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in NO way do I want to brag, therefore, i will post-date this post so it won't show up at the top of the blog. That way, it will be for our memories only...

I wanted to write down all of the things Mrs S has said about Avery this year that I don't want to forget.

She has called her extremely gifted.

She has only had 1 other student in all her years of teaching that compares to Avery. The other student, a boy, years ago, was reading Harry Potter books in Kindergarten, as compared to Avery reading American Girl books.

Avery is reading at a 4th and 5th grade level, and her comprehension level is at the end of 3rd grade level.

Avery has the "all around" gift. Mrs S has said that a lot of kids usually are gifted in one area, such as reading, but also need extra help in math, or other areas. Avery is gifted in all areas. Not only that, but Avery is "good". Some smart kids are naughty and get into trouble and can be a handful. Mrs. S has said that Avery is just all around a wonderful and very gifted student.

Mrs. S has also brought up Avery's comprehension and memory. She has a phenomenal memory. After Mrs. S talked about telling time in school one day, Avery knew how to do it. She thinks her memory is something to be applauded.

Over and over she has said what a joy Avery is to teach, how she is sweet and kind, quite and respectful, a listener with good morals and values.

Avery, words can't tell you how proud we are to hear these things about you, and how thankful to God we are for you, and your gifts. We pray that your gifted-ness will continue to grow and develop, and that you will continue to be the wonderful all around student that you are...

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