Avery's last day of Kindergarten

6:40 PM

It's crazy to think that it's been a whole school year! It has been such a growing year for our little Avery, and for us as well. I told her teacher something today that is so very true...I needed her. I needed Avery to have a teacher like her...someone who was compassionate, kind, loving, affectionate, and a teacher who went the extra mile to make you feel like she would take the best care of your child. That is just what Mrs. S did. She was just what our family needed....

Avery had a wonderful last day of school. We took her out for a special lunch today...yum yum. Saying goodbye to Mrs. S was sad, but we are very thankful that we will get to see her next year as well!

Below is one of the gifts Avery gave Mrs. S today.

super funny story...

9:27 AM

So, I was out looking for an end of the year gift for Avery's teacher last night. I was at a local store, and walked past the Willow Tree Figurines and thought that would be a nice gift.

The figurines were pretty picked over. I was reading the boxes, trying to find one that had a figurine that would fit the occasion. I saw a tall box that said "Chrysalis: "Protect and cherish; give wings to fly" That was perfect, I thought. Too bad there weren't any of those figurines open so I could actually see what it looked like.

I took it up to the counter, pretty sure I was going to get it. I asked the cashier lady if I could just peek at it, just to be sure it looked good.

She opened it up, and here is what I saw...

Nothing says "Thank you for being my child's teacher" than a close hug from the backside...

i did not get it, in case you are wondering....

things to remember...

12:21 AM

Liv's language has increased a lot in the last week. She now will attempt to copy sounds that we make to her. New words in the last week: toe, eye, nose, mom, hi and I'm sure there are more I am forgetting...


Avery has 2 days of school left until she is officially a 1st grader. It's starting to sink in that I am going to have both girls with me all day every day all-summer-long. They are at a stage where they are not getting along the greatest. Throw in potty training, and a puppy, and you have a delightful mix of a very-long-day.


I have had the itch to re-design my site and my design site, so I've been working on that lately. I have been trying to organize all of the different options with the blog design stuff. If you're bored, go on over and let me know if you can navigate it well!

Liv's a crazy woman....on a bike!

1:26 PM

the girl seriously has no fear! She has learned how to go on a big girl bike already, but she has not learned not to go as fast as her feet will pedal. We will be taking a trip to get her a helmet, and maybe a whole body armor set as well...

so i don't forget...

4:30 PM

in NO way do I want to brag, therefore, i will post-date this post so it won't show up at the top of the blog. That way, it will be for our memories only...

I wanted to write down all of the things Mrs S has said about Avery this year that I don't want to forget.

She has called her extremely gifted.

She has only had 1 other student in all her years of teaching that compares to Avery. The other student, a boy, years ago, was reading Harry Potter books in Kindergarten, as compared to Avery reading American Girl books.

Avery is reading at a 4th and 5th grade level, and her comprehension level is at the end of 3rd grade level.

Avery has the "all around" gift. Mrs S has said that a lot of kids usually are gifted in one area, such as reading, but also need extra help in math, or other areas. Avery is gifted in all areas. Not only that, but Avery is "good". Some smart kids are naughty and get into trouble and can be a handful. Mrs. S has said that Avery is just all around a wonderful and very gifted student.

Mrs. S has also brought up Avery's comprehension and memory. She has a phenomenal memory. After Mrs. S talked about telling time in school one day, Avery knew how to do it. She thinks her memory is something to be applauded.

Over and over she has said what a joy Avery is to teach, how she is sweet and kind, quite and respectful, a listener with good morals and values.

Avery, words can't tell you how proud we are to hear these things about you, and how thankful to God we are for you, and your gifts. We pray that your gifted-ness will continue to grow and develop, and that you will continue to be the wonderful all around student that you are...

11:13 PM

SOOOO glad he won!

8:38 AM


11:14 PM

it might just be me, but every time I get a bag of starbursts, i wonder "does anyone even like the yellow and orange ones?". I never eat them...they go to waste, or else I bring them out at a church function...

But, look I found that was on the shelf tonight at the grocery store...


Molly, Avery's American Girl

9:05 PM

I have been busy shopping this week for Avery's birthday....in July. A mysterious box arrived in the mail today, and I told Daddy to go and peek at what was inside.

