Turkey day and beyond

9:13 PM

Glad that we got this picture in before he peed through his outfit! :)  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, just the FIVE of us....we are so enjoying just being home and being together....

sweet little feet

Howie was in town, so we got to see him again!  Such a cutie, and a good boy!

so thankful that we got to see him!

Avery took this photo of Finn.....just love this little face!

She also took this of her hand next to his!

tried out tummy time today....lots of grunting, followed by spit up once he got up...

so sweet.....

he is making more and more eye contact as each day passes!  So fun to see his eyes open and looking at us more and more!

this week.....

2:50 PM

I guess he did look a little on the yellow side :)

We've had numerous visitors, and Elliot was so excited to come and hold his new little friend!  So thankful for our church family who have brought us food!!!  yum!

Getting to know his new little animal friends....with Winnie keeping watch on him!

Olivia loves to hold her little brother....she has also been enjoying picking out his outfits, too!

Liv set up this photo shoot....it was Finn's first time in his crib!  

such a sweet little boy!

even more FINN!!!!!

5:28 PM

amazed at how similar his last ultrasound was to what he really looks like!

he loves to have his hands by his face!

Finn had his first doctor appointment on Wednesday the 20th.  He was back up to 7 lbs 9 ounces, so that is a step in the right direction.  They had to test him for jaundice, and he was at a 12.7  We then had to go back for the next 2 days and get tested to make sure it was going down.  The second time it was 12, and the third it was 9.5, so we're in the clear!

After our doctor appointment, we stopped off at work to see Sara! :) She loves her some Finn!

Finn, Day 3

5:28 PM

Thursday morning, we were antsy to get out of the hospital!  Normally with C-sections, you have to stay 3 nights, but I opted out once again!  We left shortly after lunch, sometime around 1 pm...

Figuring out this car seat thing....it's been a long time since we used one of these!

Can't wait to get home with this little man!

Our wonderful nurse Jenn and us!

The long 45 minute drive home :)  He slept the whole way!

Welcome to crazy, Finn :)

Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly were coming through town, so they stopped over and Holly and Jon met Finn! ;)  They also got to witness our first diaper change at home :)  ha ha!

After the girls came home, the real fun began!  Winnie loves to sniff Finn, but so far she hasn't been rough or mean to him....good thing, or her days will be numbered  :)

such a sweet boy....enjoying his swing in his swaddle...

exhausted, but so in love....

Finn loves to have awake time for daddy.....and this daddy is beyond smitten with his little boy!

so funny....a little old man!

We have had numerous visitors....our friend Jodie came over to meet him!

And our friends Andrea and Brian, too!

Daddy and his kiddos watching Superman!

Still can't get over that blonde hair! :)

Finn's newborn portraits

5:28 PM

We took Finn on Monday the 18th out to Kristen's for his newborn photos!  We spent around 3.5 hours there, and she is just amazing at what she does!  Newborn photos are no joke, and it takes a lot of time and patience to get these kiddos to sit still!

Here are some sneak peeks!

in this one, he is sitting in a pile of his poo :)

He's peed himself in this one....

can't wait to see more! :)

Finn, day 2

5:28 PM

We woke up nice and early to this face on Wednesday morning! :)  He enjoyed having some awake time for daddy!

After the girls had their fun swimming at the hotel with Nana and Bapa, they came over and received their big sister gifts from Finn!

They each also had a gift they had picked out for him, too :)

We hung out for awhile, watched a movie together, and got to know Finn more!

We were having a hard time deciding on a middle name for Finn, and so we made Avery commit to it by writing it down on his certificate :)  Finn Owen :)

Finn had his circumcision done around 11:30 that morning.  This momma cried when they wheeled him off.  So sad....reports were that he didn't even wake up, so i guess he's a tough guy!  He was very very sleepy the rest of the day and wouldn't eat for me, so the nurse decided that enough was enough, and she fed him herself :)  His first bottle!

Watching Wreck it Ralph together....

Olivia's first time holding her little brother!


Love my Avery girl :)

The girls and Nana Dianne left to go back home on Wednesday around supper time.  Now, it was just Daddy, Mommy, and Finn left! :)


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