Thursday, November 7, 2013

39 weeks

I had my last OB appointment today!  So nice to not have to be doing that drive much more!  Baby's heartbeat was 125-130's, and I measured 40 weeks.  He also did a handheld ultrasound to see if babys head was down, and it sure was!  Had a blood pressure scare of 152/96, so I had to do labs again.  All came back okay, so we're on for the 12th!  Crazy that it's coming so soon!

How far along: 39 Weeks
Total weight gain: 30-32 lbs

Symptoms: tailbone pain, contractions, blood rushing to my legs and arms, uncomfortable, abdomen muscles feel like they are ripping

Maternity clothes: yup
Stretch marks: nothing new!
Sleep: waking up numerous times a night to go to the bathroom.  I'm drinking a TON of water, too, so that doesn't help.
Best moment of this week: helping the girls go shopping for a gift for their baby brother
Miss anything: sleeping a whole night, being able to sit without it hurting
Movement: he doesn't like to move much in the mornings, but he sure does move a ton.  His bum has been sticking up quite a bit, and then a foot or knee will kick out the side.  His head is also very low, and there are a lot of uncomfortable movements there, too.
Food cravings: no
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: boy
Labor signs:  tailbone pain, contractions, but not showing any signs of it being the real thing yet....
Looking forward to: Tuesday!

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