Friday, May 15, 2009

Molly, Avery's American Girl

I have been busy shopping this week for Avery's July. A mysterious box arrived in the mail today, and I told Daddy to go and peek at what was inside.

He looked, and said, "well, we could give it to her now, can't we?"

hmmmm...that guy is such a softy...

okay, we go!

"Avery, I have something to show you...."

"It's your very own big American Girl Molly doll!!!"

She was so very shocked and excited!

She couldn't believe it! Last week she said to me, "Mom...for my birthday, you can get me anything American girl that is not a lot of cents, okay?"

LOVE at first sight!

Welcome to our home Molly!


Ashley said...

I have a samantha who just sits in the the time I got her I wasn't into American Girls anymore so she was never loved. She still looks exactly the same too :) I also have so much of Molly's stuff. She was VERY loved because I got her young that she doesn't even look like the same doll...

I loved American Girls!

Claire said...

Too cute! :-)


Holly said...

ok...I can't believe Ron- er, I mean Gavin, did that.


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