Finn, day 2

5:28 PM

We woke up nice and early to this face on Wednesday morning! :)  He enjoyed having some awake time for daddy!

After the girls had their fun swimming at the hotel with Nana and Bapa, they came over and received their big sister gifts from Finn!

They each also had a gift they had picked out for him, too :)

We hung out for awhile, watched a movie together, and got to know Finn more!

We were having a hard time deciding on a middle name for Finn, and so we made Avery commit to it by writing it down on his certificate :)  Finn Owen :)

Finn had his circumcision done around 11:30 that morning.  This momma cried when they wheeled him off.  So sad....reports were that he didn't even wake up, so i guess he's a tough guy!  He was very very sleepy the rest of the day and wouldn't eat for me, so the nurse decided that enough was enough, and she fed him herself :)  His first bottle!

Watching Wreck it Ralph together....

Olivia's first time holding her little brother!


Love my Avery girl :)

The girls and Nana Dianne left to go back home on Wednesday around supper time.  Now, it was just Daddy, Mommy, and Finn left! :)

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