Friday, November 1, 2013


ever go to Walmart grocery shopping and see weird pumpkin type things?

how about ever neglect your dog's coat for 6 months, and have to sheer her like a sheep?

ever let your kiddo eat the rest of the batter of your favorite cookies?

how about ever put tons of make up on  your 7 year old and let her be a princess "with lots of make up on" for Halloween?

here's that sheep....

lastly, ever go to the store and purchase camo and facial hair for your 11 year old daughter to wear for Halloween?


Becky Paroubek said...

Oh dear - my heart sank when I saw the camo. Ha! Cute Halloween girls and I think someone did explain the TV show thing to me about the beard and camo... she looks just like her great uncle!

And YOU - you look like a lovely pregnant lady. I was surprised to see 30# because you look ALL baby. And, that image of your sweet little baby boy - oh my gosh - it's amazing!

Sweet times ahead. You will be (as you always are) in my thoughts and prayers.

Mindy said...

My 11 year old daughter was Darth Vader. So, no facial hair but we did cross the gender divide. ;)


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