Puppies are 4 weeks old!

7:58 PM

Puppies began eating real food yesterday on their 4 week old birthday!  They were pros!  They didn't eat very much, but they did a lot of exploring!  They get tired so very quick!  I think Winnie likes that I feed them, because she gets to eat up all their leftovers! :)

Here they are from today! :)  4 weeks old!  4 more weeks, and they can go home to their forever homes!

Avery had a friend come over after school today to meet the puppies!

Our friend Sara came over with her kiddos, too! :)
 We had other friends come over and visit them, but I forgot to get out the camera :(

Puppies are 3 weeks old (a week late)

10:31 PM

I moved them into their larger home this week, and began putting out a potty pad.  This is the first week where they were beginning to "go" on their own.  They are all walking, prancing at times.  They love to play with each other, growl, and be held!

I came home to this one day this last week....it was not a fun day!

Today they turned 4 weeks old, so I will have to get some more pictures taken of them!!! :)  Below are some videos! ;)


1:33 PM

January has been nasty.  Really nasty.  Liv got Influenza A, and then hubby got super duper duper sick.  Took him in for the 2nd time this last Tuesday, and he was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Strep.  Below are his 2 chest x-rays showing the pneumonia.

He was so incredibly sick at this time.  He voluntarily asked for a wheelchair to the car...so pitiful and awful.

About 1 hour later, as I was picking up the girls and his meds, he called and he had vomited.  We got home, and realized it wasn't vomit...it was blood.  I called the ER straight away, who then called his dr., and off we went to get checked out.

He was admitted on Tuesday night.  So thankful that he was finally getting some relief.

 He spent 2 nights in the hospital getting antibiotics and IV fluid.

He was discharged yesterday mid morning, and we are so happy to have him home, and feeling better...

We have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction!


3:42 PM

Seriously, can't say enough how much I am LOVING having these puppies around! 

It is just such a joy!  

I love seeing their eyes finally open up, watching how they can begin to hear, and then to see them finally see us, and see each other and Winnie...so neat! 

They are learning to walk now, too, and are getting a bit more noisy with each passing day!  

We have a little less than 6 weeks till they can go to their new homes (wherever that may be), so I am enjoying it while it lasts!

LEGO Friends

8:51 PM

The girls are LOVING their Lego Friends sets!  Olivia bought one the other day with some of her Christmas money!  I helped her put it together the first time, and then the next day she took the whole thing apart, and re-did it all by herself!

Wish we had discovered these sooner!  Too bad they are so darn expensive!  

Avery and Livie like to make stop motion videos with them, too!  I'll see if I can find one of their videos and post it one of these days!


8:47 PM

When Winnie doesn't "clean them up", this momma has to step up! 

Winnie has been spending much more time away from the babies, and enjoys being with us!

I was so worried to leave them for over 2 hours on Sunday, but came home to find them sacked out....

 Gracie Rose
 Gracie Rose
 Winnie is getting better about letting us hold them more!  The girls LOVE it!

 Enjoying these new lives so much!
 Winnie seems to really enjoy being a momma!  It gives her something to do, and she seems to take great pride in taking care of them!
 This week their eyes and ears should be opening up, so we're looking forward to that!


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