"Second verse, same as the first"...

10:06 PM

Avery's 2nd day of school went just as wonderfully as day 1. Today, Daddy took her and picked her up, which made it easier on me. She even brought home her first "art" project...

Doesn't it just look fabulous against our mustard-baby poop-yellow colored fridge?

I think it's such a great idea for hanging her papers and stuff! I was quite impressed that she could write her name so darn small on that clothespin... :)

In other news...question for you all. So, I haven't printed out any pictures that I have taken since Liv was like 2 weeks old or so. I went back in and looked at all of them, and I have like 450 that I want to print. Hubby doesn't think that in the new technology age, that having pictures in an album is something that's necessary. I kind of just thought all of us do this. So, my question to you all, is do you print out pictures and keep them in albums, or just on CD's?

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