Finn, Day 3

5:28 PM

Thursday morning, we were antsy to get out of the hospital!  Normally with C-sections, you have to stay 3 nights, but I opted out once again!  We left shortly after lunch, sometime around 1 pm...

Figuring out this car seat's been a long time since we used one of these!

Can't wait to get home with this little man!

Our wonderful nurse Jenn and us!

The long 45 minute drive home :)  He slept the whole way!

Welcome to crazy, Finn :)

Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly were coming through town, so they stopped over and Holly and Jon met Finn! ;)  They also got to witness our first diaper change at home :)  ha ha!

After the girls came home, the real fun began!  Winnie loves to sniff Finn, but so far she hasn't been rough or mean to him....good thing, or her days will be numbered  :)

such a sweet boy....enjoying his swing in his swaddle...

exhausted, but so in love....

Finn loves to have awake time for daddy.....and this daddy is beyond smitten with his little boy!

so funny....a little old man!

We have had numerous visitors....our friend Jodie came over to meet him!

And our friends Andrea and Brian, too!

Daddy and his kiddos watching Superman!

Still can't get over that blonde hair! :)

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