Texas Trip Day 8 (Thursday)

11:43 AM

Wednesday night, the kiddos had to get in one more swim before we left!

Finn would do this every night....put a boy in a room with things he can jump on, and, well...he did just that...over and over and over!

Thursday morning...the day we had to check out and leave Texas :(  On the way to the airport, Mr Finn was pooped!!!

Avery and I were in the back of Mrs May's car, while Liv got the front seat all the time....silly motion sickness ;)

Goodbyes stink...a lot.  They stink a lot more in Texas heat, in the sun, too :(

If you are blessed to know these 2, you are fortunate.  Words can never express to them our thankfulness for this trip.....

With tears in our eyes, we said goodbye, and off to get on our bus to the terminal...

We breezed through security, and ended up entering the terminal right at our gate!

We had about 30 minutes before boarding.  Poor Liv was begging us to cancel the flight.  Her tummy and anxiety was over the top.  Tears, and more tears, and we finally were able to get her to take her medicine and calm down a tad...

Daddy got to sit with Finn this time, as mommy was with Liv (and Avery chose to be with a stranger over sitting with Liv)

Liv never did get sick, and was able to begin to calm down and maybe even enjoy part of the flight.

Finn loved it, and I think Daddy was ready to be done already!  Ha!

Mrs Colgrove met us at the airport, and off we went back home.  Our reunion with Winnie was sweet, and we missed her every bit as much as she missed us!!!

Forever thankful for this trip....

Texas Trip Day 7 (Wednesday)

1:02 PM

Wednesday morning....Daddy was up early for his last day at the Pastors conference, so we woke up late, and were lazy at the hotel! :)  Before going over to pick up Mrs May, we went to Petco to pick up some treats for Winnie :)  After that, we kinda got lost, but only lost a little bit of time!  oops!

We picked up Heidi, and went over to wait for the men to be done!  Their church has a nice little playground (that was in the shade) so Liv and Finn got to play for a little bit!

The men were done, and we were off!  I loved all of the beautiful homes, and had to take a few pics!

Off to Dallas!  It is something, and oh so many cars!

We felt like we were in some sort of Disney movie with all the levels of traffic!

My brother is a tried and true Cowboys fan, so we tried over and over to get a good shot of the stadium for him!!!

Our destination?  The George W. Bush Library!

These wishes are bound to come true, right??? ;)

Daddy beeped as he went through the detector, so this nice man got to look him over a bit :)

Both these girls were born while Bush was president, so it was great to take them here to learn more about him!

A thought that kept coming to mind while walking around....Sure, George wasn't the best president of all time.  But, what a difference to how the USA felt when compared to now....He was invested, he cared about the least of these, he was a man of great faith and convictions....it's sad to say that those things aren't part of our current presidents morals :(

It's hard to put into words the emotion that welled up as I turned the corner in the George W. Bush Library, and before me was this mangled piece of metal from the twin towers. I never thought I would be that close. It took me a few minutes to actually put my hands on it, and it was something I will never forget....

THE megaphone....unreal.....

This gun was the ACTUAL GUN found on Saddam Hussein when he was captured in 2003.... WHAT????

There was a re-creation of what the Oval Office looked like while Bush was in office.  

We were brought back in time, over and over again, to that day....we got to walk through it and see it how the President experienced it.

The iconic photo of when he found out that America was under attack....the actual BOOK that was being read to the class was right before our eyes...

mind blown!

The kiddos took pics of themselves that are now apart of the photos shown at the museum kiosk.

These 2 George's aren't exactly life size....kinda funny :)
Oh, and the sun was out and it was HOT!!!

Finn was all about "treasures" on this trip....he would find random items that were very important to him that we keep...here was one!

We drove back to Fort Worth, and Rod and Heidi drove us around some of the nicer homes in the area!

I found it funny that some of these homes were on "Humble Court" :)  ha!

I was surprised how "not Texas" Fort Worth felt most of the time.  Felt like we were in Wisconsin or Minnesota (besides the heat!)

I had to grab a few pictures of Rod and Heidi's backyard!  Look at this beautiful magnolia tree!!!

Rod works from home in his back office!

Such a sweet little get-away in a busy city!!!

We met back up with Dexter, Jessi and the girls, and off to our last supper together at Uncle Julios!

The womans bathroom was soooo neat!  It was only lit by these lights, so it was pretty dark in there!

Poor Finn had an "experience" while were were there.  He was eating a chip, and it either got stuck or scratched his throat, and caused him to get very scared, cough, and seem to choke.  We are still dealing with this new fear of his that began that night, so that is no fun :(

BUT, he and Adalynn got to hang out a bit, and that always brings out the sillies!!!

We had to say our goodbyes to Dexter, Jessi and the girls, which stunk....Good thing they will be visiting up here in July!!!


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