight.

Doing this let them explore and made it so I had no need to say "no" every other minute - I could say, "yes!" -- and could relax and let them do what came naturally - it made all of us a lot happier!

Worked for me... Aunt Becky

LeslieW. said...

Both of my girls are that way...enjoy! I will say, It does get easier. And you will always have something interesting to blog!

Dena said...

YES - But it's NEVER boring at your house is it! It's ALWAYS like that at Leslie's house - Abby is on THE GO! I go home to my little quiet, cautious baby and PRAISE GOD!

I LOVE the toilet trick! at least it wasn't doodie!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It's amazing how different kids can be isn't it? I guess life would be boring if we were all alike!

Mari said...

My strong willed, wild child was my first. My second daughter was easy going and compliant. I love them both, but one was definately easier to raise! Because of their personalities, they each have different strengths. Leslie is right - you will always have something to blog about and stories to haunt her with when she has her own little terrors!


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