He looked, and said, "well, we could give it to her now, can't we?"

hmmmm...that guy is such a softy...

okay, so...here we go!

"Avery, I have something to show you...."

"It's your very own big American Girl Molly doll!!!"

She was so very shocked and excited!

She couldn't believe it! Last week she said to me, "Mom...for my birthday, you can get me anything American girl that is not a lot of cents, okay?"

LOVE at first sight!

Welcome to our home Molly!

9 years ago today, at 2 pm

9:53 AM

I became your wife.....your Jennisa. After 4 months of me pursuing you, 1 1/2 years of dating, and 1 year of engagement, our day finally had arrived....

It's been an eventful 9 years....We've moved 5 times, lived in 3 different cities, purchased 2 vehicles and a house, and had our 2 beautiful daughters, and oh yeah, the dog too...

We've argued, gotten annoyed with each other, said things we shouldn't have said, acted in ways which we shouldn't have.....

BUT, we're still here....still together, and stronger because of the "bad" times...

I love you more today then on the day that we met, the day we were engaged, and the day we were married.

We don't look like this anymore... all skinny, young and cute....

BUT, I wouldn't trade that, for what we look like now.....
Happy 9 yr anniversary! :)

~*~ yes, this is basically the same post as last years anniversary.
I don't have time to write another one 'cause I gots to get ready for our anniversary lunch at our fav. place~*~

Happy Mother's Day!

4:58 PM

I have to say, that this Mother's Day I have been blessed. My husband went over and above to make me feel special, and to help the girls celebrate with me. There were a lot of hugs and kisses, gifts and smiles. It was a wonderful day...

Here are my super duper cutie patooties today at church....

and my heart melts....I don't deserve these two...

an indescribable love...

Both of the girls came to me at church today, each with a rose....

A wonderful lunch, a splendid nap, and then a surprise call from Nana Judy and Bapa Ron that they were going to stop by on their way home from visiting Aunt Holly and Uncle Jon. We wanted to go out to a nice sit down place, but the 2 of those here in our town were overflowing with people who had the same idea...oh well, we made the best of it!

And, since we hadn't planned on seeing either Nana today, we made up a little video to share with them both, since we just love them soooo much!

The best thing about today, was that my mother and grandma were in a feature story in their local newspaper. My mom entered a letter be published with others for their annual "Mother's Day Tribute", but I guess hers stood out, and the paper decided to do a feature story on them both. I can't access the photo from the Internet, but mom is sending me a copy in the mail! Read and enjoy! (I took out last names and stuff...)

Honoring mom through writing

— Vicki P. smiled and began singing softly Wednesday — her 80th birthday — as she sat in her wheelchair at the L. Health Center in WS.

“She loves to sing,” explained one of her daughters, Dianne , who had brought four “happy birthday” helium-filled balloons and tied them to the wheelchair. “She loves music. She and Dad used to go dancing at the Avalon Ballroom.”
Glenn P. died in 2001, three months after he and Vicki celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Vicki P. has four children, eight grandchildren and six great-granddaughters.

And for the past eight years, she has had Alzheimer’s disease.

That was a major reason why Dianne wrote about her mother, after the Tribune invited readers to help celebrate Mother’s Day through essays on what makes or made their moms special.

Dianne’s essay appears on page A1. Other essays appear below. And all of the essays submitted appear on the Tribune’s Web site, www.lacrossetribune.com.

“I wrote about my mother because I wanted to honor her in her final stages of her disease,” Dianne said Wednesday. “My journey with her has spanned eight years now and it is, as they say, ‘the long goodbye.’ Writing about her is a way for me to process my feelings in this grieving process.

“I want the world to know her as she was, a kind and gentle woman who would do anything for anyone,” Dianne said.

Vicki P. was raised in La Crosse, graduated from Logan High School and was the high school band’s majorette, Dianne said.

“She worked retail for many years (in places such as Ben Franklin Crafts), but her priority was her family and their daily needs,” Dianne said.

Dianne herself is a teacher assistant in the O. School District, who with husband Craig has two children, Josh and Jennisa.

Glenn P. used to say she and her mother acted more like sisters than mother-daughter, Dianne said.

“What a great compliment,” she said.

“We used to talk every day, and our communicating over recent years has greatly diminished due to her disease,” Dianne said.

