Avery's last day of Kindergarten

6:40 PM

It's crazy to think that it's been a whole school year! It has been such a growing year for our little Avery, and for us as well. I told her teacher something today that is so very true...I needed her. I needed Avery to have a teacher like her...someone who was compassionate, kind, loving, affectionate, and a teacher who went the extra mile to make you feel like she would take the best care of your child. That is just what Mrs. S did. She was just what our family needed....

Avery had a wonderful last day of school. We took her out for a special lunch today...yum yum. Saying goodbye to Mrs. S was sad, but we are very thankful that we will get to see her next year as well!

Below is one of the gifts Avery gave Mrs. S today.

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