“A touch, a hug, holding her hand, whispers of ‘I love you’ seems to be all that is left to let her know I am still here for her.”

Here is the letter my mother sent into the paper that was then published...

When did I realize how very fortunate I am to be blessed in life with such a wonderful mother?

I’m sure that I felt it growing up in a warm and loving home with clean clothes and homemade meals. My mother did all the things a mom does — the things we often take for granted when we are growing up.

However, it wasn’t until I became a young wife and mother for myself that I truly realized that not only was my mother a special person in my life, but she had also become my best friend. Someone I could talk to about anything, someone I could depend on, someone I could trust ... my new best friend.

She showed me how to be a good wife and mother by her example. She taught me how to sacrifice and put others’ needs before my own. She showed me that the joy one receives from helping others far outweighs the selfishness of this world.

Her kind and gentle spirit has touched many people in her lifetime. She lived her faith. We have shared laughter and tears, joy and disappointments, life and death. We have shared love. We have shared our “souls.”

To this very day, I never leave her side without a kiss and telling her how very much I love her. Does she really hear it ... does she really understand ... it is a question I have to ask myself every time I leave her.

My mother is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s, so I will never really know. But what I do know is that she has given me a lifetime of cherished memories. She has left a legacy � she has left her “heart” print on my life.

Dedicated to my mother, Vicki P.

— Dianne P.

4:07 PM

If anyone who reads my blog has anything "American Girl" that they want to sell,
email me @ jennisajoy (at) gmail.com



10:40 PM

(3 posts in a day....a record I think....you're welcome)

I can't tell you how long we have been waiting for a day like today. It was in the mid 70's here, and we we outside for a couple of hours this afternoon!

I was busy trying to get some planting done, and had to keep Liv busy with something so she wouldn't end up out in the street. I got out some water toys, and there you go...she had herself a little water fight! Avery heard Liv having so much fun, so she had to come outside with her and join the mess! (Liv has been dry since Sunday too (except for night time....YIPPIE!)

green eyed Avery

blue eyed Livie

Piper loved being outside, too. She'll love it even more when she gets shaved next week...then she won't be so warm! This dog is so attached to me it's sick. If I move too far away from her, where her leash doesn't reach to, then she has a major barking/squealing fit. It's getting quite annoying, and summer hasn't even started yet....

I am in NO way a gardener...I have NO idea what I am doing or what is supposed to go with what, but I try. Here is my attempt....

I bought this "fiber optic" grass at Walmart this year....very anxious to see what it will end up looking like! Maybe it's supposed to glow in the dark? I dunno...

This large pot greets you as you come to our door!

We have 3 of these planters around our house. Usually by mid summer they are huge and beautiful!

We played in the water quite a bit, and I made the girls a sprinkler out of our hose. The way that the water looked on their hair was so cool, so we had to take a picture....

the more I look at it, if you didn't know better, you'd think it was lice...eww....

evidence of our fun time....mud on the floors....

and the walls....

can't wait for summer!!!

Mother's Day early

10:26 PM

This is my 2nd year of having Avery make me a Mother's Day gift at school. I just love to see what that mind of hers will say!

Here is my flower...each petal has a task that she's gonna do for me.
Enlarge it to read the poem and to read the jobs she's going to do! :)
And here is a book she made for me....

gol...tear..."I absaloutley love my mom!" how sweet is that....gol, I love that girl...

And, I just had to take a photo of this paper that came home. If Mrs. S. reads this blog, which I don't think she does, we LOVE YOU....but, just wondering what skill she is supposed to be mastering with this paper....at the end of Kindergarten....


10:14 PM

I have been meaning to post photos of my 2 fun birthday gifts!

Our friends Dustin and Ashley gave me one of these cool pitchers from Pampered Chef. It has the mixer thing IN it...you don't have to dirty a long spoon! HOW COOL! Ashley says they've been around for a while, but I have never seen one!
And my mom and dad sent me flowers...this photo probably doesn't show how pretty they are, but they have brightened up our table! They are STILL alive and kicking, and it's been a week already!


8:38 PM

she dressed up in this little number, and we just had to get a photo!

Tell me you wouldn't let this little cutie in to vacuum your floor....

She's not all that good at cleaning up...

but she sure looks good while doing it!


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